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    Too many liberal trolls. Even the GT server has standards.
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    growing up way way to fast playing dino on plane ride last week
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    So, you're the one who broke it! At least today they predict "several hours" instead of yesterday's false "45 minutes"
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    Suddenly Glock talk goes down more often than an intern at the DNC. If they cared about their members, they would tell the truth. No other forum is this evil.
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    There was, but she came out after the second or third speed bump.
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    If it also rained wasabi, we'd be good.
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    This is what happens when ALL the "GT Poopmeisters" post poop threads at the same time!!! Damn pipes are full of ****!!!
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    Hannie posted a bikini pic. Broke the entire internet.
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    Our second grandbaby is halfway done. I have grown old. (The first one doesn't know where his nose is, but he knows how to do "CHEERS!" when you hold up a beer and he clinks it with his sippy-cup. The Uncles taught him that, and Mom hates them for it.)
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    I don't understand why he resigned. It's a very popular sentiment in much of America. It IS coming. It won't work, but we'll ignore that part for now. Vote Bernie!!!
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    That's an accurate description of my first (and only) dorm room in Texas.
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    Nothing to worry about. It's just Amsdorf and BNLChris activating their back up accounts that have been on standby for the last decade or so.
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    A match made in - some where!
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    I purposely didn't look that close. Glad I already had dinner. Where's my gagging cat when you need him?!
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    Yes, that's why I came here to ask the same question. tom.
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    The timing does seem somewhat suspect given this mornings "festivities". I hesitate to believe in coincidences.