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    "Stressed about what to wear to your next festival? Well, boy, do I have the solution for you!" https://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/a20155924/glitter-butts-summer-festival-trend/
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    i`m sorry man,Cancer is a bitch. Prayers to you and your`s. God Bless.
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    Been at hospice house a couple of days in a row. My cousin is in his late sixties. He was having some back pain about a month ago he went to the doctor thinking he had just lifted some heavy HVAC stuff. Turns out it is bone cancer. There was some bad blood between him and his dad, but my mom got them sorted out this evening and I drove them to talk to Bill.
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    I trust him about as much as a hand grenade with a pulled pin. What does he have up his sleeve? Dave..
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    been there. lost a lot of family and friends to cancer. having another biopsy myself the 24th. third time the charm?
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    Prayers Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    They all probably just did not understand her wants and needs as my wife often tells me.
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