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    The cost of the employee should be already considered in the bill for the service provided by the business. If you as a business, can't include all your overhead costs in your bill, you are only fooling yourself and destined for failure. Business provides a service that is charged according to your profit and your costs to provide that product. Trying to guilt people into paying more than the advertised price is stupidity.. It means that you are worried that your price is not competitive if you include all your costs. If this is true, your service isn't going to stay in business. Tough! Price it right, or go out of business. That's the choice.
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    I always scratch my head when I hear the hippie socialists proclaim that illegal invaders from Central America are wonderful people that will only improve and contribute to our society, doing the jobs that Americans won't do, doncha know. If the invaders are so great, why haven't they improved and contributed to the society where they are?
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    This is just horrible. I have been there many times and the sheer grandeur and scale of the building never stops being astounding. It took medieval craftsman 200 years to build the place. We should care. Notre Dame is history that survives, the history of not just Europe, but of America as well. That is where many of us came from. Meilleurs voeux à Paris.
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    Reality is a bitch, isn't it? The reason it's so puzzling, is that they don't really believe it themselves. They are bought and paid for liberal votes that bring with them all kinds of curses. The only reason that they are tolerated is that they hate Trump more than they hate illegals. Remember, he denied Hillary her "birthright to rule"...…...
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    GUESS WHO SAID THIS? Hint: It is a notorious dimwit Hollywood Liberal. Also a flaming hypocrite. Pretentious. Pompous. Arrogant. And with a scumbag sense of entitlement that can only come from some old has been wrinkled baby boomer. --Gotta be dumber than a box of rocks if this person doesn't realize this applies to the whole country and not just sanctuary cities like L.A. and it would totally freak this person out if they realized that Trump threatening to send illegals from the border to sanctuary cities forced idiots like this one to see the truth for once in their pathetic life. Give up? it was Cher.
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    1984 was intended as a warning, not a guidebook Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It will make no difference how this fire started. Right now the world is seeing one religion waging war against the rest of the worlds religions, and this latest event will add to the animosity, no matter what the cause.
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    I think it is just the way I look at the world today....but I’ll bet someone set it on fire.
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    Not sure what is going on here but I'd be happy to observe for a few hours and try to figure it out. I'm not sure what that is but I like it. "and that, kids, is why Napalm was invented."
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    Nope. That's gonna hafta come outta the tip. And I'll probably leave note stating such on the receipt, too.
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    I like that movie more each time I see it again.
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    I haven't heard LA complain about their illegal immigrant population, and I sure haven't heard them say that because of illegal immigrants they couldn't care for their own citizens. Maybe Cher is worried that they will settle too close to her home and lower the property values by crapping on her streets. Then why do they ask for more illegals and praise the ones that are there. They coddle them like they were taxpayers. Cher's judgement is reflected in her two kids behavior.
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    Agreed, although I would take port or starboard, just so I could see. I like watching the engines at night when they were warmed up. I had a particularly bumpy and noisy first ride in 1957 on a commuter from LA to San Diego. We boarded from a ramp under the fuselage from the tail. Anyway, when it started up for the taxi to take off, the fog was so solid I couldn't see the edge of the runway. The stewardess sat on the seat next to me in the back. The racket was unreal when that thing took off, the rattling and bouncing was disconcerting, for my second leg of my very first flight. We got airborne, and the racket and shaking didn't stop all the way to San Diego. I was kidding, and asked the stewardess if this meant we were in trouble. She had a white knuckle grip on the seat arms and hardly moved when she told me she didn't know, it was her first flight on this aircraft. It turned out well, and the stew was a very nice girl. I learned that small commuter planes could be similar to the cars that my high school buddies drove that were held together with hose clamps and baling wire.
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    You were in the seat I nearly always requested. Starboard side, just behind the wing. I could see the Earth and watch the flappy bits working.
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    I don't need to hold myself together. I have duck tape.
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    We’re gonna do our best to make the rest of her life a joy to live!!!!
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    Some more pics of the furry family members
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    Ah, yes - the commies are always figuring coming up with new devious devices to get our precious bodily fluids.
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    Catholicism (And any symbol of Christianity) has a lot of enemies.
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    They say not to judge the religion by extremists, yet there is extremist in all of them.
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    That building is over 800 years old. Think about all that it has seen. This is a tragedy. There were a lot of renovations being done. They think that is where this started. Obviously nobody knows for sure yet.
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    Why stop at a healthcare surcharge? Why not one for fuel, and groceries, and taxes, and student loans, and energy bills, and childcare, and recreational drugs, and on and on? Why do waitfolks feel this is a reasonable thing to do? Because even they don't consider their chosen profession as a grown-up job expected to pay their bills. Yet diners are supposed to consider it as such and pay whatever it takes to make it so. Well, thanks, but no, thanks.
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    As much as people complain about how much waiters make, all of the ones I know do fairly well. Yup they make half of min wage. 2 tables tip $3 an hour makes up for it and the rest is boosting their hourly. Problem is, it's usually cash and just blown without thought. A friend of mine started keeping track of her tips with an app and found out how much she was actually making hourly. Something along the lines of $20 an hour on average. But since it was cash it just got spent on dumb stuff. Once she figured it out she actually had money to save etc.
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    Julia Child, 'The French Chef', 1963
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    Rising waters at Fisherman’s Park. Daughter took the first one this morning. I took the next one about noon, and the last one mid afternoon. A few weeks ago the water was so high there was no evidence of the dam, and the town’s floodgate was raised. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What a lucky dog - got a rough start in life, but now in a great home to love on her. Congratulations!
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    I bet she can't believe life could be like this. Bless her.
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    I was reminded of this:
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    Good for you,, amigo. Neato doggie.
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    A good family and a lucky dog! What's not to like about this story?!?!
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    The day you are adopted by a dog is always a good day!
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    I've witnessed both Falcon Heavy Launches. It is absolutely INSANE, what they're doing. My Mom used to talk about the Apollo launches. These are my generation's equivalent to those. Probably the only thing I'll miss when I move from Florida.
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    Not familiar or learned on the nomenclature of commercial airliners, I just fly on them, and enjoy looking at them, and marvel at their efficiency, this was a newer 737-900 series very comfortable flying machine ...still the safest way to travel today with all the negative news of late, I'd get on one in a heartbeat, infact end of June I'll be traveling to the west coast ....
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