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    You would tap the tube while testing to check for intermittent shorts and microphonics. I spent a lot of hours with those things.
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    Lee Hamel passed today. He and I belonged to the same gun club in Ohio. He was an IDPA shooter, Bullseye, Rifle and a retired police officer. We had a lot of fun at the range. You could not meet a nicer man. You may not know his name, but you have probably seen his work. He was an apprentice to Cecil Brooks and when Cecil became ill, Lee finished up the last two rifles that were presented under Cecil's name. After Cecil passed in 2007, Lee took over making the Presentation Rifles at the NRA Annual Banquet in his own name. This is Lee on the right with Cecil. And Lee making the presentation. This is one of the Cecil's rifles that Lee worked on. He was every bit as good as Cecil. RIP my friend
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    I was on a rifle team in high school. We had a 50’ firing range right in the main school building, next to my JROTC classroom. We used to practice regularly after school and were allowed to come in and shoot before school and at lunch, with very little supervision. This was in the mid-eighties.
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    Gun shops had a smell. It was a mix of gun oil, burnt powder, and bull carp from lots of people's stories. I'm gettin older and fewer stores have that smell. The last one I went into could be described as the Wet Seal of the gun world. I'm just not cool enough for that kind of store. Give me the gun shop of 40 years ago.
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    It still is a mental disorder, it's just become a popular one to claim so that you can be different, just like everybody else.
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    4 people, including an infant, died before cops got there. While I commend their actions, this situation serves to show that you can't depend on LEOs to save your life, you have to do that yourself.
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    I understand that several lawyers have volunteered to represent the students and faculty in slander and liable lawsuits against all the idiot posters. We need to see more of that kind of fighting back, not only against the individuals, but against the organizations they work for, if the individuals used company resources. Also maybe against twitter and Facebook for allowing death threats to be posted and doing nothing but encouraging bullying. Hawk
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    Survivors of the Titanic sinking. Mrs. Charlotte Collyer and her daughter Marjorie.
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    I want this chair.
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    That used to be considered to be a mental disorder. I can see where he is coming from.
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    The paper work and investigation on this one should take: About as long as it takes to give the cops a medal formally.
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    So are the trannies in park for the moment?
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    Man....you're missing the entire point. I don't need any commercial telling me how to act, what to think, or preach to me that men are bad sometimes. Everyone is bad some times, and to focus on males in particular is man-bashing. You can ignore that if you'd like, but I won't.
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    In my sophomore year of high school, I traded a homemade crossbow for a Titan .22 pistol that had missing grips... I carried that pistol in a cigar box back and forth to school (on the school bus) in order to make new grips in wood shop.... the shop teacher knew what my project was, but didn’t mind as we all had a code of ethics we lived by... my Mom found out about the pistol later on, after it was finished, and gave me $20 for it... Mostly, she didn’t want her 16 year old running around with a .22 pistol.... she gave it back to me years later and it resides in my gun safe... makes for a good story for my sons, but the pistol never shot for #%&@... ☹️
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    Hopefully she enjoyed her life due to her decent looks and body, because obviously her intelligence left something to be desired.
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