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    Hi folks. I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has signed up so far. Things will be changing rapidly, for some time to come yet. There are a lot of new features that I will be bringing online. One of the cornerstones of the new site is the ongoing incentive system that I intend to put in place. No one wants to see ads, but we need the ads to survive. So, I am going to run this place more like a radio station than a website. In every spot where an ad gets placed, there will regularly be a banner displayed that if clicked on, gets the first one to click a prize. We intend to build a war chest of all manner of prizes, great and small, and we will disburse these prizes on a regular basis. These prizes will be used to improve participation on features of the site where we want more traffic. They will be used as incentives to help encourage better posting manners and as rewards for those who go out of their way to help others. They will be given away for the hell of it. The prizes will start fairly small, but as the site grows and gets more profitable, the prizes and their frequency will get better. I'll pledge to you now that to commemorate TBS's first month in operation, we will draw the name, from a pool of registered users who have participated regularly over that month, to win a new Glock pistol. I mean to do things a bit differently here than we have done in the past. I hope you will all continue to be a part of this new site and watch our progress.
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    A number of people asked me if I would allow people who had been previously banned on GT to register here. My answer is of course yes. This is a new site and a new start. I hope that we can put our differences aside. I've been doing this a long time. Over the years, I realize my skin has gotten thinner and I've gotten jaded. Like I said above, this is a new site and a new start. I am going to try to change the ways I do things somewhat. This site will have posting rules and they will be enforced, but I am going to make a real effort to check my temper at the door and treat people more in a manner in which I would want to be treated. How y'all act with me will obviously have a direct bearing on this as well, so DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!:supergrin:
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    You gotta wonder how many folks have passed that we don't know about. I'd like to make a toast... To the unknowns :beer:
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    Wow! I was extremely surprised to see the PM from Eric letting me know that I was the lucky winner. Holy smokes, I never win anything. Thank you Eric for providing all of us here at TBS the opportunity to take home a new G19. It was very generous of you. It will be cool to see what the future giveaways will be. I am truly honored to be the first to win.
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    Okie. A true gentleman and friend to all.
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    I built GT and I am still an admin there. You are entitled to your opinions, but in this case at least, I think your opinion is based on ignorance and maybe a bit of misogyny. I’m not going to waste my time explaining the administration of a site like GT, but you are way off base. I will say that far more men than women proportionally use thread complaints abusively. This is not a gender issue. That is simply where you decided to drag the topic and I do not agree. I would like to see more women involved in the shooting sports, in firearms ownership for defensive reasons and on sites like this. This site, and GT for that matter, are not boys’ clubs. They are places where reasonable adults, both men and women, can hang out and chat about common interests. Women are welcome here, same as men. I realize your comments were directed at the situation on GT, but you posted them here and I don’t want anyone to think that they reflect the views of this site.
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    Another couple of icons from the Bad Old Days.
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    I was just sitting here looking at the new site and I got to thinking about conversations I had with Sharon, about starting a new site. I asked her more than once to come and be an admin on the new site, when I got it built. GT is the poorer for having lost her, but TBS never felt her presence. That makes me very sad. Why don't use this thread to post the names and memories of our online friends who have passed, that will never get an opportunity to kick the tires on the new site. You are sorely missed, Sharon. I wish you were here.:sharon::sharon::sharon::sharon::sharon:
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    I don't want to drag one site's problems onto another site. I believe that what I said is self-explanatory. All are welcome here, unless or until they make themselves unwelcome. I hope that doesn't happen much. I would truly love to recapture that golden time from GT's past, when everyone just got along. I think it was a Tuesday.:supergrin:
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    I've got a hell of a lot on my plate right now. I was hoping to put off the dealing with the TOS can of worms, until I was able to deal with some of the many other issues demanding my attention right now. I am not going to host a site where people shoot the breeze about recreational drug use. I had hoped that it wouldn't be necessary to point out something this obvious. You folks know me. I didn't have a personality and sensibilities transplant, in the last few days. If I need to formalize the site's posting rules, I'll do so. I want things to be more laid back here, with more personal freedoms. That only works though if people take responsibility for their actions and use some self-restraint when they post. I'll have a TOS up by the end of the weekend. Sites like this need structure and I launced this one without much structure in place. That is on me. I'll get that rectified and we can move forward. FWIW, I am working on the modifications to the software that will do the selective bad word filter and some of the other features I have mentioned. These things are a priority for me and I hope to get them up and running soon. I think you guys will like them.
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    Hello boys and girls.
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    Me after a hunt the other day. I could not at least show off my grandson. He likes riding on that mower
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    50 years ago - me on the left with my two older sisters. And me today
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    Why is my Glock malfunctioning? I upgraded the barrel, sear, springs, trigger and sights. Now it just jambs.
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    Long time listener, first time poster [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"tbo.gif","data-attachmentid":168}[/ATTACH] I'm from MN, or as many call it, God's country (reference to all the wonderful outdoors to enjoy and explore). I enjoy humor, humans, and humanity. Mixed in with that of course are guns, gear, and good conversation. :wavie:
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    I'm not sure where you dug that up, but I DO intend to allow discussion of political issues and religious issues here. I will be writing out a definitive site TOS (Posting rules, privacy statement, etc) and I'll post them when I do. There will be separate forums for topics like Politics, religion, drugs and a handful of others. Please keep in mind that the site went live about twelve hours ago and I am a one-man tech show. It will take a little time to get all my ducks in a row.
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    This is day one. Give it a little time. Bugs will get ground out and some really cool technology will come online. There will be plenty of opportunities to call each other **** face. :)
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    My family owed Eric's family a blood debt. When the Powells came to rape the horses and ride off on the women in my little village, my ancestors promised to one day follow them on the internet when it is invented. I am now released from my bondage by being here. I also get magic beans and a goat that generates cash at a truck stop glory hole.
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    Howdy! Still the same ol' me!
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    Hi... My name is Josh, I'm a 35 year old male, and I enjoy long walks in the park.
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    Where all the white women at?
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    I just witnessed something in front of my house that provided some short term entertainment and long-term worry for where this country is headed. Some male adult (early 30's) was parked in front of my house and I heard yelling and slamming noises and looked out to see this guy throw a tantrum as he tried to change his tire. He was in dress clothes, but was sitting on the ground to be comfy, leaning forward and wondering (loudly) why the lug nuts would not pop loose. He carried on for several minutes, he got the spare out and threw it, he went back to the lug nuts several times with no luck. Then he decided the hubcap was the problem and started to pry it off (It is held on by the lug nuts). Once this didn't work, he started beating on the hubcap and even this was a pathetic attempt, he only managed to crack it in a few places. At this point and with lots of yelling, he threw everything back in his trunk, got back in his car and drove away on his flat tire. This has very little about someone "needing" to know how to change a spare, I was simply shocked at how poorly this guy was equipped to handle adversity.
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    With the influx of new faces, i wanted to make sure that everyone saw the announcement posted above. Anyone who registers on TBS before the end of September and posts at least fifteen times, will be automatically entered in a drawing for a free Glock pistol, to be held on the first week of October. If you have already signed up, stick around and hang out & post a bit. You might just win yourself another Glock. I really appreciate everyone's interest and participation here on my new site. http://theboresite.com/announcement/7-founding-member-upgrade-glock-drawing/ Look near the end of this thread, for the giveaway update.