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    This is a very nice knife. Much more solid firing and lockup than my Infidel.
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    The Easter Bunny??? Is nothing sacred anymore.
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    Eric's recent knife thread cost me money.
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    Someone will be along to say "use the words 'free porn' for more web site traffic". Wait - This ain't the site for stupid jokes. ?
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    Haha. I don’t know which is funnier the fact Someone called them smurfs, or the fact someone got so insulted they issued a complaint and the offending party was fined.
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    Somewhere short of eating people.
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    Sounds like a very entertaining time.
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    LOL seriously, I think this is disgusting, but, interesting. How far can one go with art, before it isn't anymore. Where is that line?
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    Lecter did it and ended up in a solitary dungeon.
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    Damn freaks are going crazy as anything.
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    good thing it was not Brut ,he would have never made it out alive lol
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    you had me at wobbly demeanor.
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    Well I got a new car. A friend made a joke about the batmobile so I’ve kind of decided to run with it. Got a keychain for it. Going to go with Batman seat covers up front. Not really sure if anything fits the split back seats. It is a 2008 Honda Fit. It has a manual transmission and most of the mechanical work that they need has been done. Has a little over 100k miles.
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    I have no clue. Wish I had been with as many good looking women as I had owned knives.
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    My daily carry, every time I open a drawer I find a knife.
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    CROOKSTON, Minn. — A bestiality charge against a former Polk County mailman accused of having sex with a dog has been dismissed, and he'll avoid jail time for the burglary charge if he abides by his probation terms. Brian Louis George L. Chapman, 22, was ordered Thursday, March 29, in Polk County District Court to complete a number of supervised probation requirements, including attending a sex offender program and avoiding unsupervised contact with animals, as a result of signing a plea agreement. In exchange to pleading guilty to a second-degree felony charge of burglary, the misdemeanor bestiality charge was dismissed. Chapman was arrested in February 2017 after a Polk County resident noticed his mailman, later identified as Chapman, was spending a long time dropping off a package in the homeowner's garage, according to court documents. Surveillance footage from the garage revealed Chapman was engaging in a sexual act with the homeowner's dog on Feb. 6, 2017, court documents stated. Chapman resigned from his U.S. Postal Service position a few days later, a USPS spokesperson confirmed. He had faced up to 10 years in prison on the burglary charge in 90 days in jail for the bestiality crime. Instead, he agreed to do 40 hours of community service and not contact the homeowner or the dog. His supervised probation will last 10 years. link
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