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    Stupid things that creep me out. The next President and his whore.
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    Because I just did!!! call me petty but that made my Christmas 2020.
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    I’ve had that happen twice. First a son and then a daughter. I now avoid matches at all cost.
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    But seriously, Merry Christmas everyone. Eric
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    My wife came home with a life altering decision yesterday. She is a senior investigator with the Federal DoJ and has been for many years. Because of the sensitivity of her work, I can't disclose further details about her assignments. After previous administrations and what did and did not occur under the Trump administration; she has submitted her resignation and retirement effective 1159 hours EST, 20 Jan 2021. Her regional supervisor was shocked and asked why. She replied that after seeing what could be done and was actually accomplished under the Trump administration, she could not continue on under Biden and was resigning 1 minute prior to his inauguration. My wife is not politically motivated, but she did say that more has been done in the past 3 years than in recent administrations. I'm surprised by her resignation, but she already has a job lined up after a week off. Sometimes, demonstrable action is necessary.
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    I was there December 29, 2020 Ride of a lifetime by Rick Mantei I have been flying for over 50 years, primarily as a USAF fighter pilot instructor in the F-4 and F-16. Once I retired, I loved to fly so much I decided to get some airplanes that were affordable, relatively high performance and safe. I settled on the Jet Provost, a trainer primary flown by the RAF. A fun airplane for giving rides. I have given hundreds of rides since I bought it in 1997. I have given rides for fundraising travel agency vendors who support the airshows, such as Make-A-Wish, attaboys for military shows as well as rides for vendors who support the airshows. In October 2005, I was giving incentive rides in my MK 4 Jet Provost from Friday through Sunday in support of the Celebrate Freedom airshow at Camden Air Field, South Carolina. Later on that Sunday afternoon, as the airshow was winding down, I had spent all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday giving rides to support the event. I was seriously exhausted, as the plane is 1960 vintage and has no modern creature comforts like air conditioning, hydraulic boost, or cabin pressurization. I was approached by a middle aged gent asking me to give a ride to his dad. I apologized and explained that unfortunately, I had to fly 100 miles away to take the jet for its annual inspection and then drive 2+ hours back to my home. Suddenly, the retired general in charge of the airshow (the air boss) begged me to fly this guy. As I was sitting in the jet ready to crank it up and go, a jeep showed up and about five beefy guys showed up to lift the old frail guy up to the cockpit. The man was old and hunched over and sickly looking—what could I do but fly the old, frail guy? In the Jet Provost you sit side by side, so I could easily see him. We flew to a nearby lake and I asked him if he wanted to fly, fully expecting him to say no. He nodded his head yes, which shocked me, and I let him have the stick and he took control. He sat straight up and fully alert, like a warrior of old, and flew the plane like Steven Canyon. It was as if 60 years were taken away from his age instantly—he did loops, aileron rolls, and lazy eights. When you’ve flown with Pappy Boyington, you’ve seen it all. I was stunned. After about 10 minutes in the air he looked over at me, gave the stick back, smiled and went back to hunching over and being 85 years old. He never said a word to me. For a few minutes his face said everything. For a few minutes he was alive and excited! I was not aware who the guy was. When we landed, the local TV stations were filming the show for the nightly news. I felt like Charles Lindbergh with all the attention. He then signed a book for me. See, this guy did gift me a ride of my lifetime, as he was the WWII ace Robert W. McClurg, Pappy Boyington’s wingman and a member of the Black Sheep Squadron, who shot down seven Japanese airplanes in WWII. What a guy! He died 2 years later. I will never forget this fighter pilot from the Marine Corps. A true ace. He was truly from the “Greatest Generation” that ever lived!
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    Caught 2 beautiful Rainbows. A 24" and a 23" on a nice, but overcast day not far from the house.
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    Well, that was kind of anticlimactic. It took less than twenty minutes to move the site and nothing broke off in transit. If you are seeing this, you are on the new server. Welcome to the other side.
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    PERSONAL Opinion here. Donald J. Trump lost this election because the WHOLE world was against him serving 4 more years. Simply put, he is NOT a Politician, Unlike EVERY other leader of any other country in the world. They are either Politicians, Kings, Monarchs, Dictators or just Tribal war lords. Never had a god damn job amongst em. He ran as AMERICA FIRST. And, he god damn did it. He, unlike most of the a$$hole Globalist Political presidents before him, were NOTHING BUT "Politicians". Donald J. Trump...Was a Business man, with the America First attitude. And it showed. He basically got America OUT of all the Globalist BS that bush and the halfrican got america into. The FIRST president to make ACTUAL Peace between Jews and MANY, not one..Arab States...and counting. Trump lost because, almost every entity in the world said..."How the Fcuk did this guy actually win?? He MUST NEVER win Again!!!" And THAT..in my opinion is what happened. Ya just can't have an ACTUAL American Citizen, who is NOT a Politician...President of the United States. He just doesn't understand the established "Rules".
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    Ummmm, perhaps theboresite can be Trump's new hangout spot. I mean, aren't we looking for a little revenue around here??? Welcome Mr. PRESIDENT!!
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    I've posted this before, but it is funny enough for another go. That's Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson, form Parks & Recreation) narrating.
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    In the 70s my dad’s friend bought one of the first Japanese imports that was supposed to have super high gas mileage. The guy was bragging about how little gas it used. My dad was sneaking over in the night with a gas can and filling his tank.
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    Betty White is 99 today. She said she likes feeding the ducks that come around every day on her little farm.
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    Nailed it early today. New York is suing them. They have some issues internally. So they pitched. Doesn't mean they are not an 800 pound gorilla when it comes to what they do. My suggestion is. Gut the board and get some real 2nd amendment advocates. Give Wayne a nice retirement and send him off to whatever. Thanks for raising us up. Thanks for the fund raising. But it's time for you to retire. Get a true president (like Heston) and solid spokesmen. Give up on the old and move forward. work hard at the local and state levels to defend the 2nd. Continue to be the leader in education...and while you are at it...update that too. The books are old. Welcome to TEXAS. They were founded in New York. Back when New York was ok with guns. Screw New York and their taxes. All new board members should wear white cowboy hats.
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    China is the new cancer to freedom and humanity. Its socialist / communist agenda is spreading world wide and people are too stupid to see what's coming.
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    After all the Christmas pixie dust has settled I find that I still have some disposable assets available, so off to the local camera shop for the 150-600mm lens I have been drooling over. Anyone else treat themselves after the tree has been taken down?
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    I offend them all the time. It is part of my charm, such that it is.
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    All year 'round. It should be a focus in life. **** them.
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    Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses
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    Restaurant Gives You A Discount If You Have Well-Behaved Kids
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    The other day I was reading where an elected mouth was saying that the incursion into the capitol required soul searching on the part of conservatives and Trump supporters. That bothered me. When BLM and ANTIFA was burning down homes and businesses, democrats were saying that the nation, meaning anyone that wasn't them, needed to do some soul searching and understand the frustration that was leading to the so called peaceful protests. I have a different idea. Maybe congress needs to do the soul searching. Maybe the supreme court needs to do the soul searching. Maybe the silicon billionaires need to do the soul searching. Maybe the FBI needs to search it's soul, if it has one. Perhaps Pelosi needs to search for a soul. I saw our elected mouths cowering behind desks with fear on their faces, but they delude themselves into thinking they are our leaders. I have no respect for that. I do have a great deal of respect for the men and women of law enforcement that were trying to protect those simpering wimps, what a tough job. A quick and brief rundown of recent abuses the people have suffered either at the hand of congress or with the support and inaction of congress will bring this into focus. Obamacare Illegal immigration False political prosecutions Draconian lockdowns Stolen elections Media moguls cover for the elected mouths. Rather than telling the truth they make up "narratives" and demand that everyone repeats them, if you don't repeat after them they ruin you personally. The list of grievances is much longer, it goes back decades. The one common thread is an ever growing and ever more corrupt government at all levels. Pushed by democrats and nudged by republicans who all get richer in the process. Our wealth is bleeding to overseas nations. Our children can't get a decent education from schools we are always paying more to support. Our constitution is a joke to them, the courts twist it to mean whatever they want at the time. Then one man dares to go against it all. He dares to keep his promises. The list of abuses he has suffered is long and growing longer. Americans show up to support him. A very small percentage of those get rowdy and cause a pitifully small amount of injury and damage compared to BLM and ANTIFA. But they want us to do the soul searching? Like hell! Let them search their own souls!
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    - Stop watching news on all major news networks. Stick to https://www.breitbart.com/ Every time you visit websites like cnn.com, you make them money through AD revenue. - Boycott these big tech companies: Amazon, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Apple. - Talk to family members and friends about what's going on and what to do if they value freedom at all. Lead by example!
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    I can't even express how horrible that was. The word amen...means in translation, "Let it be, so." Or "So, it shall be." As in...it is God's will. Awoman is what walks, drives a car, goes to work, does whatever Awoman wants to do. And that man claims to be clergy!
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    Yeah, I treated myself to a $300.00 plumbing bill today. Spreading that stimulus check to the sewer guy. $300.00 left over to eat out and tip heavy at our local places and the barber shop and wife's beauty shop. Those people I want to stimulate. tom.
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    It's profit disguised as paying for clerical activity.
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    2020 gonna 2020 all the way to the end.
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    The burnt ends are burnt, the ribs are golden, the casserole is casseroled, the pie is baked and the eggs are deviled. A few loose ends in the morning, cook the ham and potatoes get the casserole heated, and a pan of biscuits, we'll be eating high on the hog. Lost-In-Laws are coming over, not sure if anyone else will show up, but hope so. No matter, they were invited. Merry Christmas Y'all.
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    Well, dear friends and (dare I to hope) long-time readers, the time has come. I have just finished the final story in my little collection of reminiscences of my Navy service. Sea Story #55 "Meeting A Legend" is done, and I am about out of material that anyone would find even remotely entertaining. If you have enjoyed reading my stories, I am glad to know it. If you have been peeved by their continual intrusion into your inbox or website browser, I apologize. I hope I haven't bothered you too much with my relentless distribution of them. I will soon be starting a much larger literary project. If it pans out in time, I'll let you know where to find it. I'm hoping it will turn out well. Thanks for your interest, your encouragement and your patience. All the best in the coming year as America charts its uncertain course through murky waters and strong currents. Stand fast, and Merry Christmas to you all, Gunboat1 LCDR, USN (ret)
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    How else are we supposed to bring joy into our Christmas season?
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    "The Christmas Star" is visible in the low southwest, very shortly after sunset. The first time it's been visible in over 800 years.
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    Hoodie--hooded sweatshirt Kicks--shoes Script--prescription Smash--eat something quickly (devour) OR to have casual sex with someone Throw shade--speak bad of someone Come at me--stop running your mouth and show me what you got Other day was in the grocery and the guy in front of me asked the checkout girl if she had a WAP. Her face almost hit the counter followed by a dirty look from her and she said nothing to him from there on out. I actually did not hear him say it, 6 feet away and such but she told me about this when I approached the counter. I did not know what it meant, but she told me it is a phrase that is associated with Cardi B. When I got home I looked it up and my jaw dropped too. Feel free to look it up for yourself, but be ready for your jaw to drop. Yes, this is my first post here and no that is not my real name. You can fill in the blanks as far as the story behind it, I am sure it is not that difficult. I have not seen an official introduce yourself thread, but I might have missed it. Anyways, hello from Northern Wisconsin. It has been a while since I have been shooting. The two ranges near me are shut down, one because people cannot manage to hit the berm at the back of the range that is literally bigger then the broad sides of two barns, and the other was shut down because of damage done to the shooting stalls and now they say Covid is the cause. On the plus side I now have more ammo in varied calibers then I have ever had in my life.
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    Fellers i actually work within the Right to Life movement (fund raising) and just helped raise about $64,000 for a women's pro-life clinic for a new ultrasound machine. Our work is cut out for us. But there's plenty of room for more to help save lives. This twisted thinking...that some lives are worth more than others...is a crime against humanity as well as God. There's plenty of work out there for us. Lots of wonderful pro-life organizations would love to have you help. I tell you: The next step will be putting down the old.
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    He was rushing to fry her for 17 years! Orange Man bad!
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    If this illegitimate election, due to wide spread cheating, is allowed to stand, then, as we see in Georgia, voting no longer is a means to redress grievances at the ballot box. Unless this is addressed, the voter fraud and other cheating practices, no voting will extract this invasive tumor.
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    Sort of feels like this to me.
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    rofl , Piper made cookies for santa and reindeer , you got a carrot with icing with m and m's
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