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    I try to conduct my interactions on the internet the same way I do in real life - treat others the same way I would want to be treated.
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    Starting threads about random stuff just so you can mention that you have a girlfriend.
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    Look, guys. I've been a part of this distinguished group for a long time now, both at the other place and at this place. I've been crossways with a lot of you, and had many of you rightly pissed at me. What I've found though is that generally you're a decent bunch, and overall I have have gotten more out of the association than I've put into it. Those who have been around know that I love arguing on the web and giving people a hard time. That said, I think we need to be a little more considerate of each other. And yeah, if you're fed up with "that guy's" posts (or this guy's post), use the ignore list. Eric busts his butt to provide this forum for us, and he has asked that we all try to get along. And it's not like we're paying a bunch of money for this service he provides. I just really don't want to see this place turn into something we don't enjoy. Thanks.
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    After getting their licenses, my kids each asked when I'd buy them a car. I told them probably when they were the same age as I was when Dad bought me a car. They excitedly asked when that was. I said, "I don't know. I'm still waiting." They quit holding their breath a long time ago.
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    I would have to ban myself, most days. I am turning into a surly old bastard. I'm not going to be able to be in the same room with me, in another ten years.
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    Woman, man, whatever - you've never been anything but nice to me. You are generally one of the nicer people here regardless of plumbing. Though a selfie in the UGA swimsuit might settle things on the gender front..... (Kidding) What I can't figure out is why anyone would spend their time worrying about it. This is The Bore Site, not Tinder for **** sake. Don't y'all got better things to do? Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations.
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    I can ignore the NFL pretty well on the TVs I have now.
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    Run your site youre doing a great job, screw em. .
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    I assure you, it gets so much more complicated than that. I'm not a fan of Hannie's incessant attention-seeking posts, but I don't ban people because they annoy me. What I would love to see is for people to simply ignore the occasional irritants that pop up, but I know how naive that is. Our nation's society has changed in the last twenty years and it has made running a site like this increasingly frustrating and difficult. I grew up listening to old people talking about the good old days. Maybe those days were better. They certainly were better before this casual indifference, rudeness and sense of entitlement began to pervade our culture. I fear for this nation's future.
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    It only get worse. wait until you are 60, you will look back with fondness on 50.
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    Folks, I have posted the last warning about this I intend to and I am not going to remove any more offending posts concerning this mess without removing the poster as well. It is discouraging as hell to sink as much time and money into this place as I do, only to have to deal with the kind of immature, self-indulgent bull**** that has occurred over the last three days. This is a fair warning to everyone: Keep a civil tongue here or I will ban you.
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    I noticed four locked threads on the front page a while ago. FOUR. For a site that lets us get away with as much as Eric lets us get away with, that's insane.
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    My great uncle Ike. Carried a 50 BMG and was killed by sniper fire in Okinawa.
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    What line should I walk? People bitch if I run a strict site. People bitch if I loosen the reins.
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    You know those threads that come up now and then - about kids who don't know what a landline phone is, or the meaning of "rewinding a tape"? My nephew got his driver's license on Friday. I took him car shopping today. On the first test drive, we "discovered" he didn't know how to start a car with a key. He's only ever driven cars that have a fob and pushbutton. That was a slightly awkward lesson to give in front of the salesman.
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    1940's era photo of John C. Garand with his children
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    I told my 4 kids that If they wanted a car they would have to buy it themselves and pay for their own insurance too. Not only that, I insisted that the three girls also learned to change their own oil and take a small engine course in high school. I told them I didn't care if they didn't work on their own cars, but that they had to know when they were being screwed by a mechanic. My boy had already learned car maintenance by then. One day my oldest came in pissed. I asked her what she was so upset about. She told me the price she was quoted for repacking her front wheel bearings. She said it was ridiculous for such a simple job. I said then why don't you do them yourself. She said she didn't want to get her nails dirty!. I laughed at her and told her to pay the price! Once in a while she complains that her husband isn't much help around the house. She is remodeling the interior of her rambler. It turns out that she finished the whole basement and the upstairs. She especially likes Sheet Rocking. (I hate it). My second oldest is a commercial artist and married too. She takes care of having all the cars maintenance done and the mechanical upkeep of the house and well system. She doesn't like to get her hands dirty either, but she know all the systems enough to talk to the experts. I am quite proud of the independence of my kids.
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    Women have fought long and hard to have equal rights to men, so doing anything less than requiring them to register is sexist.
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