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    Just bought a new car today too. Went in for oil change and came home with a new car instead. Had to call the wife to warn her that the new car was the same color as the old one, so she wouldn't think I went senile and paid for the same car twice...….
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    This is a diesel radial engine.
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    Their heads are exploding. tom.
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    Looks like. It is a dramatic pic. I’d like to have a print of it.
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    Same model Nissan as I have had. Murano I like the size and I have had good history with them.
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    This is a mid-twenties Model A Duesenberg.
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    They can get into your phone whenever they want anyway you burnt out old freak.
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    Mom is coming up for a visit. Anytime she comes is a good day...
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    If a foreign entity like Putin tried to influence an American political process, it must be fully and thoroughly investigated. The foreign entity is.... George Soros. Investigate and prosecute. It's time.
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    Found this beautiful response on facebook.
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