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    Not in a ghey way. Retirement is happening. I've been working for 50 years. Time to knock that **** off. The fish are biting. Anybody want to buy a working gravel pit and equipment?
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    My kids and their kids live in fear, for when I take their kids and entertain them. One said it takes about 3 months to undo what I did.
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    Only 79 hours. Has the bucket and forks. I might pick up a snow blower for it this summer.
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    Crappy weather here tonight so I'll post up some music. Dave..
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    for those that like updates, she is still holding on , and ive been thru the hour to hour waits and as im sure alot of you have , wife and daughters went up and my grand kid Piper stayed with me , , but we have been having some fun and it helps both of us , we made easter eggs and easter tree, for almost 3 she is smarter then me at like 7 . Pipers mom is clingy so her hubby went also , and Piper would not know what is going on there and i thought spend some time with me watch some movies . ride the tractor etc and again thanks to everyone for prayers. here is some pics of egg making , to lighten things up , i do hope she does not linger much longer but when its time to move on ,i guess it your time . it's weird i suffered with my dad for months and we had to sleep with bells on the doors and sleep next to doors as he would try to get up and ramble he had to plow or check the barn ,meds had him so messed up and was with him when he passed and felt like i watched him for an hour and not 6 months .weird feeling .
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    MP-40 in original box.
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    The Bored Room is this guy's personal life journal of wild fairy tales, or something?
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    I can cause a spring to roll in any orientation. I has a slide rule.
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    He is just flat out talented. I like this duet with Emmylou.
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    Those Poles were some incredibly brave and hardy souls. -Pat
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    Morning of September 1st 1939. Start of the WW2. The Battle of Westerplatte begins. The Schleswig-Holstein suddenly fires a broadside salvo at the Polish garrison. This battleship was visiting the port the previous day on a courtesy trip. Westerplatte is a peninsula in the Bay of Gdańsk. Its defense served as an inspiration for the Polish Army and people in the face of German advances elsewhere, and is still regarded as a symbol of resistance in modern Poland. 200 Polish soldiers repelled countless attacks of the 3000 Germans for 7 days while being bombarded from the ground, air and sea. They had one 75 mm field gun, two anti-tank 37mm guns and four 81 mm mortars. To take this small, Polish outpost the Germans paid with 400 casualties. 1. German battleship opens up on the Polish outpost on September 1st 1939. 2. German soldiers inspecting the Polish positions on September 8th 1939 after the battle. 3. Westerplatte monument - modern times.
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    That don’t look like no carrot.
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    Juno Beach – 1944 Juno Beach was one of the most successful operations on D-Day
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    Since when did they allow you back in Louisiana after that incident?
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