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    Mrs Sig and I went down and found a new family member! Her name is Daffodil and we just call her Daffy! The aspca took her from her abusers, she is a five year old beagle and only weighed 8lbs and couldn’t even hold herself up! She’s up to 12lbs now and has tons of energy! Here’s some pics of the little angel!!!
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    I'm leaving for Florida (because why take a pistol class in the cold of Michigan (it's lovely today, but going back down below freezing all weekend) when you can do it in Florida?), and I have to travel with... my beloved pistol. Thru JFK, the land of lost and stolen luggage. I am madly looking forward to the class, but absolutely dreading the traveling to get there and back. Especially after spending weekend last month listening to a bunch of pilots and airplane mechanics talk about their close calls, and mistakes, and such... Thanks, guys! I hope Florida Man is traveling somewhere else...
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    One of my favorite things about growing up in a little town in the South is running into old timers at gatherings. As I've matured I resemble my father more and more, and I run into these old guys who say that. "I knowed yo daddy when he was workin' at the funeral home down there on College Street and drivin' the amblance" and "I worked with yo daddy on the line gang at the phone company" and "Me and yo daddy went to high school together just before the war". Last month I ran into one who said "Yo granddaddy loaned me the money to buy our first house". That was way back. Thing is, by the time you've learned to appreciate these old guys there aren't so many of them left.
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    Not in a ghey way. Retirement is happening. I've been working for 50 years. Time to knock that **** off. The fish are biting. Anybody want to buy a working gravel pit and equipment?
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    The cost of the employee should be already considered in the bill for the service provided by the business. If you as a business, can't include all your overhead costs in your bill, you are only fooling yourself and destined for failure. Business provides a service that is charged according to your profit and your costs to provide that product. Trying to guilt people into paying more than the advertised price is stupidity.. It means that you are worried that your price is not competitive if you include all your costs. If this is true, your service isn't going to stay in business. Tough! Price it right, or go out of business. That's the choice.
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    My kids and their kids live in fear, for when I take their kids and entertain them. One said it takes about 3 months to undo what I did.
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    Only 79 hours. Has the bucket and forks. I might pick up a snow blower for it this summer.
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    What a bunch of crap. To take away a soldiers tool of battle, because some who are afraid of their own shadow are scared of how they keep their freedom! You don't keep your nation nor your freedom by words, only by your ability to defend it!
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    she’s growing up. gonna have to move the gun cleaning table to the living room. .
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    FleshlightTalk? Yeah. Those guys are jagoffs.
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    And the judge says if he sees them again...…….How about this time ya ballless POS.
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    She is a real cutie. She looks very much like my own daughter. And yes, the boys that come visiting understand I own multiple AK-47's and know where to hide bodies...
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    When errors in automated systems are found, most folk just say, Well, duh! It isn't that simple. I spent most of my professional career designing and constructing flight control systems and SCADA systems for nuclear power plants, natural gas distribution plants and chemical factories. The number one goal was to make sure that the aircraft or plant didn't turn into a big smoking hole in the ground. Based on the relative rarity of smoking holes, I suggest that we did and still do a damn good job. Consider, you have a system that is receiving 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 inputs per second from from 500, 1500, 5000 sensors. Every data point means something. We used redundancy for critical data, but also consider: two sensors disagree. Which one is wrong? Keep in mind, the system may have milliseconds to decide before things get kersplody. Add more redundancy, you say? That increases the cost and complexity of the system a thousand times. More sensors equals more computer horse power and more lines of code to decide, What happens next? So, based on an almost impossible situation, we did and still do rely on the best computer going: the human watching all the dials and blinking lights. Commercial aircraft flight control automation is not in its infancy, but I suggest it is at the toddler stage. The goal is to never allow the aircraft to stop flying when it should be flying, no? We must still rely on the squishy computer in the left-hand seat as the final arbiter. We don't have a star ship Enterprise control system -- yet. We're getting there.
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    See? God hates that **** too.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Things are shaping up at the new Gwalchmai Manor. It's starting to look like a house.
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    Yeah, that’s how you wake up in bed with a green chick.
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    Grand Canyon tree
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