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    Too many liberal trolls. Even the GT server has standards.
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    growing up way way to fast playing dino on plane ride last week
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    So, you're the one who broke it! At least today they predict "several hours" instead of yesterday's false "45 minutes"
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    Suddenly Glock talk goes down more often than an intern at the DNC. If they cared about their members, they would tell the truth. No other forum is this evil.
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    If it also rained wasabi, we'd be good.
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    This is what happens when ALL the "GT Poopmeisters" post poop threads at the same time!!! Damn pipes are full of ****!!!
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    Hannie posted a bikini pic. Broke the entire internet.
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    Based on the hysterical Fa-Left's current descriptions, I spent time in a Concentration Camp. I had a bed, but had to share a room. I had to share a communal shower. I had three meals a day. I had sheets. Blankets. Heat. I had no air conditioning. The walls were concrete cinder blocks. And my mother could not accompany me. So, based on what Michael Hayden and other Fa-Left Democrats are claiming, I did spend time in a Concentration Camp. No one can compare with the Fa-Left's hysteria. It's unmatched. Anyone who uses Nazi comparisons to score partisan political points is doing exactly what the Nazis did to score partisan political points. Now, wrap your head around that one. Ha!
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    If you do it yourself, following those helpful YouTube videos, just do them one at a time in case you screw up.
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    That’s some hella server maintenance going on.....
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    if you can't find one just remove the rest of the stripe from that side. You can only see one side of a vehicle at a time.
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    With all the "new" members and the trolling, I'm not surprised that either some malcontent took it down,or the owners are purging. I really have no idea.