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    This is a concept car homage to the venerable old Volvo P1800. I would buy this car, if they built it. Old: Concept:
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    I cannot begin to comprehend the mindset of the people who voted to set him free. Or ANY criminals free. WTF did they think they would when they got out? Go find a legal job and be productive citizens? You know they wouldn't stay in Washington, so Washington would be putting productive, law-abiding citizens across the USA at risk with their stupidity. We need a virus that takes out stupid people. And I get to define stupid, starting with "anyone who would vote yes on this kind of garbage."
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    Can’t execute convicted mass murderers, but executing unborn babies is an essential activity.
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    Ayep. They nailed him partially on microscopic paint from a sprayer. The Sheriff saved samples for years waiting for someone who could figure out what it was. Then they nailed him DNA. The man is a monster.
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    Like I said, I will adjust. I use Kosher salt, I may have to count crystals.
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    I got all of $200.82... I’m going to get a “really good” massage, just as soon as this lockdown is over.
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    I'm waiting on the restaurant/bar to be open for dine in so I can stimulate the workers. tom.
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    This is a 1962 T-Bird convertible. The car had a REALLY complicated hydraulic automatic top mechanism, that retracted and replaced the top. The entire rear deck would rise. The car was a four-seat with the top up and a Two-seater with the top down, if you had the cowl installed on the car, that deployed when the top went down. I remember my father working on one of them, when I was twelve. The amount of hydraulic pumps, piping, hydraulic switches, limit switched, etc was mind-boggling. They didn’t have today’s tech, so they had to do things the hard way. It was an amazing piece of engineering.
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    The 1962 is my favorite year of the Thunderbird. I like it better even than the original Tri-5 T-Birds. This car pulls off laid back, sporty and elegant simultaneously.
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    He made tacos for dinner sound amazing.
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    Mother Ocean is the most powerful thing on Earth. She will not be denied.
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    Just what's so special about Corinthian leather, anyway?
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    Imagine how many lives could have been saved if we kept everyone 6' 3" apart. Damn Trump.
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    Agreed. this has little to do with a virus, and more to do with an election. In the end, this fiasco will simply harden the will for us to take as much as we can in support of Trump and Congress! Pee on 'em that try to change our presidential election through conniving and manipulating the economy.
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    If we ever get ours (no sign of it yet), according to the online guesstimators it should be about $2500... and $500 of it will be going straight back to the gov't for our 2019 income taxes ( I have the rest of the $$ we owe already stashed, but somehow we ended up a little short again... sigh). The other $2000 will go toward making up a small portion of the paycut Mr.C is having to take due to the 'Rona. A very small portion. It doesn't begin to touch the $12K we've already lost in cancelled teaching engagements in Europe this spring or the summer Australian program. I'm thinking this year's income will end up being about 75% of last year's. Which is annoying, but in no way the disaster that a lot of other people are having to deal with, so I'm still grateful. Or trying to be. But no more new guns this year. Except what I can put together from parts... which might actually be kind of fun... and I do have a couple that I wish we'd sell (it violates Mr.C's morals or something), so we could get some better optics for the ones we have... My eyes are old and shooting with bifocals isn't quite the thing.
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    The fortress of 'Salgó' in Hungary photo of Piroska Pádár ( Hungarian photographer )
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    "In 5-4 decision last Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court narrowly denied a decision that would have released Gary Ridgeway, also known as "the Green River Killer," who was sentenced to 500 years in prison" That's the critical difference between a life sentence and the death penalty. A life sentence, no matter how horrible the crime or how conclusive the evidence against the convicted criminal, can always be revoked. The Death penalty cannot.
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    The wife already has three in mind for when they open .
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    I think it is absolutely beautiful. They did an outstanding job with the design and it most definitely sounds like a Vette. That is a hell of a lot of car for under $60k.
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    Angie Dickinson (sp?) has been credited with saying this.
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    I’m trying this tomorrow. Expect an AM report. Got it ready. Just gotta push the go button in the AM.
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    I like the newest commercials: "Buy a used car! from us!!" "Sight-unseen!!" "Look at some pictures, pay us, and we'll drop it off somewhere and you can pick it up!!!" "Untouched by human hands!" Brilliant!
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    I can tell you from personal experience that when you put salt in the sugar dish and set it out for the old woman bridge club, you get quite a response when they take that first sip after adding a couple teaspoons of salt.
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    1953 Packard Caribbean (Color: Gulf Green)
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