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    Went to town yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. Got the call from my grand daughter that she was having contractions so I headed to the hospital. 9 hours later my second great grandkid was born. 21 inches and 8.11 pounds of little girl cuteness. Ahead full of dark hair and ling fingernails. She is a cutie. Got to hold her when she was only minutes old.
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    I’m sorry to hear about your injuries, man. I hope you heal quickly. Very glad to hear that your grandson was not badly hurt.
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    Suzy spent the day making cookies and loaded up the Grinch cookie jar with Ginger snaps, Butterscotch and Chocolate chip cookies. I figured that the cooky jar need something to make it stand out and I figured that in these twisted times, the Grinch just might self identify as a vegan female.
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    I has a new beagle puppy
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    It's official. We have too much time on our hands.
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    Pic is a little more than a month old now; the breeder temporarily named her Laney, but her forever name is Rosie.
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    I don't feel so bad now. I was maybe napping a little bit in the tree stand this afternoon when I woke up and looked down...at a big ol doe right beneath me. I couldn't move, cause she could see me. Had to wait until she ever soooo slowly moved away and behind another tree. Shouldered the shotgun and waited FOREVER for her to come out from behind that tree. Which she finally did. Freezers full now and I don't have to go bow hunting in the cold in January unless I really want to. Yea!
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    Most commercial products do not have a 50% profit built in, more like a 2% profit after all of the costs are absorbed. I have never quite understood endorsements. Why should I care that some pampered athlete or movie star consumes the product? I pay them to entertain me for a few hours, not tell me what to wear or what to buy. However, I do understand the attraction for weaker minds. The illusion of sharing someone else's accomplishments simply by buying a pair of shoes is enticing.
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    She looks like a beautiful companion worthy of a good pack. I might consider "Gem". since she appears to me to be one.
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    Just Joined " The Black Dragon Fighting Society" I'm a certified bad a** now.
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    Oh man! Sorry to hear about this terrible wreck. I hope you heal completely, and thank goodness your grandson was unharmed.
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    $1,731.00 per year. tom.
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    It's actually aggrivated battery. You made contact by use of an object with intent to do harm. Should be felony douchbage.
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    Doomberg's parents need to be held accountable for brainwashing, exposing and sacrificing their aspergery child's childhood.
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    Ever wonder why a country that has a national obsession with Godzilla, Mothra, et al would consider the probability of a mag 9 earthquake generated tsunami too unlikely to plan for?
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    Looks like Gizmo, or whatever it was, from one of those Gremlins movies.
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    For this they took an oath of office and take taxpayers money with little regard for the taxpayer. Their single obsession is for their party's control over the people. They believe in nothing else. We have met the enemy!
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    I had a 1stSgt who was a pathfinder in Vietnam he got loose at the NCO club one night and started telling stories. Fine man, badass I would see some Pvt give him crap and just want to “wall locker counsel” him .
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    I love being in the zone when I'm chasing a rabbit. I feel like someday I might as well just cosplay as Elmer Fudd already. 🤪
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    I'm aware of the pilots. When people have planes in their front yard, I think it's safe to assume
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    Wow. Make sure to count your blessings this holiday season. And forever Seems we have motorcycle fatalities daily here. I would think our ridership is possibly higher here since the weather is (mostly) conducive but it saddens the mother in me non-the-less. Usually young people with so much life ahead of them. Give that grandson a BIG hug from me.
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    man i do not know how many times me and friends did this , man i miss those days . me and my dad would even use the tree hoist to turn tractor tires dude on left has that familar crow bar used to help push and pull to line up bell housing rofl . did that many a time
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    You apparently suffer from TDS. He can't 'do whatever he wants'. His efforts to exercise powers that are clearly his as laid out by the constitution have been repeatedly obstructed by leftists taking suits to selected federal judges who then rule against the president and tie him in red tape. His attempts to secure funding for the border wall have been fought tooth and nail by democrats in congress (the same democrats who can be seen in video recordings from before Trump was elected voicing their strong support of exactly the same things they now hue and cry about when Trump tries to accomplish them). If you haven't seen this play out time and again, then you're either not paying attention to what's going on, or are being willfully obtuse. I suspect the latter, given the amount of shade I see you throwing on the president. The president doesn't operate in a vacuum, and is not a dictator. If you are unable or unwilling to acknowledge this, then that's your failing. -Pat
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    I married my college sweetie. She was the right choice.
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    This photo depicts Peter Freuchen and his third wife, Dagmar Cohn. Freuchen traveled to Greenland and rode a dogsled 600 miles to hunt and trade with the Inuits. He is wearing a coat made from a polar bear that he killed himself. In 1910, Freuchen was stuck in a blizzard and buried in the snow. He dug himself out of the ice by making a knife from his own frozen feces.
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