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    I don't use tweeter, I received this link because of the funny video only. It has very strong adult language.
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    It's actually aggrivated battery. You made contact by use of an object with intent to do harm. Should be felony douchbage.
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    Doomberg's parents need to be held accountable for brainwashing, exposing and sacrificing their aspergery child's childhood.
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    Ever wonder why a country that has a national obsession with Godzilla, Mothra, et al would consider the probability of a mag 9 earthquake generated tsunami too unlikely to plan for?
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    Crew member surveying the damage to their B-29 caused by Japanese flak guns during a raid on the Japanese capital of Tokyo (1945). Little known fact, Tokyo was the original target for the atomic bomb, but had to be aborted because of cloud cover. Hiroshima just happened to be the next best option. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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    A desperate woman stood poised on the edge of a high cliff, about to jump. A filthy deadbeat wandering by stopped and yelled at her, “Look, since you’ll be dead in a few minutes and it won’t matter to you, how about a little sex before you go?” She screamed back, “NO! Bugger off, you filthy old bastard!” He shrugged and turned away saying, “Suit yerself, lady. I’ll just wait down at the bottom.” She didn’t jump.
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    Fair winds and following seas Mr, Bruner. You sure as hell earned it.
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    Denny's in our town is a good place to eat with fair prices and good food. It's not exquisite cuisine, but most restaurants with fancier facilities are not. The facilities are clean and the tables are clean. The waitresses aren't beauty queens but they provide good service, they listen and are polite. They are comfortable to talk with. My largest tips go to Denny's wait staff. The last time the manager took our bill and tip when we were leaving, and commented that the service must have been exemplarity. It was. They make my wife happy to eat there, and if my wife is happy with them, I'm happy with them. One day I ordered a Pot Roast Dinner expecting what I would get at any establishment. I was surprised at the quality of the dinner.
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    Naval Air Station Pensacola shooter was Saudi aviation student, investigators eye potential terror link https://www.foxnews.com/us/naval-air-station-pensacola-active-shooter-reported-shelter-in-place-issued Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    i agree, also what does China do with Autistic Females,makes her Pollution scolding pale in comparison.
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    This really chaps my arse...
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    Wherever life takes you, make sure to enjoy the view.
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    Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog!.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-deputy-alleged-unlawful-strip-searches TBO thought of this and then shuddered considering his clientele.
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    I'm one of those people who when I'm sick, I have no appetite and don't eat anything except maybe some mashed potatoes to calm my stomach. It feels so amazing to my mind and body after not eating for 3 or 4 days and then eat lots of animal protein. I can't even imagine how awesome that vegan broad felt after finally eating some meat!
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    Dog has a lot of balls!
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    Something from Victoria's Secret?
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    Bubba should...be shunned by the community and sentenced to watch Sgt. York twice in a row. And write a book report on A Rifleman Went to War. Then seek a priest for confession.
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    Never mentioned... Rossi. They are kinda the Rodney Dangerfield of lever actions, but they also put other brand names on them as contract manufacturer. EMF I believe was one. They offer a Marlin style in 30-30 and 410 and maybe 45-70. They have offered Winchester Model 92 style in 37/357 and 44 magnum/special and 45 Colt. Also 454 Castile(?). My 37/357 is a pleasure to shoot FWIW.
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    https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx Numerous supposed verses from Muslim religious documents, all of which basically say lying to non-believers aka infidels to advance Islam is wonderful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You must have looked in my garage. I have racks of stuff left over from my car repair and painting days. I think if I ever had a garage fire I would have to leave the county after the major hole in the ground. Lacquer is my Cologne, Plastic body filler is my Polyester of choice for a night out.
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    My reply would have been; ”you didn’t clean it, did you?” .
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    I ran into the same dilemma a few years ago, after inheriting several old albums of family photos. Granted, I only had to deal with photo paper, in pretty common sizes - not drawings, documents, etc. At that point I already had a pretty hefty scanner at home - a small office size Epson unit with an automatic sheet feeder, and I really thought about doing the work myself. After playing around with it for an evening, looking at the quality of the scans, the effort of trying to stack everything, etc - I decided it wasn't worth it to do it myself. I ended up finding a GroupOn for a service (I think it was ScanMyPhotos, but can double check if need be). I paid for, IIRC, a 2000 photo scan package, and they sent both a CD and a flash drive of the photos. Then I ran into the same issue as you - trying to categorize, sort, and rename them all. I know there's photo management software that can help in the process, but I didn't want to deal with a proprietary file structure that might not be usable after 10 or more years, and wanted to keep them all as JPGs, since that's been an enduring file format for at least 20 years now. In the end, I uploaded them all to a Google cloud drive, and deal with them basically "as I have time". If I'm stuck on a plane, or waiting for someone, I just pull out my Chromebook and can usually sort about 100-150 per hour, giving them all names, and dropping them in catergorized folders. Since many of the photos are family, some of the folders I've shared with my sister, etc, so they can view the pictures as well. The backup CDs I keep locked up, just in case there's every a cloud issue.
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    A friend told me he once stopped somebody who started ranting about quotas. He answered him with something like, " We don't have quotas; the Chief lets us write all the tickets we want. "
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    I like it Zimmerman had his life shredded, destroyed his name, had people attempting to kill him the Martin family has made millions monetizing the case, the lawyers and activists have made millions in fundraising and becoming ‘expert consultants’ for the media Zimmerman survived a vicious attack, was acquitted. And has suffered ever since. i hope he gets enough to retire in anonymity .
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    Ship them to me for safekeeping good luck
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    It's a man. I do not recall his name but it is a man.
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    well we got tree up today , well wife did mostly . i was outside working on trying to get that idiot check engine light to turn off so i can get inspection . Iswear i love my home state but we get corn holed on this inspection bull**** .
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    I want a guy smart enough to marry a woman like that. No offense previous one.
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    Prayers sent for the dog. tom.
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    You would think they would learn... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    as long as all of us are alive liberals will beat with a stick . ive already told the family she is NOT going to public school . i will pay for her schooling . i would not send a rat to public schools today
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