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    You wanna know how to stop global warming,.. defund it .
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    Sergeant Alvin York performed the Deeds that won him the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War 1. Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    Pretty, as in pretty shallow, to condemn others because they don't blindly accept accusations placed without proof. This is a effort, a movement for control, not for righteousness. Control means power over others. This is a shameful goal by anyone! She represents those that burned witches in our country's past without proof, caused by hatred and hysteria. Many wish to belong to the "group", but the urge to "belong" to any group should include a responsibility to be right.
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    "The Fear of God makes a Hero,The Fear of Man makes a Coward-Alvin York
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    This should be national Alvin York Day. tom.
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    It's worth mentioning what this man did to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. With his M1911, Corporal (later promoted to Sergeant ) Alvin C York made six one shot stops in a row with 45 ACP hardball when a German officer and five men charged him with fixed bayonets. Having only a couple of rounds in his rifle, York drew his Colt Government Model 1911 .45, and calmly picked them off back to front nailing them dead center mass in the same manner he hunted ducks back home in Tennessee. He then reloaded his rifle and continued shooting at the machine gunners in the force that he and a handful of men wwere confronted with using his rifle, shouting at them to surrender. Finally a German officer signaled for a parley and was surprised to find out his attacker was a Yank, thinking at first he was British. He turned his P.08 Luger over to York and agreed to surrender his men if York would stop shooting. Alvin agreed, covering the prisoner with his M1911 while about 50 men emerged from the emplacement. One German tossed a hand grenade at York’s head and, though it missed him, it wounded one of the other prisoners. He shot the grenadier, just to make sure the others would come along with no trouble. When the captives were rounded up, York called out to his men to move out. One private expressed his concern that it would be difficult to get the prisoners back to American lines with so few guards. The German officer, overhearing the conversation, asked York just how many men he had, to which the corporal replied, “I got a plenty.” He had the prisoners carry the wounded and pointed his Colt at the major, forcing him to take the head of the column. As they proceeded, two other machine gunners moved into position to fire on the procession. York told the officer to order these men to surrender or he would blow his head off. By the time they reached battalion headquarters, York’s tiny unit had rounded up 132 prisoners. Later, when he reported to the brigade commander, Gen. Julian R. Lindsay, the general commented, “Well, York, I hear you captured the whole damned German army,” York corrected him, “Nossir, I only have 132.” When he was asked how he accomplished the deed, he replied with characteristic understatement, “I surrounded ’em.” It almost seems impossible what he did, but 132 enemy soldiers were indeed captured by just a handful of men commanded by then-Corporal Alvin C York.
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    ... In Japan have to have a sticker on their vehicle. So do beginner drivers with less than a year experience behind the wheel. The stickers serve as a warning to other drivers that the driver of the stickered vehicle is more likely to do something dumb behind the wheel. Got a picture today of one... This is the sticker for beginning drivers... Thought that was a good idea and maybe we could do in America. Then I realized that we already had stickers that identified impaired drivers...
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    It's a shame. A million bucks for the whiner, nothing for someone who gave all so she could have the right to whine.
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    It's a damned shame that our nation is so absorbed with today's tawdry spectacles that there isn't any room left to honor someone like this.
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    Oh, go ahead - lick the painting. You KNOW you want to. 😍
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    Character is vastly lacking today, replaced instead by characters.
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    It's amazing what you can do, even if you struggle to do it. He felt his religion wouldn't let him kill another human. He determined that his religion also didn't let him allow others to be killed. He did the right thing as he saw it. The best thing any one of us could do, if we have the will he did.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/tech/amazon-sent-charity-donations-to-group-led-by-hardcore-islamist-report-says I'll take crap that never happened for 600 Alex.
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    Wow. An organization suited for #METOO.
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    Unfortunately, it's also rumored that he threw ice in a bar in college... Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    "Redneck Calamari" was the image title
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    because every night they raise them back up again?
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    Wait till you see the Price! Clintons sell anything and everything. Money is their God.
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    How about some crock-pot action..?
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