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    I totally screwed up this morning. A stark lesson in my face. I get up around 5am. still dark and take the dog out. For some reason she is more excited but I blow that off as she is always after the various animals in the woods. No I did not have a gun with me..... Brought her in and she not eat her food as normal but sits at window looking out. Again I just figure she watches the animals outside. When it got light I took her out to go for ride in truck and go to store. Sh...t.. She goes on full blown alert mode in the woods. Never have seen her wanting to confront anything that much. Idiot me I walk out to look at the fuss and see a man standing in the trees. No response when I called out but only the hollow eyes and icicles hanging from his face. At that point I walked backward and got the dog and myself back in the house. Called 911... Two Sheriff's came, they had to call an ambulance to haul him away. The point of this..... I screwed up big time this morning but learned. Always be armed..... always listen to the dog when it just seems a little different from her normal self. Have a rifle as well a pistol here at the ready. The range he was at here on my property was more suited to a rifle. Never think it can't happen to you... I live in the country here all my life and never thought this would happen here... Wrong.... I fu...ed up.. Dave I
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    Sorry can’t figure out how to rotate on my phone. But I have worked with this kid for maybe 800+ of those 1226 days.
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    It happens. Seems I was 25 one day then the next I was 66!
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    $4,000 i month a damn well better be seeing boobs!
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    Had the scope 3 times now. And the cataract surgery. Had lunch at the Sr. Center today. Fried chicken. Naps are good.
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    How did US Navy carrier pilots navigate during WW2? Commander Jame H. Flatley, Jr, with his Mark 3A plotting board, about to climb into his Grumman F6F-3, 1943. This essential piece of equipment and the knowledge and skill required to use it, was vital to our victory in the Pacific War.
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    If this is your first rodeo with the camera you're still a young buck.
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    The reason they caller him Tupac was because his mental capacity was 4 beers short of a six pack.
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    Truly calming animation, something to watch before bed each night...
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    He is known ti the Sheriff's department. Strange he is 20 some miles from where they know him from. I carry but am still kicking myself from screwing up.. That one time you don't carry can come biting you in the butt. Damn .........I'm old but learned a lesson today. Saw a need for a rifle here today. That will be fixed with a LE6920 out of the safe. Dave..
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    One way to store energy is to convert sunlight into biomass via photosynthesis, then convert the biomass into carbon via pressure. The resulting carbon been shown to be very stable and extractable.
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    I've considered getting rid of all the mirrors in the house. Then, I realized that I'm the only person that I'm not invisible to.
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    Soldiers of the US Army 7th Division moving a 37 mm M3 anti-tank gun on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Early February 1944