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    Amen. However, I fear it may be too late for doing this without bloodshed. Those idiots who are holed up in Seattle have armed guards at their gates. We've exhausted the soap box. The ballot box has been under assault for years now. All that is left, is the bullet box.
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    Makes a fine excuse for laziness and inability leading to failure, doesn't it?
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    Jeff got a little payback, he landed on the head of one of the Morons pulling the rope to take it down. i haven't heard of any charges being leveled against the people responsible for hitting him with a statue..
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    I suppose those supplies will be produced by...wait for it. Capitalism.
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    It's good to be a Scotsman.
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    We have finally found someone....cooler than...James Dean.
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    I've always though white privilege was invented to give the "ne'er do wells" cover for their failures.
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    We will know this November whether this country can be saved, without bloodshed, or not. Let's all pray for our country until then.
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    If the Dims win in November you won't be as happy, or as free, as you are now.
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    I think the guy nailed it. Hope the word spreads.
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    I don't do any of that LinkedIn crap...or Facebook. God knows I'm lucky to be here. I get pissy now and then...sorry. THAT, Mr Gunboat sir...was most excellent. Thank you.
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    people deserve the government they vote in
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    THIS. Help them with their barricades. And add razor wire to the top. That fence works both ways, Kyle, Keyondre, and Karen.
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    For the record I have never been a BMX guy and never held up in a garage. But i have been buck nekid with a 12 ga.
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    Wow. That is a hell of a headline. I guess he took Biden's advice on shooting a couple blasts into the sky.
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    what Group do you think he stood with during the Reunions? "Which side did you Fight on?" "All of them"
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    I think I just found out why the hand signal for "Okay" is being called white supremacy. Members of "Three Percent" are using it. Notice the one in the middle isn't your typical "white supremacist". The left is saying the officer in the picture is supporting white supremacy, but they are members of the 'Washington Three Percent' group. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/06/10/local-police-back-wa-officer-who-posed-for-picture-with-armed-citizens/
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    bet he always wore his seat belt after that! imagine having to make the decision to lose altitude so the Pilot can breath, but not too fast so hes not torn apart by air speed all the while trying to get a door off the Throttles and being whipped by 350 MPH winds in the Cockpit and keeping the Plane together. i`d fly with that Pilot.
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    The dynamics between MLK, Malcolm X, and Louie Farrakhan is a great read .
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    What is racist about the Proud Boys? What is racist about Sons of Confederate Veterans? What is racist about the Republican party? What is racist about Donald Trump? What is racist about being pro-life? What is racist about Tucker Carlson? What is racist about the average police officer? What is racist about conservative voters? What is racist about gun owners? What is racist about people flying the Confederate Flag? What is racist about people owning guns? What is racist about people who vote against black candidates? What is racist about anyone who disagrees with democrats? What is racist about people who vote against democrats? The answer...... Nothing. Other than they disagree with democrats and the liberal agenda. It doesn't take racist thought or racist actions to be labeled racist by the left. All you have to do, is be of a different political ideology. Why all of a sudden has a generic hand signal in use for decades if not centuries, been labeled as white supremacist? Men holding guns flashing the 3 finger sign spewing patriotism caused the left to label it as a symbol of white supremacy. Of course, in the minds of the left, anyone who is patriotic is a white supremacist. They do that to shame people from becoming patriotic. It's not the "Three Percent" per se, it is the idea of patriotic men saying they'll stand for the Constitution. That idea is contrary to liberal thought. They don't like the Constitution, so anybody who does disagrees with them. They called a group of "Proud Boys" white supremacist when most of them were not even white. Is it just now coming to your attention that the left labels everyone they disagree with as white supremacist with no real evidence or proof? It's their thing.
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    But look at the picture. In order to defame gun owners and especially Three Percent, the left has labeled it as white supremacist. When it is used by people with guns, it's white supremacy in their eyes. I never understood why such a common gesture could be labeled racist. Now I know.
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    It's only a matter of time before they pull down the MLK statues. It's not about racism. It's about history.
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    Not my favorite Bourbon but....i understand the feeling.
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    Oh, i remember this. She was a amazing person. Match her with Tim Conway...and prepare to leave your anti-depressants behind.
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    https://www.ky3.com/content/news/BMX-pro-accused-of-firing-shotgun-outside-home-while-naked-before-barricading-himself-in-garage-571191941.html Now that cops and live PD are off the air, these people don't have a TV Show to get air time.
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    Youtube chn - "officer tatum" ex cop. Good man. Jerico Green - working man in calif Mind of Jamal Anthony Logan Brown Colion Noir All conservative black men.
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    No, not at all. Your dissenting voice provides a needed counterpoint around here and many of us enjoy your posts, even when they're wrong. Trump is by no means perfect (no one is), and we need to always keep that in mind. Personally, I would never have guessed that I'd find myself supporting a game show host as the President, but here we are. Come to think of it, there are several game show hosts who I think would make better leaders than the current crew in DC, on either side of the aisle. But I digress. so......keep talking and vote the way I tell you.
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    They want food. Herd some pigs in. Let those fag soy boys learn how to butcher and process their own food.
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    Unfortunately, a lone voice crying in the wilderness.
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    As long as these same reasonable, conservative Americans keep saying: "Duh! I know it happened, I saw it on CNN," nothing will change. Stop patronizing their SPONSORS and things will change quickly.
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    I think the great social scientist and philosopher Hugh Hephner had a son in his late 70s. But he made a statisical anomoly as he had more trim than a barbershop floor.
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    He Did! Unfortunately, the people who need to see it... won't. We can only hope.
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    i think i saw where a rapper is the new sheriff roflmao Anarchy cant survive long . people will turn on themselves . people looking for more power among themselves . it always collapses then i hope they wipe it off the map
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    One of the "leaders" of a large Occupy camp (NYC?) said they had to give up on it because there were too many "takers" and not enough "contributors". And they still didn't get it.
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    The lines that used to be kinda maybe grey, are getting more and more evident. Bad times ahead for this Country.
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    What's really funny is the ones pleading for more food to be sent into the "autonomous idiot zone" because all the homeless people they invited in ATE ALL THE FOOD. And then the photos of the fat dude trying to plant tomatoes in SEATTLE IN MID-JUNE are hysterical. Um, dude, you plant tomatoes in mid-March there. Much later than that and you won't get a harvest. Obviously a follower of the "Bloomberg Way of Gardening" (aka starving due to stupidity).
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    It's funny that the first thing they did was setup a border and request people with guns to secure said border.
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    No. The goal is to overthrow Western civilization.
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    I think we should change it to Dominant and Submissive. 😁
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    By founder James Wesley, Rawles from survivalblog.com: https://survivalblog.com/ Some Observations on Recent Events: This whole kneeling thing (most recently in the Capitol rotunda) is getting over-played. In my estimation kneeling positions are apropos only for praying or for shooting. I am happy to extend a hand of friendship anyone of any skin tone, or any religion, if they show mutual respect for law and reason. And I would give my life, fighting for the rights of others to assemble publicly, to speak out, and to seek redress for grievances. That is where I draw the line: Protesting?: Yes. Looting?: No. I submit only to Lord Jesus (Yeshua.) I do not worship “Diversity.” And I certainly don’t grovel and beg forgiveness for the crime of enslavement that I didn’t commit. (Nor did my parents, grandparents, or even my great-grandparents.) All that I ask is that we unite as rational Americans of all skin tones and agree to respect each others lives, property, liberty, and fundamental rights. I have no patience for someone who irrationally claims that there are “seven genders”, or someone who “identifies” as a baby, or someone who claims that they are presently oppressed because their great-great-great grandparents were enslaved. Neither can I agree with someone who says that the government has a right to forcibly take 28% of what I’ve earned from my wallet, and redistribute it to someone who refuses to work. That is not charity. That is strong-armed robbery, under fictitious, fabricated law. I also refuse to go along with the fiction that a human fetus in the womb is a “nonviable tissue mass.” Lastly, I refuse to be disarmed, just because a few others (in fact, only around 1%) misuse firearms. That is like forcing someone to be castrated because their neighbor committed a rape. Don’t expect me to kowtow to any of this patently irrational nonsense. I am a rational man and a free man, and I will die that way. – JWR
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    Sea Stories: Cold Steel Wings The PEGASUS class Guided Missile Hydrofoils were outstanding little ships, faster than any other warships and heavily armed with anti-ship guided missiles and a rapid-fire 76mm automatic gun. Crewed by only five officers and nineteen enlisted men, they were very well suited to littoral and choke point operations. They could discreetly linger on patrol for about two weeks hullborne, keeping a presence in key areas of interest, including shallow littoral waters. They could then be replenished at sea from a variety of support vessels, including non-traditional sources such as other line warships, and even a US Coast Guard (USCG) aerostat vessel (we did it repeatedly). When needed, they could rapidly go foilborne, flying fast on their “cold steel wings” in excess of 50 knots with extreme maneuverability, and send forth a storm of as many as eight advanced Harpoon anti-ship missiles. And the entire squadron of six ships was deployable anywhere in the world, as was the shore-based Mobile Logistic Support Group which sustained them. Anywhere with a big runway or harbor which would allow bulk resupply of fuel, weapons, parts and stores could base the squadron. (Two of the ships once deployed for an extended period and successfully operated out of Georgetown, Grenada as a proof of concept. Web search “Georgetown.” That is indeed proof.) This was a very potent weapon which could be risked much more cheaply and readily than a $1.8 billion dollar guided missile destroyer with a crew of 320 men. It was the modern equivalent of a WWII PT Boat, although exponentially more capable and deadly. It was built to fight. Of course the “major combatant”-centric Navy never could get its collective head around how to operate these unconventional ships properly, and how to appreciate what value they provided. “They can’t deploy as part of an aircraft carrier battle group, so what good are they?” asked the brass. So, they were based in Key West, Florida, and relegated to a minor backwater of late 20th century naval strategy. And they were decommissioned quite young, far before their time. One mission the hydrofoils often were tasked with was supporting USCG counter-drug operations. To stay within the posse comitatus act restrictions, each ship would embark a USCG law enforcement detachment which would perform the boarding, search, seizure and arrest functions. The ship would get them to the target, feed and house them (albeit under very spartan conditions, given our very small size. LEDETs usually slept on the deck in the magazine under the gun mount forward.) We would cover them with firepower and overwatch as they did their job of search and seizure. And occasionally, we would participate as part of a larger combined operation. In November of 1989, two hydrofoils including my ship were assigned in support of a major joint counter-drug operation which included the DEA, US Customs Service, US Coast Guard and US Navy. A small flotilla of ships, fast boats and aircraft were on patrol off the Cay Sal Bank in the Bahamas. The DEA had reason to believe that a major cocaine transshipment was about to take place, and it was our job to stop it. It was rainy, completely overcast, but with only slight seas of about 2-3 feet and a warm, humid air temperature. The task group was patrolling with lights out on the dark sea. An air search radar contact looked promising. And it did in fact descend below the cloud cover. Light signals were exchanged. Then we could see little sparks of green light as large waterproofed bundles of cocaine were dropped from the aircraft into the sea with chemlights attached to each one, to be retrieved by several fast ocean speedboats waiting below for that purpose. When the bundle drop was completed and the speedboats had recovered most of the bales, the mission commander gave the order to “light ‘em up!” We went foilborne, and began to chase the speedboats, as the rest of the task group maneuvered to surround the targets and retrieve the cocaine. And on this night, in these conditions, those speedboats were not going to evade a Navy hydrofoil. They were simply outmatched. A high-speed pursuit ensued. A US Customs Service (USCS) Blackhawk helicopter was right above one speeding boat, shining a spotlight right down onto it and pursuing it relentlessly. The boats, realizing that they were surrounded, began to jettison the bales of cocaine to lighten their loads and remove evidence. My ship was flying past a line of chemlighted bales, closing in on our target. The helicopter chased the one speedboat relentlessly, like a terrier on a rat. And then, our sister ship’s lookout reported that he had lost visual contact with the helicopter, and that it appeared that it had crashed into the sea. Efforts to contact the helo were unsuccessful, and it became apparent that it was no longer in the air. My ship was closest to its last known position. We were told to break off pursuit and get to the crash site to rescue survivors, which we instantly did. In short order, we arrived at the estimated location and landed the ship. Out lookouts noted debris in the water and a smell of aviation fuel. We were on site. And then we spotted several strobe lights in the water nearby. We recovered five of the six crewmembers from the helo only eleven minutes after they crashed. These survivors comprised three USCS personnel and two Bahamian Customs Service policemen, who had been aboard as observers. The co-pilot was still unaccounted for, and the pilot said he thought he had felt him egressing from the sinking aircraft and that he might have heard him yell out in the darkness as the aircrew struggled to come together in the water. We extended medical treatment to the men immediately. As a man was still missing, this now became a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, and as the first vessel on scene, according to USCG protocols, our ship was SAR mission commander. We established a search grid, directed all available ships, boats and aircraft to assigned positions, and began an intensive search of the sea surface looking for the missing crewman. We capably directed that search effort for the next several hours as SAR Commander. Also during that period, we took aboard all the recovered cocaine from the smaller speedboats and other vessels which had recovered it from the ocean. In total we took custody of over 2000 lbs of pure, uncut cocaine, with a street value of millions of dollars. As the search wore on, the pilot of the helicopter began to exhibit signs of stress and our medical corpsman (actually our cook, but cross-trained as an EMT) was concerned that he might be having or might have a heart attack. We were ordered to pass SAR Commander duties to the senior USCG vessel on scene and return to Key West with the survivors and the drugs. We detached from the task group and returned to port. The search continued for several days, but the co-pilot was not found alive. His body was later discovered in the wreckage by divers, still strapped in his seat. He was the first fatality in the USCS’s flight division’s history. For our actions on the night of November 02-03 of 1989, my ship was awarded the US Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation, a distinction rarely extended to US Navy ships. We flew it proudly for the remainder of the ship’s life in commission. https://www.nytimes.com/1989/11/04/us/us-copter-pursuing-a-boat-crashes-in-the-florida-keys.html
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    "Mose Triplett was 83 when his daughter was born." Good show, Old Boy!
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    Watching liberal cities implode will only be part of the fun. I suppose when a CCW shoots a prospective carjacker, he can go right home. No police coming to try and make him out to be a murderer.
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    "A cat may have kittens in the oven but that don't make 'em biscuits."
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