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    okay, I've done enough math for the day. Only used a paper and pen, no slide rulers involved. I started a HAM radio class, one of the first assignments involves circuits with both series and parallel resistors. I signed up for the class kind of last minute. First class was last Tuesday, and my books for the class should show up tomorrow. And for those that want to know, it's the general license class. I don't have the technician license, so will have to take both tests at the end of class. Class instructor said we could also take the extra license exam at the same time if we want. And no, I don't have a call sign yet, or even a radio at this point. I want to put one in my truck eventually, so figured I'd start by getting licensed and go from there.
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    They still allow ratkillers. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7904439/Eight-terriers-kill-record-700-rodents-seven-hours-desperate-farmer-called-handlers.html
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    slowing down in winter can save the lives of others as well... also don't be a dick, secure your load..
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    I haven’t watched a game since all the kneeling crap started. I don’t intend to ever watch another game.
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    I dislike thieves immensely. tom.
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    The local home depot was fresh out of 400-ft tape measures.
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    Another senseless drug-related tragedy. Sent from my Jackboot using Copatalk
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    Yes, and many times on pbs, I have to activate cc
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    BOY - you want that thumb, keep it outta there! "The DI" - Jack Webb
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    A winter like that would make Mrs. Historian cold. Thus resulting in...her getting closer to me. For many years i used to crack the window to the bedroom just slightly on chilly nights. She often complained about the temperature of the room and would move over closer to me. She eventually caught me. That was a sad day.
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    Excactly. Or, when a farmer brings water to his crops in the field.
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    According to the commercial, it does have a pretty light that comes on to show you that it's working.
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    Nudging the machine with your hip to influence play was called a gunch. Why, I have no idea. And, yes, I have worked on the innards of the old pinball machines. Shocking.
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    I forgot that old joke.
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    I ordered it last Friday and it came in on Thursday, but I somehow missed the email until last night. I brought it home about an hour ago, field stripped it to give it a good cleaning and some oil. loaded as snap cap and did some dry fire. The trigger is sweet! The bad news is that I start a 4 week show this week and am not sure how I am going to get time to try it out. 😞 I will be taking it with me. There is a range not far from the show grounds, so maybe I can squeeze in a little range time if I am lucky.
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    The narrow gauge White Pass & Yukon Railroad was started because of the Alaska gold rush, beginning at Skagway. During WWII it was upgraded by the military as part of the war effort. When the minerals it was hauling became unprofitable it shut down for a few years, then started operations again as a tourist railroad. Virtually all the cruise ships going to/from Alaska stop in Skagway, and enough of their passengers take the train trip excursion to make this the most popular tourist railroad in the country. This picture shows one of these tourist trains on a loop bypassing the original and picturesque bridge which continues to be the symbol of the railroad.
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    It's a DNA thing...……..
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    Not sure what caliber they are, but does anyone remember those full auto air rifles at carnivals where you had to shoot the star out of the center? I want one of those!
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    "There are some 33,000 births in the US to foreign nationals each year. Another 39,000 babies are born to foreign students, guest workers and other long-term temporary visa holders. And, an additional 300,000 babies are born to illegal aliens each year in the United States. And Democrats will no doubt fight him on this too. " https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/good-news-president-trump-to-take-on-birth-tourism-and-anchor-baby-crisis-in-america/ https://www.axios.com/trump-rule-state-department-deny-visas-birth-tourism-81ba35e2-9c4a-42c8-9d15-ff2810e323fd.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic
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    Somebody watched too much "Dukes of Hazard" Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Wasn't that governor blaming the president? Is it so bad for democrats that they hide stuff people need just so they can blame Trump for not sending supplies?
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    Think I'm more into pressure cookers these days. Crock pot is so dated. lol
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    Forget not that the British speak a language somewhat similar to ours.
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    We go fishin' today, Dad?
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    How can anyone be so stupid to think the government will take care of them. Ask the American Indian how well the government takes care of them! When you are afraid of making your own life decisions the fault lies within you, It's not anyone else's "job" to make your decisions for you. That's called a Dictatorship. If that is what you are willing to accept, then you have serious personal mental issues but again, it's something only you can deal with. Other's are worrying about themselves, they haven't the time to worry about you! If you discount the value of family, you have thrown away the only individuals in your life that might have cared for you.
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    My Father in laws second wife was a bit of a nut case. When he finally realized how far out there she was, and decided to divorce her, she went way off the deep end. At one point, she locked him in his closet and called the cops on him. The officer showed up and got an earful from her but did manage to get Wayne out of the closet and out of the house while he attempted to deal with psycho blonde. When he had enough of her screaming, he stepped outside into the garage to take Wayne's statement. After a few times of her opening the door screaming, the officer jokingly asked my father in law if he would like to borrow his gun. Fast forward a few years. The officer retired and had become a friend of my father in law and sold him the very gun he had offered to let him use years before. Wayne passed away of Leukemia three years ago and left that Ruger Police Service Six to me. It has seen some miles, but is one of my favorite handguns.
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    Sorry, I was reading Richard Feynman
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    I had the same thought. Normally these things are named after presidents and sometimes sec. nav. or sec def. Convention would have stated that Miller should have had a destroyer named after him long ago.
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    A nap with a friend is the best nap!
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    If you are referring to the most recent version, I hated it. It is a great story, but the director hosed it with that stupid dance stuff mixed into the action. I never figured that out. The 70's version was good, but somewhat of a low budget production. It is a story that deserves to be done really well, but with that dance crap it was more like a sidewalk in San Francisco.
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    Thanks, I'll put that on the list. That could come in handy. I'm going to have to get a gunsmith tool box also so I can keep the gunsmithing things in one place. Dave.
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