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    May be delayed. This was to be my last “official” week. With everything going on and all of us working from home, the transition to the new accounting office/team might be a little tough. They had already asked me to consult for a couple of weeks (at twice my pay) and I agreed, of course 😛. I told them today, I’m flexible. I’m old school dedicated. Probably a dying breed but it is what it is.
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    He simply cannot stay out of public places. Especially convenience stores. He thinks this covid **** is a big joke. I'm retiring to the remote cabin for the time being. I'll come in to reprovision the beer supplies and grab some moose meat from the freezer.
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    Maybe leave the executioner mask and double headed axe at home next time? Sent from my Jackboot using Copatalk
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    I tried to donate blood, but apparently it has to be your own and not in a bucket.
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    I'm always happiest taking people in small doses. Like, more than 2 hours is too long. I like the internet because I can shut it off and walk away without being accused of being rude.
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    Thanks to all for your help. My mother called today and she sounded good. My sister says her appetite is good. She is missing her cigarettes, but is generally doing better.
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    From the article; " On Wednesday of this week a prominent oyster provider for D.C. area restaurants was forced to let 350+ workers go. Readers can likely imagine that more than a few lack any kind of familial safety net. It’s also not unreasonable to guess that many won’t be receiving a $1,200 check on account of the under-the-table nature of their employment." Maybe they can live on their savings from where they banked all of their tax money that they should have paid.
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    The idiocy of the governor of MI is making me testy, telling people to call 911 and report on their neighbors for violating her shelter in place order. PER HER OWN ORDER, people can still... Go to the grocery store or pick up take-out food. Go to the pharmacy to pick up a needed prescription. Engage in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, biking. Go to the hospital or secure any care necessary to address a medical emergency or to preserve your health or the health of a loved one. Fill your car with gas. Return to Michigan to a home or place of residence from outside the State. Leave the State for a home or residence elsewhere. Walk your pets and take them to the veterinarian for needed medical care. Soooo, explain to me how swamping 911 with calls about OMG THE NEIGHBORS ARE ON THEIR PORCH! is going to do anything except prevent people who are actually in danger from getting thru to 911, and actually getting the help they need when their lives are truly threatened? I have been remarkably UNtesty about everything about this. Mostly I have been mildly amused, due to the number of people who have called me to apologize for thinking our prepping was crazy over the years, and asking if they could borrow a gun (NOT MINE!). But this particular bit of stupidity and the utter lack of common sense it shows, has me reaching heights of testy I haven't felt in years.
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    this last week ive seen more strays with collars in our hood then in 20 years , big dogs , lil dogs . i suspect some people go nutts and just dump animals as im guessing now they are scared or cant feed their fur family . PLEASE DO NOT THROW THEM OUT , when you get a fur family member think in your head YOU WILL DEDICATE YOUR LIFE TO THESE pets for THEIR LIFE WHICH COULD BE 1 TO 15 OR HIGHER YEARS YOU HAVE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER . RANT @@@@@@@@ FUR FAMILY MEMBERS LOVE 100 % , THEY COMFORT YOU , MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER WHEN SAD , AND WOULD DO WHAT THEY COULD FOR YOU 100 % FOR THEIR LIVES IF YOU CANT LOOK AND SEE WHAT IT COSTS TO OWN A PET , HAVE EMERGENCY FUND FOR INJURIES OR SICKNESS AND HAVE 15 YEARS TO SHARE LIFE THEN GET A ****ING FISH RANT OVER .
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    Please, wash your hands for 20 seconds. Thanks!
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    You’ve got to love Palmetto State Armory. It’s been less than a week since Biden stuck his foot in his mouth concerning the ‘AR-14’ and Palmetto has already released an AR commemorating his comments. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-angryjoe-14-ar-14-stripped-lower-receiver-preorder-item-8-10-weeks-delivery.html
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    So, as your friendly neighborhood police officer, I've been given many things to help with the latest virus. Gloves, masks, gas mask, a level C Hazmat suit, all of which I used in real life the last few weeks. A local Bourban Distillery stopped making bourban and started making hand sanitizer. In the trunk of my police car, I have a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer, which is essentially just god awful whiskey, but it works. I thank the Distillery for helping us out.
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    My Uncle and Godfather WWII. He served with Audi Murphy. Family story is that Audi intervened with the higher ups to allow my uncle to go into the Italian town where his father and my Grandfather were born to bring food and supplies. At the time soldiers were not allowed into the towns. Never could really verify because he never wanted to talk about the war. I lost him this past year.
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    I have always been pretty much a loner. From a young age, I would wander off into the woods with a bb gun, fishing pole, or both, and be gone all day while all the kids in the neighborhood would be gathered playing games. Later on when I got my first .22, I set the bb gun aside and would wander off with the Ruger and or a fishing pole. My parents even got an old church bell to summon me home since they could never find me at dinner time. I remember many teachers and other adults telling me that my antisocial behaviors were unhealthy. I always just shrugged it off and continued on as I always had. I was not a total isolationist, I had friends, but I was very selective about who they were and I never cared what people thought nor did I ever aspire to be the popular one, or succum to peer pressure, I just always did and still do my own thing. So, I was thinking just a little while ago. I wonder how many of those that lectured me on my anti social tendencies are now sitting in bed suffering the effects of their social interaction? I would guess that they would also be going stir crazy, but I suppose they just have their faces stuck to their dumb phones doing Freakbook. I am not trying to be critical of those that like to socialize, I just have always chosen not to, and it seems that it may be working in my favor now. Any other crusty old hermits here on the bore site?
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    A fire observation tower and cottage in a national forest. I would rather hang out with nature than people.
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    There's a big difference between being comfortable alone and feeling lonely.
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    I like the bell to summon you. When I was a kid my parents would blast the horn on the family station wagon. If we didn't show up, the next summons was the air horns on dad's truck. If we were too far away to respond to that, we'd get an ass chewing. But of course we always had an excuse. We thought it was a log truck, or some other handy excuse. We were off in the woods a lot.
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    🐾 Smile File Tuesday!🐾 K9 Bane is ready for anything! Be well and be kind to one another! 💙 *Disclaimer: K9 Bane is in no way trying to diminish the seriousness of the COVD-19 pandemic. We're just trying to bring a smile to your feed* — at St. Francis Police Department.
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    Not everything is black and white.
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    My first carry revolvers. Very well worn from use carried every day. Stumbled upon these today in the attic. Any idea where I can get the cartridges and gray projectiles that they used. And the Greenie Stickum Caps..? My mom hated finding the bullets all over the house.. Fine Single Action Revolvers from my youth...
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    I like to see old pics. Please share them. Where was the farm at ? This is my Mother, Grandfather and my Uncle who had just returned from fighting the Japs in 1945. My grandparents were farmers in East Texas for their entire lives. I remember as a small child tagging along with my Grandfather when he was plowing the fields with a Mule and Plow.
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    When hate is uppermost in your mind, you find it everywhere you look. Even when it's not there! We have a common heritage. Nothing can erase that.
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    Eric, Can your database hold them all? I mean...that is a lot of data. I'm thinking petabytes...maybe even Exabyte.
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    I made this bread knife for each of my kids homes.
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    She is, thanks and thanks to all of you for your support. It is much appreciated.
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    While I disagree with large parts of their form of Government, I remain steadfast in my belief that she is one classy lady.
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    Go to the cabin and have the utilities shut off for 30 days at the house
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    Spring break was ridiculous here in Florida. People coming from near and far, to congregate, inebriate, and copulate. Is this the grandson in EMS? Shame on him. When a squad member goes down, he'll change his tune. Yeah, get to the cabin and remain there. Nothing wrong with isolating yourself from idiots, even if they are family.
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    No, I am not testy. And if you don’t quit pestering me, I am going to come over there and kick your ass.
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    I am starting to see the point of the ISIS suicide bomber who got a work from home order.
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    No, these are actually beneficial snakes. Rodent hunters, so I relocated him three miles away where there are more rodents than chicken eggs.
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    There are some astonishingly good things happening right now. There's a little old couple that live next to me. In the last few days the husband cleaned his entire back yard and made a little place of peace...and yesterday in the chair he built...i saw him sitting there holding his wife's hand. They were enjoying a lovely day under the trees with a little music...and some coffee or tea. I wanna be like him when i grow up.
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    I have few close friends, and almost all of my hobbies can be done alone... reading, shooting, and hiking. I don't like having to count on others to have a good time. I don't think of myself as anti-social, just independent. So, I'm with you in sentiment.
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    They shut down our area Animal Humane Society. The good news is every dog that was in there got adopted before they closed.
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    So does my sister-in-laws cooking. Kills most things, anyway.
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    I posted that silly meme about being telling your grandkid in 50 years that during the Great Toilet Paper Run/Covid19 mess, you were the Tailgunner on a Charmin Delivery Truck... and a friend responded that we need morale patches that say "Charmin Truck Tailgunner" - I laughed and thought, yes we do... What other morale patches do we need for this CF?
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    Iron your bills. Old trick if you need a nice, crisp & clean bill to put in a gift card.
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    There are little strips of metal in some bills (newer) that might react poorly. Gwalchmai has a good idea. Just don't let the authorities know you're laundering cash.
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    Post your Coronavirus humor/commentary here.
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    They are actors. The pretend for a living. Can't they just pretend that all is well?
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    That's the Illudium Q=36 Space Modulator. Apparently, you have not been exposed to enough Bugs Bunny.
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    I'm out of bread too. Fortunately, I LOVE to bake. Making Irish soda bread today. Have dough in the fridge that I made yesterday to make a pizza for dinner. As long as I have flour and yeast, I'm a happy girl.
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