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    I thought it was worthy of a thumbs up to the driver.
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    While not in the same division as York,below is a picture of my father. He was born in November of 1895 and was 59 when I was born. He served in Co. C 353 Inf. 89 Inf. Division and was injured in a a gas attack. He returned home and was discharged at Camp Dodge,IA in August 1919. He passed away in March 1960 one month before my 5th birthday.
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    Apology is fine. That picture is disgusting!
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    Censoring ANYTHING except threats of violence, and encouragement of violence, and death threats is a TERRIBLE idea. That is how Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. started out. And they have let death threats from the left go on😱 Censoring any other speech gives it a legitimacy that makes the courious take it more seriously. One of my triggers is a country that banns “Holocaust Deniers”. I want people like that to show their ignorance, out where everyone can see it. Ban it and people start believing it. I had a father and an uncle go into those camps. . . Sorry everybody, it’s obviously a hot button issue with me, so I will close now. Hawk 🤬🤬🤯🤯
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    I have no clue whats going on, but I'm offended!
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    She arrived today. A very beautiful, possibly never fired model 10-7 snub nose with a round butt. It is pristine. This gun has never seen a holster. I am very pleased with it. I have been looking locally for one for many years with no luck, so I turned to Gunbroker. I’m a GB newb, but this particular purchase turned out to be a very easy and painless transaction. Well, enough talk. Here she is: This gun is beckoning to be loaded with some Nyclad HP’s. I really regret shooting off the last of my stash years ago. I would have held onto them had I known they would be discontinued shortly thereafter.
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    I am a devout Catholic, but this pope lost me when he sat down with the mass murderer Fidel Castro. I don't have a problem with him going to Cuba to tend his flock there, but he never should have granted Castro a private audience. He should stay out of politics and stick to popeing. I miss Pope John Paul II. With that said, the greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist.
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    A veteran or his/her relatives should never have to bear the cost of burial or cremation, regardless of the cause of death.
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    They believe in killing babies but not mad dog murderers. Will not change their minds. They do not believe in GOD or sanctity of life.
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    I am offended that crockett has no clue. And that he omitted the apostrophe on the contraction what's.
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    I don't really mind them censoring, but I don't like them taking sides. And I think they'll take sides.
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    So what is your point? that Trump is secretly in league with the Left? --That would explain why they like him so much and why he isn't driving them bat**** crazy.
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    Character is vastly lacking today, replaced instead by characters.
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    The problem with having a fall guy is that if they are getting pounded hard enough, many turn state’s evidence. This could be interesting. Of course, the counter answer is the Clinton Solution.😱. Hawk