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    It's BGH's master plan to drive to traffic to this fine site. All the Cool Kids know where to go when the smoke pit is closed. Kind of like an After-party.
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    Well at least the Bore Site isn't broke. tom.
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    Too many liberal trolls. Even the GT server has standards.
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    growing up way way to fast playing dino on plane ride last week
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    Spoons made Rosie fat.
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    I posted a thread but I can't open any threads. Probably glad I didn't post what I THOUGHT about posting on the premise that nobody could see it.....
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    That would be a spork then.
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    The site is up but can't get into any of the pages....yet.
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    So, you're the one who broke it! At least today they predict "several hours" instead of yesterday's false "45 minutes"
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    Officers from the Brooklyn Park Police Department saved the day after 9-year-old Minnesota boy Gracen had his lemonade stand funds stolen. Last Thursday, Gracen was taking advantage of the hot weather by setting up a lemonade stand in his Brooklyn Park, Minn., neighborhood. “Lemonade on the right. Mostly in the morning,” Gracen hand wrote on a sign with an arrow directing potential customers to his table on the sidewalk. That day the stand had been particularly popular, earning the young boy $20. However, his fortune was short-lived. According to KTIS, Mark, Gracen’s dad, said two junior high kids took $20 from Gracen’s cup. http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/06/19/police-officers-help-out-9-year-olds-lemonade-stand-after-was-robbed.html Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    What is this GlockTalk you speak of?
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    Maybe we all got banned? HAHAHAHA - Jokes on you. I get all the ads for FREE!!!!
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    It's funny until somebody loses an eye. Then it becomes hilarious.
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    How well does it go with Captain Morgan? Asking for a friend.
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    Anything other than the home page is blank.
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    Suddenly Glock talk goes down more often than an intern at the DNC. If they cared about their members, they would tell the truth. No other forum is this evil.
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    If it also rained wasabi, we'd be good.
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    This is what happens when ALL the "GT Poopmeisters" post poop threads at the same time!!! Damn pipes are full of ****!!!
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    Hannie posted a bikini pic. Broke the entire internet.
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    me 2 assimilation reported
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    "It could! It could! It could break the skin and cause a very nasty infection!"
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    I noticed the same thing. I will read someone's post and it is, lets say odd for a gun forum, and I look at their join date and it is from like 2007, weird.
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    Interesting that the newer more aggressive posters, have joining dates from long ago, but almost no posts. It's like a pool of registrations that previously existed and are now being drawn on for use. Puzzling.
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    With all the "new" members and the trolling, I'm not surprised that either some malcontent took it down,or the owners are purging. I really have no idea.
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