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    Me too! As a matter of fact, I STILL wear English Leather. I Liked ALL the old colognes. Jade East, English Leather, Brut, British Sterling, Canoe... I actually had a lady at publix a couple weeks ago ask me what cologne I was wearing. I said "English Leather". She said, "I thought so. I remember that smell from when I was a kid. My Dad smelled like that. You just gave me a Flashback!" Every time I put it on, I see my dad in the bathroom with his Air Force Uniform on, gettin ready for work..... Good Smells!!! All of them!!!
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    Technology is expected to change. I think the hardest thing to explain to them, would be that a large portion of society today believe that criminals entering our country illegally should get more government assistance than the old citizens. That the courts and government agencies support a political party and work against the elected president, and rewrite laws by interpretation instead of through Congress. That thinking the wrong thing is a socially punishable offense. That a segment of the population believes they should reap the benefits from others who work.
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    Right now I am reading a book that Lucky chewed on a little maybe the first year I had him. There is another one too I may read soon.
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    This is odd. I just discovered an extra cracker in my Lunchables. Does this mean that some poor galoot is missing one?
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    When I was twelve, I once cut my right elbow open all the way across. When I bent my arm all the way, the elbow joint was visible. I went up to my mom and said, "Look at this!" I thought it was cool as hell. She couldn't figure out whether to crap herself, vomit or pass out. She chose instead to yell at me. Luckily my dad took me in for the stitches, or I would have heard about it all the way to the emergency room. Males and females have very different opinions on what is cool.
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    Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth did that for many years, starting in the fifties. 1964 or ‘65 was the last year. I don’t remember exactly.
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    This baby grand is a baby, baby. This is a Wurlitzer Butterfly baby grand.
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    You're saying it wasn't suicide? In a facility run by the Federal government? Are you saying that there's corruption in the federal government?
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    Calling Obama a “****ing Traitor” was certainly a nod in the right direction.
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    https://news.yahoo.com/domestic-violence-suspect-killed-intervening-074957909.html# I like this Florida man.
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    Great thread! Not sure how I missed it before. I wanna go have a night out in Dublin with these folks! Ciara can drive.
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    Thank God! I always felt sorry for them standing out in bad weather.
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    This one means something special to me.
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    I’m sorry, but I am going to need to see your Car Guy credentials and possibly your Man Card. That car is beautiful. It is in my top five favorite muscle cars of all time.
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    "Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!"
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    The ones that wannabe are the ones that can't be.
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    Even the least among us has a life. it's nice to see that they try to preserve it rather than taking the easy way out. Critters have a tough time since people moved in. Empathy is a virtue.
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    I wonder if it is illegal to bait deer in that state? If it isn’t, I bet some biscuits would be cheaper than bags of deer feed.
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    Glad you both had a good meal and ice cream.
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    Well, if they would just go with the idea that having a gun on you is NOT a crime, and tack the 10 year gun penalty onto use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, it might have some effect... and probably some unintended side effects, like an increase in the number of robberies where a knife or an axe or a hammer is used instead of a gun.
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    A lot of talent, terrible political views
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    I've been saying that for a couple of years now. And yes I do see the utility for one, I just don't want to pay that much money for a phone. Is there someplace that sells good used phone? Like a good clean used car dealer? Last years model on close-out? The only reason I have a flat screen is that a relative passed, else I'd still be watching a big box tv.
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    Yup, this was the first thing to cross my mind as well.
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