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    Horsepoop. The reason NASA can't make F1 engines anymore is that they got rid of all the old white sliderule jockeys and now spend all their time in sensitivity training classes.
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    Cheapest hiring of security I have ever seen. I would definitely frequent that establishment.
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    Had help with laundry this morning.
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    Actually one could argue that what was done to American Indians in the name of Manifest Destiny was worse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IIRC, Rock (typically Granite) weighs approximately 169 lbs. per cubic foot Let's just guess the volume of the boulder at 8 ft. x 8 ft. by 8 ft. 512 cubic feet. 169 lbs. per cubic foot times 512 cubic feet = ~86,000 lbs. or about 43 Tons. This puts the rock at approximately 43 tons. The tree, the car, very little, make any difference to it's path or velocity. Let's say I made an error of 50%. So the rock still weighs about 22 Tons. Nothing else still matters!
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    Think of the number of store shelves stocked with Twinkies and Slim Jim's that are still ready to eat... I can't think of any ghost towns by names, but one of my favorite past times while driving in West Texas is to imagine the lives that were lived in some of the abandoned homesteads out in the desert vastness. For being abandoned since 1974, it looks more inhabitable than Detroit.
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    The "climate change discovery" is complete crap, we all know that. Just ignore it. But Boaty McBoatface is a BOSS!!! It's name was chosen/voted on by the Englandlanders, and it's hilarious!!! But then their ****tard government stepped in and named the vessel "The David Attenborough", after one of England's nature program hosts. Other suggested names from the good people of Englandland included “What Iceberg?” “It’s Bloody Cold Here,” and “Big Metal Floaty Thingy-Thing.”
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    For me...I open my eyes and play with her. When she is gone I would regret not taking the time. Dave..
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    That's an easy one to measure. It's half squared of the buttnugget that flew through the BVD tightey-whities, carseat, car floor, and pavement. Those pieces of random flotsam skittering about as the car made the 180 aren't car parts or Boulder refuse. It's poo. That driver didn't just **** his pants, he **** the pants of every occupant in his car and the car that passed him in the other direction. In fact, he may have shat my pants. I'll get back to you on that last part.
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    The heat index today is pushing 111, so I have my big guy inside. He is excited at first, beating crap out of me with his club like tail. Then he is just thrilled to be loved on.
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    The 1950s and 1960s was a most interesting phase of performance aircraft. What sort of wing is best for supersonic flight that also works for subsonic flight. The X-15 had an even smaller wing and tail plane. Great for going 3,900 knots (4,500 MPH, 7200 KPH,) yes, that's MACH 6, but not so great at 150 knots for landing. One didn't glide the X-15 or F-104 to touchdown, you basically let if fall out of the sky under dubious control.
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    I think it's like the diabetic thinking that if some Sugar is good, more must be better. I am conflicted though. My statements seem to fly in the face of my own philosophy that, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess!".
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