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    Thanks to all for your help. My mother called today and she sounded good. My sister says her appetite is good. She is missing her cigarettes, but is generally doing better.
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    So, as your friendly neighborhood police officer, I've been given many things to help with the latest virus. Gloves, masks, gas mask, a level C Hazmat suit, all of which I used in real life the last few weeks. A local Bourban Distillery stopped making bourban and started making hand sanitizer. In the trunk of my police car, I have a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer, which is essentially just god awful whiskey, but it works. I thank the Distillery for helping us out.
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    I made this bread knife for each of my kids homes.
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    She is, thanks and thanks to all of you for your support. It is much appreciated.
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    While I disagree with large parts of their form of Government, I remain steadfast in my belief that she is one classy lady.
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    In regards to Cv19 I think we must be missing something quite significant. It makes no sense that NYC and Italy are so hard hit while other places are mild. I do not buy the quarantine crap. Japan and Sweden have done next to nothing and they are fine. We have to be missing something. With Polio is seemed to be going after the rich and they discovered most poor children were exposed when they were breast feeding and getting their mother antibodies so they were immune, the rich kids were not exposed. With Small Pox they found out that people exposed to cow pox which is must less severe were immune. With the plague they thought it was carried by cats and dogs so they slaughtered them which made it worse because cats and dogs kill the actual carrier of the carrier - rats. This is the perfect use for big data we just have to feed the machine and I think it can provide the answers or at least significant help. But the whole thing is too political and their are a fair number of numb nuts acting like they know what they are talking about they have no concept of germ theory.
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    You have spare toilet paper?? Where do you live?? We want to know. Just for reference purposes only of course. Dave
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    This keeps bothering me. The cashiers at our grocery stores don't wear masks, and they're interacting with hundreds of customers every day, mostly at distances of less than six feet. They should be canaries in the coal mine and should all be gone by now. Yet I see the same bunch every week. It ain't fittin', it just ain't fittin'.
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    https://pjmedia.com/trending/rebellion-this-is-not-nazi-germany-or-soviet-russia-where-you-are-asked-for-your-papers-says-maine-sheriff/?fbclid=IwAR2NkgWzxximuZQ-y6NwclggdMfhC-tCr1GjUiRx9bkJfaktkWxOQPRyO8Y Awesome, they all should do this.
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    Classy indeed. And the broadcast she and her sister did in 1940 - that was 80 years ago. 80 years!
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    They probably have rock solid immune systems from all that dirty money they handle all day.
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    I have to make this clear so there is no misunderstanding. This is not a one time occurrence. This is a sample of every freaking day between my wife and I. I don't normally drink and I got buzzed, but not drunk, I like it. I can't do this often because of a long past stomach operation the say I shouldn't. I simply decided on a tact of therapy for my wife that happened to be centered on booze! She is a worrier and I am more pragmatic due to my employment history in research. All I mean by this is that I need proof and more proof. Objectivity is paramount! The mathematics provides the sanity test for me. That's why I believe politicians are the scourge of humanity, since they have no requirements nor training for their jobs. They just sit and do what they please, sometimes they take advice, but most of the time they only take advice that they want to hear. Sorry for the off subject rant. (a little, anyway) But I believe that since I'm going to die and statistically soon, I say pee on the world and laugh it off. No matter how bad it could be, my ace card is that I will die and not have to deal with it. Unfortunately my ancestry says I will endure more than necessary. My wife is a little more concerned with a limited lifetime, so my job as I see it is to make her laugh, as long and as hard as I can. She is a worrier, I am not.
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    Sitting on the deck in the sunshine with a cold beer is pretty hard to take way out there in the bush. Especially knowing the wood stove will keep me warm later. Made enough dinner the night before that cooking is unnecessary, and the music on the FM is good. Tough life I tell ya. No Corona.
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    I gotta say, a drunk-posting Janice6, deep in the margaritas, is funny! MOOOOORE!!!
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    They SAY "service you can trust," but meanwhile, they're letting the cars interbreed out back behind the shop...
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    Had a pleasant time out there. Temporarily back in to reprovision. Didn't have any problems with wildlife or zombie tweakers. My truck was still in one piece when I got back to the trail head. I built a simple shower that worked pretty well. I'm picking up a few things from the house to make it even better. Got in a couple good snow machine rides. Worked on some cabin projects. Read a lot. Talked to the dog. She didn't have much to say herself. The beer was cold. I'll head back out there in a day or 2.
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    Well, I hate to break it to you people, but I just went to the liquor store and bought two big bottles of the only real cure for a virus. Lime and Strawberry Margaritas. If my cure doesn't work, I won't give a damn! I bought a bottle of Strawberry Margaritas for the wife. Now she's calling her daughters and telling them that I'm going to make her pregnant. The first daughter couldn't stop laughing!
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    I do. I cannot explain this. Take covid out of the picture, and I'm getting 10+ shifts a month, in a hospital whose ER should be seeing 140-160 patients a day. Since covid, most days barely break 100. We have 250ish beds upstairs. Half are empty. And this isn't just my hospital. A dear friend works at the Level 2 trauma center in Sanford (35 miles away). Her whole hospital had 80 admitted patients. Some of this can be explained by hospitals not doing elective procedures, in an attempt to keep as many people out of the hospital as possible, but that doesn't explain the low numbers of people coming into the ER. If the wave comes (and I think it will), we'll be glad for all the bed space. If it does not come, we got some serious thinking to do about how we conduct business as a healthcare system.
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    I hope everyone on here gets feeling better soon and those that haven't caught it yet, don't. tom.
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    I don't drink it unless properly aged in a barrel. This stuff was made yesterday, ick.
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    "CDC director says coronavirus death toll could be 'much, much LOWER' than the White House prediction of up to 240,000 if Americans keep social distancing" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8198201/CDC-says-coronavirus-deaths-lower-White-Houses-240-000-forecast.html Or better yet, stop certifying almost every single case as a Covid-19 death.
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    This ****'s insane. I haven't worked since 3/21, not scheduled back until 4/15, "subject to call off" due to low census. Pondering taking a Covid contract in Miami that pays $125 an hour, 60 hour weeks, for 4 weeks. A coworker is going, and invited me along. Looking for a Tyvek suit in 3xl and a respirator. I can fork out some cash for those, and still come out WAY ahead. Also was just emailed a contract for an urgent care gig, and I'm going over that with a fine-tooth comb. May as well make some cash while the getting is good, right? It is the strangest phenomenon, being an emergency provider and being off work during a plague. I, one of many, may not be around by the time the **** hits the fan locally. I'll be off making money somewhere else.
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    Dammit! I just knew that when I typed that, that I was simply flaunting my affluence for taking care of my effluence. It was a stupid amateur mistake, I promise I will learn from this.
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    "Now youse can't leave."
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    "Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!" -- Kaylee, Serenity
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    It's a mask, but it is NOT an N95. It is a good idea to wear a mask during this time - but these generic masks are intended to contain the wearer's spittle and snot; not to protect the wearer from pathogens others might carry. These homemade masks might offer some limited protection, but it is very limited.
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    I'm convinced. Trumps leadership sucks. You're right. I'm voting for Biden!!
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    it would be easier to figure out what the hell is going on, if the data available were accurate/trustworthy. But it's not.
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    Strange how the top three emerging treatments for this VIRUS are an antibiotic (azithromycin), and antimalarial (plaquenil), and an antiparasitic (ivermectin). Treatment for people who are septic with covid is exactly opposite of sepsis treatment for everything else, (IV fluids bolused in quickly as soon as possible, as opposed to permissive dehydration in covid). Nothing about this makes any sense. More and more, I think this bug is manmade.
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    They carry a badge too!
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    When I went to the liquor store two clerks were horsing around behind the counter and customers were coming and going like normal. No precautions and nobody was worried. It was a city Liquor store so I going to assume that this is "city policy". As I left, one clerk hollered to me, " Don't forget that we are here for you!"
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    I was in a farm and home type store yesterday and all the cashiers were wearing mask, gloves, and behind a plexiglass partition. There was just enough room to place your item under the plexiglass on the counter. It was weird.
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    It sounds like a live food market in Red China.
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    I'll guarantee that after it runs it's course, everyone will jump up and proclaim, "Wow! Did you see us save the world?! We made the rules and conquered it!!!" But it's a virus. That will sweep through the population, and pretty much fade away (will come back, a little different next year, though) on its own. Now we'll have to save the world again. Damn Trump.
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    Ballpoint Pen Drawings By Samuel Silva 37-year-old self-taught Portuguese artist, who goes by VianaArts on social media
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    My shoot/no shoot threshold has dropped lately.
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    You take care of yourself, amigo. Don't make me come down there and put a boot up your ass if you get sick. I'm bringing TBO with me. Don't tempt us.
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    Maybe leave the executioner mask and double headed axe at home next time? Sent from my Jackboot using Copatalk
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