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    This why people like the squad should not be in the positions they are in. Tightening down on immigration is needed until we can assimilate the current immigrants and get rid of those that don't belong here. I might be blunt but we don't need people that want to destroy everything we have built.
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    The Big Giant Head sends this message: Stop while you are ahead.
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    Automobile sellers only kin, are politicians. Draw your own conclusions.
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    The friend I visited has a toddler. You know those little padded corners you put on coffee tables and such when you have a toddler in the house? My smartass friend wanted to put them on my car doors for me.
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    I believe it was the latter. To stay vigilant wears on the psyche, and the easier route is to rest on your laurels, claiming that you have won and it's no longer necessary to fight against those who threaten your way of life and economy. I believe England gave up claiming that their leadership in the world meant they didn't have to fight anymore. They, as we today, thought they could rest on the past. This was as fatal for them as it will be for us.. As we are seeing in our own country, when you don't keep fighting for what you believe in, you lose. You don't have the luxury of living off the past. The future can always change just as easily for the worse. Stay alert, stay vigilant. There are always new societies wanting the resources and wealth of America, just as there are always tyrants and dictators being raised within our own society. this will never stop. It's up to us to stop them from taking control. We could go the way of England, if we don't keep our "powder dry" and our eyes open for those who promise us everything but plan on keeping it for themselves! That which is achieved without effort, is just as easily lost the same way.
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    The years between the wars were not only interesting, but significant. Eight or ten monarchies that had lasted for centuries -- gone. Most were minor, but Czarist Russia: gone. Ottoman Empire: gone: Austria-Hungary Empire: gone: European Empires in Africa and the Far East contracted and then vanished. Most of not all were replaced by violent worker's revolutions and the strife continued for many years. Consider that France and Britain borrowed a lot of money to finance World War I, mostly from the US. Britain repaid the loans, mainly by refinancing over and over again; France just declared that they didn't exist and cashed in on German reparations, of which there was little. Germany was broke. So, all around Europe, the old came crashing down, replaced by violent mobs of the poor and disenfranchised. A most interesting time in history, it was.
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    The economy might have affected Europe’s decisions concerning the rise of NAZI Germany, but it was spineless leaders like Neville Chamberlain that chose to appease him that drove a problem right to the edge of the Abyss . ‘Peace in our Time’ very nearly became the UK’s epitaph.
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    "Siri, order me three large extra-bacon pizzas and two liters of mt. dew." "You are overweight and your heartrate has been accelerated lately. Sorry, Kerbie, I can't do that."
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    His name isn't even Beto, he is a wealthy white Irish guy through and through and wants to get any advantage he can to try to win something. Texas already determined he was a twat. Now, he is hoping for higher ambitions?
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    In honor of this thread and in remembrance of our dear departed friend Hannie......
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    WELL it was worth posting anyway
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    I visited the U.S.S. Constellation in Baltimore harbor and I had a very hard time walking the gun deck the overhead was so low. It's surprising just how short the Early Americans were back then. I also visited Colonial Williamsburg and found the doors to the houses and the ceilings were also very short for me (I'm 6'2"). Isn't it amazing how the American diet caused such a growth spurt. I talked with people that said that the Japanese are now much taller because of the more Western diet also.
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    1926 President Calvin Coolidge ordered Marines to guard U.S Mail. Mail robberies ended abruptly.
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    Dang! Right out of surviving edged weapons by palidan press.
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    The frost is on the pumpkin. The nightingale flies at noon. Open channel D.
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    With dementia, and her previous state, I don't think I would do it. Live close and visit. But it sounds like a marriage/mental health destroyer. If you do it, you need to get PAID. It's stressful and you give up your entire life.
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    1940 LaSalle Series 52 Convertible
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    Get outta here! No sanctuary cities here for furriners!
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    Never underestimate a head injury. Farming for 40 years ive hit my head on tractors under tractors on racks in bulk Barn. I've knocked myself out cold fe times. Damn shocked I can remember any thing. I bet if I live long enough I will get dementia. Or have cte. Wife says I got it now
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    A couple comments I saw on the net. "May he rest in peace. And MLK will surely have a word or two with him on how he strayed from true civil rights." "I feel the same way about him dying that he would feel about Trump dying." "Can you imagine how I feel?"
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    Or Russia if it is considered mostly not-Asia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Article backing up that she pointed a gun towards the window: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2019/10/15/atatiana-jefferson-pointed-gun-out-window-before-fort-worth-officer-killed-her-nephew-told-authorities/ The interim Chief of Police seems like he is being very forthcoming on this. Not trying to hide anything or blame the victim. IMO - this was a tragic mistake. The former cop will have to answer for it. Sucks for all involved.
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    You have the ability to make choices. If there's nothing to choose from, what good is it?
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    Tom Cruise and Wilford Brimley are the same age in the photos below. That Diabeetus is a bitch.
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    Pay attention to the Democrats running for office. They will tell you with the voice of one, just how bad a good economy, higher wages, and employment, are for you, long term. Didn't one of them say that a good economy will mean you have to work harder/longer?. They didn't say it was because you wanted more money! The implications from them is, that they will ensure that you experience none of the above benefits, if you vote them into office. Remember Obama! He said, " I have no ability to affect the business conditions in this country". Trump didn't say that, and simply made things much better. A knowledge of business is necessary to encourage business. A knowledge of what makes a country great is not learned by a ghetto community organizer. A knowledge of only ghetto society means divisive and bitter relations between the races. It encourages divisions of people and conflicts. This is a bad thing!
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