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    Another theory from the left debunked. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/01/foghorn/government-study-proves-hard-buy-illegal-gun-online/
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    Heavy snow blew horizontally across the frozen Chesapeake Bay into the faces of the 16 men in Crisfield, Maryland, who were loading sleds with food. The destination for the provisions: icebound Smith Island, where villagers were running out of food and needed help, according to a United Press International story that ran in The Washington Post. It was 4 p.m. on Feb. 7, 1936, and they were facing an unexpected blizzard - a storm far worse than the "bomb cyclone" lashing the East Coast this week. The 1936 blizzard was accompanied by heavy snow and gale-force winds. Despite the poor visibility, the men carefully loaded two sleds with 1,000 pounds of food each, according to UPI. The plan was to push the sleds of food across the bay's ice to the Coast Guard cutter Travis, waiting several miles away in an ice-free channel. The sleds and food would be loaded onto the Travis, which would ferry it to within a few hundred yards of Smith Island. The Coast Guard would put the sleds and food back onto the ice and take the food the rest of the way to the island. The rescue team that evening was led by Maryland State Police Maj. Enoch Garey. On his team were three state troopers, two Travis crew members from the Coast Guard and 10 civilian volunteers. Night was falling when the 16 men pushed out onto the bay ice with their sleds of food. Half of the men pushed the sleds while the other half pulled the sleds with ropes. But they hadn't calculated how difficult it would be to push heavy sleds through 10 inches of fresh snow on uneven ice. The sleds did not glide easily on the ice, as they had hoped, particularly when they hit snow drifts. Despite a tremendous effort, the sled team made it only about halfway to the Travis, Garey would later tell a Maryland board of inquiry. The rescue team stopped and held a brief meeting on the ice to plan its next move. The Travis was not in sight - it was probably still over a mile away - and the shivering, tired men could not push the sleds any farther. The group gave up and abandoned the sleds. Half of the men chose to walk back to Crisfield, following their tracks in the snow, while the state troopers and Coast Guard crew members decided to press forward to search for the Travis, according to the UPI story published Feb. 9, 1936. As they walked in direction of the Travis, one of the men shouted, "Thin ice!" But the alarm was sounded too late. Two men broke through the ice and splashed into the water. One frantically tried to climb back onto the ice, but it kept breaking. UPI reported that the other man in the water, a member of the Coast Guard, shouted to him: "Don't climb on the ice! Slowly wiggle your belly up on the ice until it can support your weight!" They successfully wiggled their way back onto the ice. Their clothes and hair immediately froze when exposed to the cold wind and blowing snow. They decided to turn around and follow their footsteps in the snow back to Crisfield, making it back to shore before hypothermia and frostbite killed them. The rest of the men, however, continued their risky trek to find the Travis. Then it happened again. Sgt. Wilber Hunter, a Maryland state trooper, fell through. "The rest of the party had considerable difficulty pulling him out because [his] clothes and boots were full of water," Garey testified later. Instead of heading back to shore, however, Hunter decided to press forward to find the Travis with the rest of his team. It would be a fatal mistake. Hunter began to succumb to hypothermia. After about 30 minutes of walking, Hunter could no longer move. One man stayed with Hunter while the others continued their search for the ship. The spotlight of the Travis finally guided the men to their destination. A search party was quickly organized to look for Hunter and his companion - and two more men fell through the ice. They had to rush back to the ship to find warmth. Eventually, Hunter and his companion were located, but Hunter had already died. "He died at his post like an officer and a gentlemen," Garey told UPI. He described sitting by Hunter's body after it was carried back to the Travis. But his death was called "a needless and outrageous sacrifice" by the Salisbury Times, and many questioned the whole mission, including Maryland's governor, Harry Nice. "I gave no instructions those men should try to reach the islands across the ice," Nice told state investigators, according to the Associated Press. Red Cross Chairman J. Millard Tawes, a future governor of Maryland, denied that his group sponsored the ill-fated relief effort. "I don't think the expedition was necessary," he told the state board of inquiry, which convened Feb. 18, 1936. "I had said that there was enough food on the island to last the week." The state investigation concluded that the mission was not necessary and was really quite foolish. It noted that an airplane successfully dropped off 800 pounds of food on Smith Island soon after the blizzard. As for the 2,000 pounds of food left on the ice, it was spotted slowly sinking into the Chesapeake the following week, never to be delivered to Smith Island. Link
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    Those dang liberals with their MMGC are making it unbearable around here. My thermometer read 13 on the way to work this morning.
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    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/furry-cookiethief-goes-nuts_us_5a49aa6ee4b0b0e5a7a79b27?section=us_weird-news squirrel was heard screaming dont taze me bro
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    What kind of thought process say, "I think I will molest this random women next to me on the airplane. She should be good with that."
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    Now that was a funny thread!
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    That’s kinda squirrelly!
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    Trump never should have hitched his wagon to Bannon in the first place. Politically, personally and strategically that was a piss-poor choice on Trump's part from the very start.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-talks-war-north-korea-104648648.html “We really only have one historical data point, and that’s the Soviet Union in the late 1950s and early 1960s, where we transitioned into a mutual deterrence relationship ― we didn’t like it and we had the Cuban missile crisis. The North Koreans are now making that same transition and we’re having a crisis about it.”
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    Meanwhile... in Wisconsin:
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    Wow. Great post! I love to learn about these little historical tidbits, because they're usually part of a much bigger story.
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    Okay, just kidding about me and Bubba, but here is my revolver family photo album. Subbies only: The whole gang: I'm pretty sure I forgot something too ....
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    That De Tamoso Ghia looked pretty badass.
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    Rather ironic really, he'll stomp his feet and demand answers, but has left pages of unanswered questions behind when he talked himself into corners, or got called out about misrepresenting things. I imagine the day he realizes that you can go back to the pages and re-read his words will be quite a shock.
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    Come on now, its probably the same source that said it was plausible to evacuate all of Seoul, to the south, with busses. You can't go asking real questions and expecting logical thought. He's incapable.
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    It is rather commendable how he's able to look at facts, and come up with the absolute incorrect information 100% of the time. I mean even Peace Warrior and KingAurtherHK get things right occasionally.
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    He doesn’t need nuke capable ICBM’s. He can load plenty of biological and nerve agent on those missiles NOW.
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    Every one of us that have ever held Top Secret clearance know precisely what would happen to us for 1/100th of this bull****. Our F.B.I./D.O.J./D.O.S. et al. are 100% corrupt. They are actively committing treason. That is the beginning, middle, and end of it all.
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    id take it but id sell it . fugly
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    i was expecting someone found it and was posting labeefa photos lol
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    I'd guess the GLOCK 43 has converted a lot of former .380 ACP aficionados. Probably a lot of .38 devotees, too.
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    Yeah that window tint and wheels look like dog spit on the mustang
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