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    Bitter? Hell, I'd say she's rancid. 🤢
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    Anyone who shops at CVS Pharmacy will appreciate this.
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    I didn't read where she refused to accept her pay, because U. S. currency states, "In God We Trust"! So, she doesn't really have the standards she purports to have. She's a simple hypocrite at the least.
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    Unfortunately when you don't know who is likely to kill your career and bring down disaster on you. without your being able to respond. you must put your life's work ahead of anything that would jeopardize it. Any woman under the same circumstances would do the same. It's the old story where if you tell me who is the problem, then I will avoid all contact with that particular person, and maintain cordial relations with all others. However, until I know who wishes to destroy me, I must avoid all, for my self preservation. This became a problem when some women got a very public voice and then demanded that any woman that made any accusation against a man, must be believed without proof. Therefore, any man that is accused is deemed to be guilty without a defense. Who in his right mind would stand before an armed mob, not knowing if, or which, one of them wanted him dead. A prudent mind says avoid the mob at all costs. Surely, the results of this uncertainty is that some very good people will get shunned. It is a very real problem, but it was brought on by not knowing who is the enemy.
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    ‘Space shuttle Endeavor cockpit
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    I love the three safety settings. It is now possible for someone to whip out his Christmas-15 and go Oh-Fudge on someone.
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    4 long-term relationships including a marriage was enough of a sample size for me, to finally understand that modern society ruined any gender roles. I have no desire to be nagged, directed or dictated by a woman, mainly out of pure entitlement, and often lagging knowledge, experience or common sense. Men and women are not equal, never have been, never will be. It's biological. Both have different strengths and weaknesses, for a reason. Feminism not only tries to eliminate longstanding gender roles, it actuality overrides and over-bends any standing logic. Look at the results in the most recent generations. A bunch of young men are now living in a video game world, can't change a tire, some even don't have an interest in getting a driver licensee, prefer to stay with the parents for many year, and sometimes even dress rather like a female in skinny jeans and whatnot. I'm not willing to have kids under these conditions, or to partake in a relationship with this new nonsense "norm". I don't mind equal rights, not at all. But I don't need a women telling me how to run my life, or anything else for that matter. All of them tried, one way or another. There is literally nothing that I can't do by myself. Usually much better as well. My house is now cleaner than in any relationship, I eat and live much healthier, no alcohol, more exercise, zero nagging, no drama, no PMS, no blaming, no arguments, no lame compromises, no stress, more time for me, more time for work, no begging, no hiding, no asking, much more success in my business, more money, more hobbies, more tools and toys. The list is long.
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    Merry Christmas Eric (and everybodies)!!!
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    It's threads like these that almost persuade me to abandon the hope of ever finding a good man to share the rest of my life with. #1 - Because so many women have done so much irreparable damage to the reputation of the female gender as a whole, that I will never be given and fair shake, and #2 - Because so many men assign all of the undesirable traits and behaviors these same women represent to all females as a whole, and therefore will never be given a fair shake.
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    When I saw her sitting in the church, she looked like she had just eaten a bag of bungholes.
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    Always some people that believe they are gifted with the ability and talent to tell other people how to live their lives and what their values should be. Look at the history of these people and tell me they are "role models". I agree that this has nothing to do with "Gun Control" and all about "people control". Why do we let these people buy private security, if they are so worried about guns... Good for me but not for thee! Hypocrites!
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    As I stated on a local 2A Facebook page, that headline is three lies at the same time: neither act is truly country music and it's not gun control, it's people control.
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