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    I know the world is a lot crazier than it used to be, but here I am, trying to make sense if that is even possible, on this "transgender" issue. I have no doubt that some people think of themselves, and "feel" that they are in fact of the opposite gender. There is certainly no shortage of people who seem to be claiming this status, even if it is still a tiny percentage of the population. But claiming to be something other than what you actually are is not that rare. When a woman, born to white parents, claims that she is "really" a black person, and feels "in her heart" that she has always been black, virtually no one accepts that as evidence that she is, in fact, now a black person. She dyed her skin, treated her hair, and even rose to be the President of the local NAACP chapter, but other than a small minority in the media, she was denounced as a fraud by both whites and blacks and not even any credibility. Senator Elizabeth Warren claims to be part Native American, despite any physical evidence of such. While some defend her and say she actually is part Native American, not even her supporters claim that her "feelings" that she is Native American make it so. There even are cases of deranged people who absolutely believe that they are werewolves, even to the extent of attacking other people with their teeth. But no one that I have ever heard of claims that since the person "feels" that they are a werewolf, or "truly believes" that this is their status that they are, in fact, werewolves. But somehow, when the claim of being other than what they are physically pertains to their gender we are supposed to just forget everything our eyes and our brains tell us and accept that they are, in fact, the opposite gender. As I said above, I have no doubt that the transgender individuals believe that they are the claimed gender. I just don't accept that their belief magically makes it so. But in our crazy world, there are now numerous, perhaps a majority of people that say to protect the sensitivities of these "transgenders" we must accept this as a fact, and relate to them in their chosen gender. So a biological male soldier who now says he is a transgender female must be allowed to wear the women's uniform, and we as taxpayers were asked to foot the bill for expensive hormone treatments and even sex assignment surgery. We are being told that a high school biological male who says he is a transgender female should be allowed, with the full force of the government to make you accept this, use the girl's bathroom and shower with the teenage girls (regardless of whether or not this offends the teenage girls that are affected). Worse yet, we now are seeing a major university (I can't recall if it is Michigan or Minnesota) announce a new transgender policy that will punish those that don't use the desired pronoun of transgender students. A fellow student that uses the "wrong" pronoun, based upon what the person physically appears to be, will be subject to suspension or dismissal from the university. A professor that uses the other than desired pronoun will face possible termination of employment. And most crazy of all, parents of young children that prefer the activity of their opposite gender (something that has been true forever; we used to call those girls that liked boy-type games "tom boys") are being encouraged to start the child on hormonal therapy to change their appearance to the opposite gender. For the life of me I do not see how any of this makes any sense, and I, for one, will not be dragged into the nonsense of calling someone "cis" or some other made up term when it is obvious that the person is a male, or a female.
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    russ told me to change my avatar because some scantily clad woman stuff but when I asked about Glock and Kimber ladies picture where she is wearing even less he hasn't responded. This is the picture in question
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    $500? What the heck is that supposed to pay for? one phone? one month's worth of groceries? This is another theft-by-taxation wealth redistribution and vote buying scheme of the demoncrats.
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    I walked into the web of one of those bastards in the wee hours of the morning on my way to work. It was between a big-ass bush, that the wife won't let me cut down, and the house, right outside my front door. Scared the living **** out of me. I must've yelled because the dogs started barking and created a chain reaction of barking dogs throughout the neighborhood. Stupid spider. I walked into a banana spider web in Okinawa, during a training exercise, that completely wrapped around my body and face. I thought that I was gonna die. I swear that sucker was crawling on me all night. Don't even get me started on camel spiders. I'm out of here. I need to take my medicine.
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    Science has taken a back seat to feelings. Unfortunately, government and many businesses have joined the "feelings" bandwagon. Chromosomes don't lie. Outside of a VERY small number of individuals, you are either a guy or a girl. It's what you were born with and will die with. If you want to mutilate your body or dress differently, have at it. The rest of society shouldn't be forced to accommodate your choices. Choices should have consequences. Weigh them carefully.
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    Ain't no sense to it. It's just another wedge the left is using to destroy freedom.
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    On second thought who cares if gt is down. This is TBS we should not be worried about that place being down.
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    I use to run the technical operation for one of the alternative long distance companies that sprang up after the break up of ATT & Bell, I did all the programing of the central switch, maintained the network of phone lines and trained & supervised the techs that installed equipment at business customers premixes. Anyway the computer guy that ran the inhouse network and the billing computer discovered a program that added time to the billable duration of calls, and we confronted the owner who told us it was his company and not to let the door hit us in the ass if we didn't like it, and that promises made to me were off. We were very well paid so stayed and did what we could the thwart other stuff, boss hated us and eventually we left. I was one of the first people hired and worked my way into being the technician in the company and worked for starvation wages when the company started with the promise of a small percentage of monthly billing and 2% ownership in the company when it became profitable. Well because I was resisting him he reneged on all promises so I quit. About that time there was an article in a trade magazine about how hard would it be to manipulate the times and the DOJ and FBI were looking into it. I took the mag and went and knocked on the FBI's door. That started a 4 year journey, the FBI had no idea on how to proceed, where to get evidence, people to talk to etc. so I had to take the agent around to get physical evidence, introduce him to people etc. Well it finally went to a Grand Jury and I had to testify and later had a meeting with the Assistant US Attorney handling the case and the US Attorney to go over the history of the case. At the end, the US Attorney said "I have a couple questions, they will not effect the case, just my curiosity. You perused this case for 4 years, just for revenge"? (During the investigation FBI Forensic Accounts estimated the promises he reneged on would have been worth1.5 to 2 million dollars over 10 years, hell yes I was out for revenge) Me} Yes and for justice for the people he screwed AG} Once the word started to get out, his wife got an anonymous phone call that lead her to catching him and his girlfriend leaving the local hot tub operation. Did you have anything to do with that phone call? Me} Yes I did AG} All of his inverters got anonymous letters detailing the legal jeopardy the company was in. Did you have anything to do with those letters? Me} Yes I did. AG} Well, with all the evidence and people you have brought to us you will never need to testify, no one will ever know it was you that did all this, my most junior attorney could win this case with out breaking a sweat. Me} No deal! If this goes to trial I want to testify, I want to sit in the witness box and look him in the eye as I tip over his little red wagon. And while he is in prison I'm going to send him a box of his favorite Girl Scout Cookies with a note 'Hi X, I'm thinking about you. Are you thinking about me' at every cookie campaign while he is in prison. (He was screwing the local council of Girl Scouts who kept all their phone records and those records were a BIG part of the evidence.) AG looking at the FBI Agent I was working with} X, if I ever start to piss this guy off, would you warn me in time to make my apologies. Well with all the evidence he copped a plea (got off easy) and was sentenced to 24 months and did 18, which spanned 2 Girl Scout Cookie campaigns, and yes he got his cookies and love note from me both campaigns. He was worth about $15 million, his wife took half of that, he sold the company for $3 million when the FBI accountants estimated it was worth $10 million and spent what was left on his team of lawyers, he had NOTHING when he got out of prison.
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    Mine's on a slab, but if someone ever digs that up they will find a bible underneath. My confirmation bible became too worn out to repair, but I didn't feel right about throwing it in the trash, so I decided to build my house's foundation on it. It seemed like nice symbolism.
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    we at the TBS try to focus on the TBS not whats going on at other sites, since this is a whole diffferent place , prolly best to contact someone over there
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    Give her a medal and knife fighting lessons so she can learn to cut off things better.
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    1982 I was working for a paint factory/store in Spokane. In January they got the bright idea to have us install a new bigger double door by the loading dock, requiring cutting into the walls and framing in the larger door. So we're freezing our butts off doing this. Seeing it as kinda dumb, I wrote up a time capsule note. "My name is xxx and it's January 15 1982. We have been working on this god damn door for two days freezing to death. If someone ever finds this note, please call me or one of my descendants an tell us what a good job we did on this son of a bitch." Or something to that effect. About ten years later, while I was working somewhere else, I get a call. "We found your note!" They did some other remodeling, pulled out the doors we installed, and there's the note stapled to the framing. They really got a kick out of it.
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    Always, always put a map with an "X" in the neighbor's yard in the walls.
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    I posted about Glock 42 Mags here a couple of weeks ago. I started looking to see exactly what I had and found two of the 01 models. I was gonna junk them and buy two 03s to replace them but recalled that Glock had, at one time, exchanged them for the newer ones. I called Glock last Thursday, I believe. What a pleasant experience! A human being answered the phone on the first ring. I can't recall the last time I called a commercial business and talked to a human without wading through at least one of the "Please listen to the following options as our menu has changed," computer voices. The operator transferred me to one extension, the phone was answered on the first ring again by a human. Amazing! A twofer! But, I'd made a mistake in how I described the problem to the initial operator who was led to believe my 42 was faulty as well as the mags. This fellow explained that another section would swap the mags out for me if my gun was otherwise working okay. No, it made no difference if I had purchased the Glock 42 used. Wow! He then transferred me to a man (phone answered on the first ring again!). He took my information, telling me just to send the 01s in and he'd send me two new 03s. I got the new 03s today. I was on the phone with Glock for no more than five minutes (part of which was my fault for not clearly describing what I wanted). I can't help but wonder why other companies don't operate that way. Bob
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    It seems that the biggest and most glaringly obvious flaw that all liberals, leftists, democrats, and progressives share is hypocrisy. They are all blatant hypocrites with daily examples in the media on full display every damn day. And they absolutely don't care. It doesn't bother them one bit to be hypocritical. And I figured out why. They lack honor and decency. Now think about it. This goes beyond simply disagreeing with someone over policy or governmental role. We are dealing with people who lack honor and decency and will do or say anything to gain power over their fellow man. It did not start at the grassroots level and filter up through the ranks. Rather, it started at the top and is quickly spreading downward to the base. I still know a few liberals who are good people with honorable intentions, but they are slowly losing perspective due to their blind hatred for Trump and the NRA. It started at the top of the democratic party whose leaders are absolutely evil, soulless, hypocritical, lying, cheating, murderous scum bags who will do or say anything to gain power and destroy anyone who gets in their way. I have zero respect for them. They are the true enemies of the American people and the greatest country in the history of the world. You can't shame these people because they have no sense of decency. You see it every night on TV when they are confronted with their lies and hypocrisy; they don't bat an eye because they don't care. This lack of honor and decency also explains why when a Republican gets caught cheating on his wife, or doing something immoral, he is shamed and run out of office. But when a democrat does the same thing, or something much, much worse, he or she gets a pass. It's because the left has no honor. And that is what is so scary about politics in today's America. Our entire country and Constitution was built upon the concept of honor and decency among men and building in checks and balances so that when a few leaders are corrupted, the other branches can step in and correct things. But what happens when all branches are infected with people who lack honor, morality, and decency? The checks and balances lose their function of constraining power of government and instead become weaponized to be used to gain power for one group or the other. We are now living in a country where 100% of the democrats in charge and a majority of the republicans lack honor, morals, and decency. How do you reason with and get along with people who have no honor?
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    I don’t want to make sense of such things. I just wish people would keep such proclivities to themselves. It seems like things worked pretty well when people did that.
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    The ads are based on your browser history.
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    Well, a lot of people (if not all) that are here now are from there.
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    That's worse than Poison Oak.
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    Eastern Bloc gymnasts did that for years. 🤣
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    Objective reality is the enemy of those who want to believe equality means we are all literally each other's equal, vice equal in the eyes of the law. So, in order to prove a woman is "equal" to a man or vice versa (impossible, due to biological differences), it becomes necessary to redefine men and women into a "gender fluid" continuum. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    We have over 300 million guns. They can't figure out which bathroom to use. The war will be over quickly.
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    My employer stopped doing business in New York because of this foolishness. Moved all of his employees out. Won't take a meeting in the state. Won't enter into any contract that involves any of his people entering the state or communicating with anyone in the state. From what I'm told a major engineering project didn't happen because of this. I'm sure De Blasio considers this a win.
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    Haven’t been there in months. The average car windshield is about 25 times the size of the rear view mirror. In other words I’m not focused on the past all that much. For good or for ill, it is in the past for me and I’m doing my best to look forward and at the here and the now.
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    “The cry of equality pulls everyone down.” Iris Murdoch
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder
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    One of the best things to ever be shown on American TV. So of course they screwed it up.
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    Can't pay cop's pensions, can they get in on the deal?????
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    Guests are like fish. They both stink at the end of the week
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    If you open the video on youtube and click "Show More" under it, there's this text. Las Vegas police on Monday released body camera footage of two men weaving through traffic and shooting at officers during a violent chase downtown that left one of the men dead and the other wounded Wednesday morning. Fidel Miranda, 22, and Rene Nunez, 30, are suspects in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Thomas Romero, who was shot multiple times in the chest at a car wash at 1402 N. Eastern Ave. Romero died that morning at University Medical Center. While investigating that shooting, police found a 2000 Ford Expedition that matched the description of the suspects’ car just after 9:30 a.m., near near 29th Street and Constantine Avenue, Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said at a briefing Monday. Then the SUV sped off. Miranda and Nunez swerved around cars and raced through oncoming traffic — along Mojave Road, Charleston Boulevard and Eastern Avenue — while firing at police, Kelly said. They fired 34 rounds in five volleys during the pursuit, he said, while officers fired 31 shots. The footage shows officer William Umana, 43, following the suspects, yelling “shots fired, shots fired” into his radio. When another police car joins the chase, Umana warned the officer to stay back. The second officer’s car was hit by bullets at least twice and could not finish the chase. As the chase neared its end, Umana can be seen in the video pulling his car closer to the SUV and firing 11 shots through his windshield and seven shots through his open window. One civilian’s car was struck by gunfire, Kelly said. Nunez exited the car as it was still moving near Hollingsworth Elementary School, 1776 E. Ogden Ave., and ran up steps outside of the school and attempted to enter, but the door was locked, Kelly said Miranda moved to the driver’s seat of the car and attempted to reverse toward Umana, Kelly said. Umana left his car and continued to fire while plain-clothes officer Paul Soloman, 46, approached the passenger-side door. Soloman fired his shotgun once and hit Miranda. The vehicle came to a stop at the north wall of the school, and Miranda was handcuffed while medical was called, Kelly said. Miranda was pronounced dead at the scene. Umana and Soloman were not injured. Police arrested Nunez, who had gunshot wounds from either the previous shooting or the pursuit. Soloman, the plain-clothes officer, was not wearing a body camera, Kelly said. Nunez is accused of stealing the SUV on May 20 in North Las Vegas, Kelly said. One of the guns Nunez used during the pursuit was reported stolen from North Las Vegas on May 20. Miranda and Nunez also had aliases, “Cabezon” and “Kreeepper,” respectively, which could be gang-related, he said. Nunez faces multiple counts of murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon. He remained in the Clark County Detention Center on Monday without bail. Kelly praised Umana and Soloman as brave and heroic. “The officer could have backed off, but he didn’t,” he said, referring to Umana.
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    I'd call the police. Taking advantage of people's goodwill with donated items is pretty low.
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    Well if that is all he did or would ever do maybe but I feel a lot of these type folks kick it up to the next level and maybe just a little stabbing will do him good!
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    When you’re The Guy the road becomes your home.
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    Or did RussP just ban everyone?
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    They need to hire Eric......
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    Two black belts. I think he was hiding from the hells angels.
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    The truth is, that we are not used to speaking reality anymore and calling **** by the name. Just another side effect of the liberal pussification of America. The more Trump speaks his mind, the better I like him. Screw political correctness, that **** got us to this deep state to begin with. Pun intended. Every time the MSMs heads are exploding, he did good. Best indicator these days.
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    How much is that doggy in the window.
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    My band of beggars. Left to right, Magellan, Jamie, and Marley
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