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    Back when I was in high school a friend and I got off work at 11pm and went to a used car lot that had a 51 caddy hearse he wanted to check out. He found the drivers door unlocked and jumped in the driver's seat while I walked around the hearse checking it out. I looked in the back and saw a body in there. After my heart started beating I motioned to my friend and pointed to the back. He looked over his shoulder and I have never seen anyone exit a vehicle so fast before or since. Turned out that a homeless man had found the drivers door unlocked also and had crawled back there to sleep. He was just as scared as us.
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    I wish I had a camera and the internet was around years ago. My buddy had an old early 1970-ish Ford F-250. The heater core had crapped out so he just jumpered it with some rubber hose and hose clamps. He only used it around his land as it was way past being able to get a sticker on it. To defrost the windshield on cold days, he had pop-riveted a couple other hose clamps to the dashboard that could hold Sterno cans. We took it ice fishing going down his back road to Tunk Lake. All was good until the ride back when we were freezing and didn't take the time needed to defrost the windshield and then put the Sterno out. We hit a pretty good bump and one Sterno can popped out it's holder and landed on his lap. Ruined his Carhartts, and I almost peed in mine laughing as he jumped out and did the Stop, Drop and Roll deal in the middle of a slush puddle. Warming up a vehicle is a really nice thing to do, and can make it safer sometimes.
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    They'd all look a lot less hearse-like in candy apple red.
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    Drove a 51 in High School. We would go looking for hitch hikers. No one ever got in.
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    Mom once watched a bunch of cops trying to get bulls and cows off of a semi-busy road. They were going at it like John Wayne and his Cowboys with their cars, and just making things much worse. After a while, she went home and came back with a coffee can half full of cheerios. She shook the can and led the herd back through the hole in the fence. Just like Mama duck.
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    Sent from my Jackboot using Copatalk
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    He's a big guy, but $57 worth of burgers and corn dogs? Damn. They are going to love him in prison.
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    I think he must have put a brick on the throttle. Sounds like it's going to blow. Haha, sudden stop. Maybe it did. I hear him all the time revving engines when he starts a vehicle. my dad asked me one time when I was a kid, "Do you think that's gonna make it run better?"
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    Oranges Photographed Through The Glass Panes Of A Greenhouse Accidentally Took A Picture Of My Cat That Looks Like An Old Master's Painting The Coffee Shop Window
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    You won't burn up your Carhartt's if you just weld naked.
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    If the truck is going to work for a living, you want the cargo weight to be over the drive axle. If you load up a FWD truck, the rear end goes down and the front end up, resulting in less traction when you need it more. Trucks like the Subaru Brat, VW truck, etc weren’t meant to handle any real cargo weight.
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    Of M&Ms. I opened a “Fun Size” pack of M&Ms poured it into my hand and this is how they fell; no sorting involved. Do I go to Vegas, buy a lottery ticket or repent to the God of M&Ms?
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    Try a Kong. They have a variety of different strength toys. We use the black ones for our German Shepherds. They have lasted for years.
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    Generally speaking, Christians don’t behead unbelievers or throw them off roofs.
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    Word to the wise, hose it off before sorting to cut down on airborne lead compounds. My levels got pretty high when I was regularly sorting range pickups.
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    Damn. I thought that said obama steaks. I was like, what? You buy it, and your jobless neighbor eats it?
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    Democrat liberals...showing their "acceptance of diversity again I see..."
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    Guys Locked Their Keys In An Armoured Truck
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    I didn't believe in flying saucers until I pinched the waitress. tom.
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    The whole planet was supposed to be a barren wasteland with me wandering around, never needing a toilet, and rescuing slightly soiled doves who were anxious to show their appreciation.
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    I remember them telling us that pollution in the atmosphere would plunge us into a new ice age by 2050. Everything north of Texas would be frozen.
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    Every little boy I played with had their own gun. No one I ever heard about was shot!
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    "It's a Foe Buh Foe." says our old (dead) friend, Cal Worthington.
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    Hello all. For those of you who didn't see my other posts on this, I will be moving TBS onto a new server, probably in the next week or so. There shouldn't be much downtime. The biggest potential stumbling block for everyone will be DNS caching. When you go to a site, your browser must first go to a nameserver that can tell it what ip number is asociated with the domain name and then it takes you there. Your browser then caches this info on your computer for a time, to speed things up next time. The cache regularly clears itself, but a domain name lookup can stay cached for a day or two, worst-case. That DNS cache can be a problem when move a site. I will be moving the site late at night, so there will be very few people here. Hopefully, you will get a fresh lookup the next time you visit. If not, a browser and maybe computer restart almost always clears things up. Once the site is moved, I will leave a page up on the old server. People who are still attempting to visit the site with the old DNS info will see it. I'll include info on that page about how to clear your cache so that you can make it to the new digs. I'll include an email link to me as well. All the files on the site can be synced on the new server so that there is almost no downtime getting the last bit of changes copied over, when I flip the switch. The database takes a little longer. I will have to back it up, copy it over and then import it into a new database on the other end. This process will probably take thirty minutes, or so. With any luck, that will be the extent of the downtime. I'll post more info when I am ready to do the transfer. Eric
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    Not some whimpy town truck either. Nope. A Super Duty. But not just the regular Super Duty. This one has the V-10. It doesn't stop there (well the one place it stops is the gas station) It's got the 6 speed manual. Of course it's a 4x4. Also an XLT FX4 Off Road. Super Cab. On board compressor and auxiliary fuel tank mounted in the bed. (gonna need that extra fuel) Has air bags in the rear suspension. A hide away 5th wheel hitch and of course a regular hitch also. Purrs like a kitten. Just rolled over 100K. Barely broke in. Came up from Ok. so no rust. No pics yet.
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    I'm IT challenged. If I get lost in this transition , I just want to let you guys and gals know that I really enjoyed your company and wish you well. Sincerely, tom.
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    Apple is not the problem, the sheriff's office is. They are the ones selling your rights back to you.
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    The Dooleys had a summer place built in 1912 on Afton Mounain where I-64 crosses going from Charlottesville to Waynesboro at the southern end of the Skyline Drive It's still there. "This 1912 Italianate marble villa sits high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in Afton, VA. Major James Dooley, an executive with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, completed construction of the $2 million Swannanoa in 1912. Dooley, who owned the Maymont estate in Richmond, built this 52-room marble palace as a token of love for his wife, Sally May. More than 300 artisans were hired to create the palace as a replica of the Villa de Medici in Rome. " There's a Tiffany window at the top of the staircase.
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    Maymont Mansion. The centerpiece of a Richmond City park. "Within six months of Mrs. Dooley’s death in 1925, the mansion was opened to the public as a museum." https://maymont.org/explore/historic-estate/mansion/ "Among historic house museums, the Maymont Mansion is rare in that no intervening families or adaptive conversions separate us from the original owner’s 32-year occupancy." "In 1886, James and Sallie Dooley acquired farmland on the banks of the James River, where they planned to build a new home. Their architect, Edgerton Stewart Rogers (1860-1901), born and educated in Rome, combined the Romanesque Revival style with the picturesque Queen Anne for the Dooley residence. By 1893, the Dooleys were living in their new 12,000 square-foot, 33-room home, which they named “May Mont,” a name which combines Mrs. Dooley’s maiden name and the French word for hill." The house is on the right. Granite for some of the outbuildings was quarried on site. The estate is on a bluff above the James River. This view doesn't show the majority of the park, the formal gardens or the nature center/small zoo. edited to add a pic of the famous swan bed.
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    9 shot in a .40 or .40 in a .45 I went to my club range one day to do some shooting. I noticed Hackathorn at the other end so I went down to say hello. As we were talking, I noticed a .40 blown out the same way and I mentioned " I wonder who this belonged to ". He said, " That one is mine ". He fired it and just did a malfunction drill as he saw a new hole in the target. Then a while later he had another one and investigated a bit more. He said " Some of my friends salted by ammo box of .45's with a handful of .40's." With friends like that. . . I won't tell him you called him an idiot.
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    My wife stitches cross stitch and needlepoint. She just bought some new floor stands to hold projects she is working on. They are well built but not well finished and come in a box and need to be assembled. Looks like my gift to her this year will be properly finishing the wood with sanding stain and varnish, assembly and any modifications she wants.
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    Sometimes you get "W's" instead of E's.
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    I guess this includes George Town, Notre Dame, Villanova, College of the Holly Cross, Catholic University, Loyola, ahhh heck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Catholic_universities_and_colleges_in_the_United_States Here's a list. All 197 specifically Catholic universities. Many of them excellent. And we haven't even gotten to the other Christian universities that are just as good.
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    Last picture. This is why fire places, Weterns and coffee were placed here on earth.
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    Christian based universities are going to love this. But why not Muslim educational centers? Why just Christian?
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    Jane got tight, the monkey got right, they grooved all night, and it was outa sight.
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    Actually responded to a cows on the road call a long time ago. Over the radio my shift partner responded he was on the way to the last round up and to bring the ketchup!! He was a great man to work with.
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    We were supposed to have flying cars by the 90's according to my teachers in the 60's. Of course we were supposed to have been out of oil by then also. I didn't put much faith in what they were telling me back then. They all seemed to be full of two things. Themselves and crap.
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    I thought I'd be surrounded by a lot more random hot chicks in bikinis just hanging around handing me cocktails.
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    You know. Maybe Little Historian will say that some day to me. But i doubt it. Gonna make a ham radio operator out of that kid.
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    Dad Couldn’t Take It Anymore
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    I like it when the oil's so thick the whole vehicle shudders... BRRR!
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    We’re living in the land of the perpetually offended, unfortunately. There’s no floor to their depths.
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