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    I took an advance out on my 60s during my 20s and 30s and now the bills are all coming due.
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    I've had a DD-214 since 1973 and I've never killed anyone with it.
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    It's allowable if the candidate is for the greater good of this country. I heard it on NPR.
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    If someone is hated by the New York Times they are probably my kind of people.
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    Speaking of religious freedom, because of the Johnson Amendment of 1954, non-profit organizations, read churches, are forbidden from endorsing political candidates. Endorse or oppose a candidate from the pulpit, lose your non-profit status and tax exemption. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization. I guess ol' Lyndon just meant non-profit organizations that don't endorse Democrats.
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    Last year, I was on graveyard shift working 6pm to 6am. I worked out 2-3 times a week with weights and cardio. I tried to limit my diet but didn't get real serious and still drank beer on the weekends. I went from 315lbs to 285lbs. I'm 6'2" with lots of muscle. My ideal weight is around 220. Then I went to Day shift. 6am to 6pm in November last year. No more working out during lunch due to a packed gym and crazy workload during the day. Then I quit smoking. Quit preparing meals. Gained all the weight back. Then started smoking again after 7 months. Went to Japan and was totally ashamed of my weight. No way to hide it; too hot and humid. Plus everywhere I went I was the fattest person. I ate pretty much mostly Asian food and we walked every day. Every night I was exhausted and my knees and feet were killing me. It really took away from enjoying my vacation. But I figured after all that walking and better diet, I would have lost a few pounds. Nope. Gained ten pounds. It really pissed me off. I was now officially the heaviest I've ever been in my life. So I started back on graveyard shift yesterday and will be on it for the next six months. I promised my daughter I would return to Japan in a year and I plan on being significantly healthier and lighter by then. Don't need any advice; I know how to work out and what to eat. I know what diet plan my body responds to. It's all mental at this point and being motivated. I am motivated. I turn 50 in two months and I swear I'm going to be a hot 50yr old by next Summer. Me last week near the suicide forest in Japan...
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    Perhaps it is useful to note that Mr. Stevens is a political commentator for the New York Times and NBC News. His style, including disparaging remarks with every sentence, tells me that his reporting is not journalism or even editorial, but rather invective. Please, amigos. Rebut and propose rather than call each other big poopy heads. Don't be like Mr. Stevens.
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    Now it just needs a Texan to put some decent shot groups on it. They must like shotguns up there.
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    And yet even a '**** Gibbon' was better than your girl Hillary. -Pat
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    Went to town for groceries and stopped at the only fast food type place I can while watching carbs, Taco Time. Got a taco salad with no shell... Taco Time sits on the edge of the University of Idaho campus and there are always students in there and it employs mostly students. There are stacks of the campus newspaper available for reading. So I walk in and go to the counter to wait my time to order. I notice on the counter in front of the register is a little plastic display box of stickers that are being sold for $1. I grabbed one. When it was my turn, I ordered my salad and put the sticker on the counter and said "and I definitely want one of these; they are great." The counter person, who was a heavy set hispanic female, rolled her eyes, sighed, and silently rang up my order. No doubt an oppressed victim of unaccountable capitalist pigs. I will be sending an email to the Happy Day Restaurant corporation expressing my gratitude for their bravery in simply being patriotic. They also do a free meal the second Tuesday of every month for veterans, though I have never happened to be at one of their establishments during the limited time.
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    Sorry, I always thought this was redneck wine. My apologies for the confusion. 😁
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    Could be. Your posting history shows you are anti-Trump. Which is OK. More lefty, I think.
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    I’m no photographer, but I really wanted to take a family portrait. Here are my revolvers from top to bottom: 4” model 66-1 4” model 10 3” model 64-5 2” model 10-7 442 jframe
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    On a current topic, I am somewhat puzzled over the frenetic outcry over the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. He was a journalist, no, strike that, he was a reporter. Journalism as a profession no longer exists. He was a reporter for the Washington Post and given his location, I assume he reported on the Middle East. So, this man wasn't a revered civil rights leader, not a great scientist, no Novel Prize, even the fake ones, were awarded him. He was not a famous movie or television actor nor a songwriter/performer of repute. I suggest that 99.5% of the American populace had never heard of him before he walked into a Saudi embassy. So, why are the media and the professional liars insisting that we disrupt the entire balance of power in the world because, as stated, he walked into a Saudi embassy and purportedly, didn't walk out? No one seemed that upset when ISIS decapitated Daniel Pearl. He was a reporter as well. The Middle East was his beat. Could it be because Daniel Pearl worked for the Wall Street Journal? Or perhaps because he was an Israeli? Or that there was no mystery, no international intrigue about his murder at the hands of savages? I wish Mr. Khashoggi no harm or ill will and hope he is well , but why is he now a symbol of -- heck, I have no idea what he is a symbol of.
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    Keep your focus. I've had success with a low carb diet (>60#) with about 15 to go. Seriously, carbs are the devil.