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    He was rushing to fry her for 17 years! Orange Man bad!
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    ·ǝuop ๅๅǝM ·ssǝๅɯɐǝs ʎʇʇǝɹd sɐʍ ʇɐɥꓕ
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    This thing looks really amazing. Love the low profile. Think I might have to "pull the trigger" on this puppy...
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    I am going to move the site to the new server tonight, starting at approximately midnight. The changeover won't take more than an hour. The first thing I will change is where the domain DNS will point. If you are trying to reach the site in around that time, you will likely end up at the new server before the site comes up. If so, you will see a message to that effect. If that occurs, you are good to go. You just have to give me a little time to bring up the site. Once the site has been migrated, I will put up a message on the old server letting everyone who is still being directed to that server know that the changeover has occurred. I will leave some instructions covering what to do if you are still being directed to the old location. Almost all of the time, simply restarting your computer will square you away. If it doesn't, restarting your router and then your computer will fix things in all but a small handful of instances. Anyway, I will include my personal email so that anyone who has trouble can contact me directly. For people who do not visit the site that late anyway, you will almost certainly be pointed to the new location tomorrow. If you are not normally on the site so late, tonight would probably not be the best time to start, unless you just want to be among the first to mark the new territory. Just keep in mind that you may have to do something to clear your DNS cache, so you can get to the new site. Like I said above, a restart usually is all that is needed. One of the settings for DNS is 'TTL' (Time To Live). That setting tells your computers how long the lookup info they have for my domain name is good for. After that time, your system should request a fresh lookup and will get the new information. I have been runnig that reduced TTL time for a couple of weeks. Having a short TTL setting will greatly reduce the number of people who have trouble finding the new site. There are many highly technical issues involved with this changeover, but all that stuff happens behind the scenes. This should be a very simple transition for all of you. Most of you will probably not even notice that it has occurred. Like I said, I will leave some simple instructions for those that have any trouble and you will have my contact info. See you on the other side.
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    Justice delayed is justice denied. You just can't explain this to liberals.
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    We must be thinking on similar wavelengths. I was just thinking these would make fantastic "Welcome to Congress" gifts.
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    OK, that was a mess. I ran into some problems on the new server and I had to call off the transfer for tonight. I'll take another run at it tomorrow night.
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    Can't! Took mine to dinner tonight and plied her with too much Scotch. So she is sleeping it off while murmuring apologies and promises to be a better wife. Which is what my plan was directed to in the first place........ Yeah, I'm devious and mean.
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    Soon they will be required attire for all subjects of the state.
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    I can't even imagine the level of insanity necessary to think this is a good idea.
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    We’ll need to speak to our wives.
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    This is why America is going down! People like this.
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    Some things are better in pairs.
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    Probably the safest deadly weapons - open the action and see if loaded. Simple is safe.
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    Apparently the Socialist/Communist community don't have the same goals as do Americans. Goebbels was right.
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    Dang, I signed in thinking it all went well and I'm on the new site without any problems.
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    Buy it on Amazon once available, test it, send it back, get a full refund. Make sure you buy directly from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller on Amazon. If you like it, buy it again on an independent online shop and support a small business.
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    If he is serious he should lead by example and disarm his Secret Service staff. But he won’t.
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    Yeah, they never forgave me for calling some of their pets "primates".
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    I was getting what I thought was inappropriate ads by GT standards. Completely see through bras. I thought it was very hypocritical to take money for that add but fry people for anything they thought slightly off color. I said so publicly. Russ asked for anyone who saw inappropriate adds to send them to him. I obliged. He ran it past some other mods. I think one of the other mods wants my head on a plate just for sending the image to Russ as requested. I’m done.
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    While there most likely telling their soldiers it is a feature that you can choose to use if your captured or gravely injured. I doubt they are telling them their commanders can activate it at anytime.
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    Our current path has many parallels to pretty much every socialist takeover. That is much of what makes it so frustrating to watch. People are soooo stupid.
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    I seen that the other day. 50-50 on reviews. Will you test the waters and buy one first? Lol
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    China is the new cancer to freedom and humanity. Its socialist / communist agenda is spreading world wide and people are too stupid to see what's coming.
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    Consider security-oriented alternatives to common apps. Some examples: ProtonMail instead of Gmail (haven't tried this one yet). Signal instead of Messenger. Brave instead of Firefox or Chrome for routine browsing. Tor for even more anonymous browsing (quite a bit slower than normal browsers). Sync.com instead of Google Drive or Dropbox. DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Add a VPN to all of your devices. I have ExpressVPN. It seems good.
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