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    What TV character carried the coolest gun? I am going to go with Sonny Crockett’s Bren Ten.
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    More out, hope this keeps progressing as well.
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    Sledge Hammer, he used an S&W 44 magnum, but also used a bazooka to rake down a suspect. He also organized the "Toy guns for tots" at his precinct
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    Before Y2K someone asked me if I had stocked up enough ammo. I told him that I had enough ammo to get more. He gave me a strange look and an uneasy smile. I was serious as hell though.
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    The last Iowa. The Battleship Wisconsin. Commissioned toward the end of WWII, in 1944. She was the ultimate example of Battleship design. She floated 9 16 inch guns and could rain hate from 23 miles. Decommissioned for the final time in 1992, she was the last Battleship to ever fire in anger (GW1) Even as a museum ship, she was required by law to be kept in a state of readiness, so she could be called back to the gun line again. This state of readiness continued until 2009.
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    It's an 88 Magnum. It shoots through schools.
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    How about Steve McQueen’s Mare’s Leg, from Wanted Dead or Alive?
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    Yous people’s needs ta learn that BACON is spelled with all caps cuz it’s so delicious!
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    The Montana class was the class that was to follow the Iowa’s. They would have been over 900 feet long and had 12 16 inch guns.....but, a lot of folks get stuck on the fact of how large and powerful they would have been and how they would have been “super Iowa’s”. That is simply not true. The Montana’s would have been very different from the Iowa’s. As a Battleship, the Iowa’s would still have been a better ship. The Iowa’s were designed as “fast battleships”. The Montana’s would have returned to something much more dreadnought like. They would have been slower and more armored. Besides the fact that the battleship was functionally obsolete by this time, the Montana really represented a step backwards in battleship design, while The Iowa was forward thinking. As the ultimate ship hunter. (The role of a battleship) the Iowa’s, with their incredible speed, never had a rival. That would have included the Montana’s and certainly included the Japanese Yamatos. The role that the battleship ship eventually evolved into, (and kept the Iowa’s serving into modern times as the worlds last battleships) was that of fire support. In this role, Montana’s would have been superior. The Montana’s would have been the most survivable ships ever built and with 12 16 inch guns, would have been formidable on the gun line. While battleships are one of the coolest things man ever made, when the Ostfriesland got Billy Mitchelled, the battleship became obsolete. Oddly enough, just like the HMS Dreadnought, the first modern battleship, made every war ship in the world obsolete overnight.
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    The two British cave divers who went in and found them have more guts than most of us combined have, I think. They started the rescue by finding them, first in.. Dave..
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    I get claustrophobic just looking at that map of the cave and where they are. I don't know that I would do so well. Bless them and the rescuers.
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    A lot of brave people in those rescue divers. I hope they get them all out. This will be a lesson in cave rescue in the future for all to learn. I wish them well. Dave..
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    Four are out. Thai SEALs are not doing the bulk of the work. The British Cave Rescue Council is in charge of the rescue. SEAL divers don't have the proper equipment or training for this sort of diving. The likely reason the one SEAL perished is due to using open water equipment in an overhead environment and not using proper gas management.
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    I can't imagine as a parent what it would be like to have my child in this type of situation. Praying that all goes well, boys come out safely and all rescuers are safe throughout the operations.
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    Studebaker. They made some beautiful, innovative automobiles back when it was all about fins and chrome. And, the Avanti. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it was a true American performance car in the early 1960s.
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    Whatever metaphysical being is listening, please let them all come out safely.
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    At any moment, we are just a few missed meals away from chaos.
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    Nobody should be required to pay a union to be allowed to work. Governments need to stay out of it completely. If a union can stand on its own, without laws to force people to join, good. If not, let it go away. The freedom of the people is what is supposed to matter most.
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    If you strip away all the pretty layers of our society, at its core is a very basic and immutable precept: Might Makes Right. All authority is derived from a threat of force. When a violent encounter between people, or between nations for that matter, is unequal, firepower can be the equalizer. I’m glad those women were armed. I wish more were.
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    My son loves runny yolks like me. Use the America Test kitchen recipe of very shallow water to steam them at exactly six minutes. Heaven. Bought an egg topper https://www.amazon.com/gp/your-account/order-history/ref=oh_aui_search?opt=ab&search=Egg my son was given a choice of cheese for an omelet I was making him, gourmet stuff and crepe cheese he choose cream cheese. Now a standard here, with La Victoria taco sauce. Dang good. eggs here are $.88 a dozen and we have special laws.... and real men do eat quiche, especially with bacon
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    What dead brand would you like to see come back....and what would they do? My most likely choice to actually come back is Pontiac. I just want Firebirds to return. However, I really wish someone would make a go with Duesenberg. I would want them to be what they were, the maker of the worlds most luxurious ultra high performance cars. Someone like what Bugatti is doing. An earth shattering GT and an earth shattering large sedan.
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    I found an old axe with a broken handle that my grandfather owned. I put a new hickory handle on it and cleaned it up and thought it had too much sentimental value to use in the woods. Hung it on my wall and think it's cool.
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    Dirtbags tried to rob a Fort Worth Texas Whataburger and had not counted on running into a Dallas Police Officer at 4:00am there. A shootout ensued and the dirtbags went to the hospital. I hope the officer got a couple free Taquitos out of it. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/fort-worth/2018/07/08/duty-dallas-officer-fires-suspects-robbing-fort-worth-whataburger-police-say
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    Here’s some BB64 porn for you, these are from my boat. She’s tied up here in Norfolk. I tie up near her every now and then and contemplate what it was like to be a Sailor in the Big One.
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    DeTomaso Pantera. Vector DeLorean, AMC, Hudson, Pontiac, ...
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    I found a certain forum which is not to be named really, really therapeutic back in the old days. I could go in and get stuff off my chest that was annoying me and get positive feedback. It was nice to be able to vent and share with like-minded people. Not any more. You can't share anything personal these days or else you get attacked and ridiculed. Conservative, Christian, rural white guys with traditional American values are now public enemy #1 these days. Even on some gun forums. Or at least ones owned by Canadians...
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    Hope and pray everyone gets out safe.
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    It will probably be a party to end all parties in Thailand when they all get out.
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    Hoping for success, but the realist in me doesn’t think everyone will escape alive. There is some serious bravery for a noble cause being showcased. Prayers for all.
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    I think it depends on your mindset (mood) and expectations. As posted above, it can either be relaxing or aggravating depending on how you interpret the responses of others. As we all know this is a poor medium for interpreting the subtleties of interpersonal communications that we normally have no issues with when face-to-face and small innocuous comments or good natured ribbing can be taken the wrong way.
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    Fun fact... My Dad was such a fan of the show and of the character Josh Randall, that he vowed if he ever had a son, he’d name him Josh. I guess I need to buy me a Mare’s Leg!
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    My guess is that they are as long as the person doesn't argue about stressful topics.
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    Chicago - that All-American city - where it sounds like July 4th 365 days a year.
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    Live updates. https://www.cnn.com/asia/live-news/thai-cave-rescue-live-intl/index.html
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    An honorable mention goes to Pam, from the TV show Archer. She has a B.A.R. In season 9.
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    Daughter adopted new cute little bugger today.
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    Cross post from the other Caturday thread: Just in time for Caturday. The catio is officially open for business! Sage was first to check it out. She couldn't figure out the ramp. Mrs Norris wouldn't even come off the window sill this time. My boy Dantley, on the other hand, loved it. He could have stayed out all day.
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    I have a lot of bullets. Lots. I think that's the best thing you could do.
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    I'll never be critical of anyone who states that they would much prefer a manual safety. I think Glock does itself a disservice by not having a manual safety as a stock option.
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    The one thing that I think is important to get across to a new gun owners is that a "Safety" does not make a gun safe. And that all guns are inherently dangerous and need to be treated accordingly. A 1911 has a safety but requires training to be able to use it properly so that it's operation becomes instinctive to the user. Same thing with any gun. They all require training because all guns are inherently dangerous.
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    civilization is just a thin facade. i`d like to know more about the back story of why he thought he`d hit they cook and what happened to him after. i can`t wait to see his 8th grade school photo accompanied by his family`s explanation of how he is "getting his life together"
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    Human nature is predatory. Genetically. Societal behavior is artificial. Many of us abide with most of the rules. Some don't.
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    Confidence comes with experience. Experience is learning the you are the most significant safety the firearm has. They should go with what makes them comfortable and feeling safe. Carrying is more important than not carrying under any conditions.
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