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    Today I had the distinct honor and privilege of giving a little car ride to my 92 year old stepdad and Purple Heart survivor of the Pusan Perimeter, Jet. He's been cooped up in ChinaVirus quarantine for months now, so he was ready to go for a spin.
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    In the realm of unexpected outcomes hang gliding saved my uncles life. He was young, he wanted a hang glider. My grandma didn't want him to get one. My uncle wasn't really a rebel, but if he got an idea he tried it, had to discover things for himself. I guess that's why he owns patents for aerospace technologies. Anyway, back before the aerospace stuff he got the hang glider. Some friends wanted him to go hiking/backpacking with them but he said no he was headed to the coast to try out his new hang glider. The friends went hiking without him. Mount Saint Helens blew and the friends were never found. My uncle was at the coast and survived not only flying his hang glider but also the mountain erupting. My grandmother said she took it as a sign to let him do his thing, it might even work out in the end.
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    If you can repeatedly say "I can't breathe," YOU CAN BREATHE. Good riddance to that piece of subhuman detritus. He's far outplayed his worth.
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    Well, the followup to this is that she doubled down on the insanity, and I blocked her. This was the third time she's been nasty in my threads, and while I am sorry for the slew of awful things that have happened to her over the past decade, (none of which I had anything to do with causing, nor could I have prevented), I have come to the realization that 1) just because someone is a blood relative is no reason to tolerate behavior I wouldn't tolerate from a friend, and 2) pity is also not a good reason to tolerate behavior I wouldn't take from someone I wasn't sorry for. I came to the sudden realization that she has added nothing positive to my life in the last 30 years, and in the last two she has contributed only irritation and stress, and I am better off without that. Now, if I apply those standards to everyone else in my life... she is still the only person I have to remove. So I guess I'm not the one with the problem. Or at least, with that particular problem, of being a doormat to rude, crazy people.
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    because happy, emotionally stable people are harder to make money off of, or have power over.
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    From the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches. Dennis Prager explains. https://www.prageru.com/video/why-are-so-many-good-things-being-destroyed/
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    This whole stimulus BS is just another piece of the liberal puzzle that is destroying our once fine Nation.
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    Can't win the ghetto lottery playing it safe and acting like a human.
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    I have reached that point. When the dogs we have croak, there will be no more dogs. When the cats we have die, there will be no more cats. And when the rabbits, chickens, ducks, and guineas irritate me beyond toleration, I will eat every last one. And when the kids leave home, I'm selling their furniture and turning their rooms into sewing rooms and gun rooms all for me!
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    The more I’m around people, the more I appreciate animals.
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    In a beautiful family moment, Master Gunnery Sgt. Tory Hunck and Master Sgt. Vilmary Hunck pin second lieutenant bars on the collar of their daughter, 2nd Lt. Ashley Hunck, during her commissioning ceremony at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California on July 10, 2020
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    Well Done! Thank him for us all!
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    At the end of the day you either serve good or serve evil, either you are light or you are darkness. It's right vs. wrong. We've spent a lot of money telling at least three generations that there is no right or wrong.
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    Wrong. They have created and stoked an environment of mistrust, lack of cooperation, disobedience, extreme unlawful behavior, aggression, hostility, assault and attempted murder of police and other authority. It permeates many urban environments, especially in minority areas. They are using the mess they have carefully orchestrated to try and bring down our society, through intimidation and mayhem. It was in that environment that the officers encountered Saint George of the 'Hood. They are responsible for the atmosphere they have made, and continue to foster, and for its effects on race relations, public discourse, and the reactions to their behaviors. They own it.
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    Sure seems like it has become a lot more common with the dems running the show. Part of the plan?
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    Just was thinking about this a day or two back. I couldn't remember how long ago it had been.
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    Last time I got pulled over I told the LEO first thing that I won't argue him, at all. I also skipped the I'm sorry song. He looked at me for a long moment and nodded. There was an instant understanding, that I knew that I screwed up, got pulled over rightfully and that I will be responsible for my actions. And he knew that he didn't have to say another word. I won't post the details but I got away with a fraction of what could have been. I spent several weeks thinking about why I was doing what I was doing and how I can prevent this from happening again. Then I sent the trooper an email a couple month later, thanking him for stopping me from doing what I was doing, and having a lasting impact on my behavior, with just one honest and straight look and that nod. That moment entailed everything, from the risk of hurting somebody to the strain I put on the system for no good reason. If suspects would face officers with honesty, no bull**** and not running, there would be much more compromise, basically nobody would get hurt, and there would be no talk about systemic racism and other pollical bull****.
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    Smokescreen aside, its very simple. Don't do crime. Don't resist arrest. Don't try to run from the arresting officers with your vehicle endangering them and the general public. And you won't get shot. No matter what color you are.
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    You should have given his a Gator hat to replace that Georgia! Jokes aside, sounds like quiet the day!
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    Seeing as how I'm now on Day 6 of the "Official 'Rona Quarantine" (and Day 10 since start of symptoms) and the 'rona has amounted to a minor head cold with loss of sense of smell for me, I'll skip the shot and go with the antibodies I'm full of now anyway. I've had enough bad reactions to thoroughly tested and FDA approved drugs (including long-term side effects that are never going to get better), that I prefer to let my own immune system do the work even if it is slower and more miserable than popping a pill. Other people may make other decisions - if you own your own body, then you have that right. Do your own research, make up your own mind, let Darwin sort it out.
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    I think the hostile idiot bystanders share a good deal of responsibility for Floyd's death. Gathering in numbers, shouting, threatening, approaching, taunting the cops. They distracted them from monitoring Floyd's behaviors, putting the officers in a hypervigilant, "eyes up, head on a swivel" defensive mode. Given the behavior of the BLM/ANTIFA assclowns all last and so far all this year, who could fault them for looking primarily to their own defense. Stand back, look and record all you want. But shut up and let the officers do their job. The day we cease to restrain subjects who we have reason to believe have committed crimes and who resist arrest, for fear that they may have health problems will be the day that anarchy rules our society. And where there are no police, every infraction can carry the death penalty, administered by the intended victim.
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    Well, it would undercut the myths if the general public weren't mathematically ignorant, and would stop refusing to consider any evidence that their brainwashed little minds might possibly be wrong about reality.
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    I saw this and immediately thought of TBO.
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    Just serious dumbass...I hope he can't hear out of that ear forever...
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    The Minnesota officer who killed Daunte Wright was charged with manslaughter. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/14/us/kim-potter-charged-daunte-wright.html Soon officers will not follow leads, find jobs in the private field, or move to red states. Wait till the Dem ****bags ban guns everywhere and if you happen to kill an invader in your house you will face charges and trial as well. Not sure I ever said it so clearly. Democrats ARE criminal in my book. Period.
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    Did they even pay for themselves, installation, and maintenance over it's lifespan?
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    SAAF Mustangs in Korea
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    I blame it on the " Stimi-Flu". They get their $1,400 check and feel flush for a few weeks and quit showing up. They end up getting fired for no-show, no-call.
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    Talked with my doctor about this a couple weeks ago. We all agreed the establishment has destroyed trust in the medical community, and getting involved in politics was a big mistake, along with putting a monetary value on positive tests. Plenty of doctors screw up trust by themselves without the industry being tainted. It will be a long painful process of rebuilding that trust, if it ever returns.
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    The ME offered no measurable science on his opinion of the police restraint. No physical metrics, just his opinion that with heart disease & poor heath, drugs on board... any strain could be fatal. No physical evidence. No bruising. No tissue damage. No oxygen or blood deprivation. "Police Restraint", as in being handcuffed, retrained in any manner. Sent from my Jackboot using Copatalk
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