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    Hope y'all fully recover
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    Jaromir Jagr, former superstar for the Pittsburgh Penguins (now about 45 years old) was recently blackmailed, for money, with a picture of him and a 20yo Russian supermodel in bed together. I saw the picture, she was obviously taking a selfie in bed, and he was zonked-out, next to her. They don't know if the girl tried the blackmail, or if someone else got the picture from her. He told an interviewer, "They said they would send it to everyone I know, if I didn't pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars!" The interviewer said, "Wow! What did you do?!?!" He said, "I sent it to everyone I know!"
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    skipper needs to explain what 'being sent down to the Minors' really means.
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    I have some stories about some wives friends. Well, maybe. I dunno, I'm getting old. Perhaps I watched it on the TV.
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    Yeah, most of the time, I only get a spleen or a kidney.
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    Only if he had been with the Clintons!
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    Been known to eat some when younger. Catfish, too.
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    “The camera adds ten inches.” John Holmes.
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