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    It's not WWIII until France surrenders.
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    You have an issue with the press. In other countries where they still have a more traditional press and the police don't release names of film you don't see this as much. The other issue you have is everyone and the uncle has a phone with a video camera on it and you get them slapped on youface or whatever other video system people want to use. Canada is a great example of this. Someone does something horrible there...your memory vanishes...and you don't become some kind of twisted rock star of doom. There is no public video. No picture of you on the news or in the press. They don't even use you your name. But if you really want an answer: The thing that will stop this. When people start giving a crap about each other. These people are sick and have long track records. Many of them should have been placed in a metal institution long ago but we closed those down. Now there's a population of people who are nuts and feel this is a way to live forever...there is not one case i am aware of where this was a first time offense for someone. (except for terrorists) Hell most of them out themselves on social media as being twisted. You can see this a mile away.
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    Yes, but that doesn't rhyme. How about this!
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    The only time I take my gun out at a restaurant is during earthquakes. Then, I have the front door all to myself.
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    They both can go get stuffed. tom.
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    Oh I failed almost right away!
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    okay, I've done enough math for the day. Only used a paper and pen, no slide rulers involved. I started a HAM radio class, one of the first assignments involves circuits with both series and parallel resistors. I signed up for the class kind of last minute. First class was last Tuesday, and my books for the class should show up tomorrow. And for those that want to know, it's the general license class. I don't have the technician license, so will have to take both tests at the end of class. Class instructor said we could also take the extra license exam at the same time if we want. And no, I don't have a call sign yet, or even a radio at this point. I want to put one in my truck eventually, so figured I'd start by getting licensed and go from there.
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    slowing down in winter can save the lives of others as well... also don't be a dick, secure your load..
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    The narrator sounds a bit like Jack Webb.
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    They all make your pee more expensive.
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    It is midnight at the oasis. Please put your camel to bed.
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    When I was working in Data Processing.... I would much rather hear someone say 'I don't know' than give me well intended, but wrong information. Things in that field changed so quickly, that it was often beneficial NOT to remember something - because it was likely different in six months.....
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    I'm sorry, but my belief in Jesus forces me to believe he would be far quicker in his reloads.
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    Too bad she couldn't gut him first.
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    Heh, heh, heh... “Apparently people don't like the truth, but I do like it; I like it because it upsets a lot of people. If you show them enough times that their arguments are bull****, then maybe just once, one of them will say, 'Oh! Wait a minute - I was wrong.' I live for that happening. Rare, I assure you” ― Lemmy Kilmister
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    The local home depot was fresh out of 400-ft tape measures.
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    BOY - you want that thumb, keep it outta there! "The DI" - Jack Webb
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    So a buddy on facebook just posted something I had never considered before. Because there are always pregnant women around, the average number of skeletons inside of a body is always greater than 1...
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    Probably to be replaced by another one just like him. There is a reason that I avoid fast food.
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    When I was being mustered out of the Navy at Pensacola, I spend two weeks on Shore Patrol. My orders were to find something to write up the Naval Air Cadets. That place in the middle of Summer is like a sauna! I saw those poor cadets doing double time between classes, sweating like a pig and out of breath, and thought of a good way for me to pass my time. So I would find the first cadet doing double time and tell him to walk with me and I would escort him to his class. If the cadet were stopped by upperclassmen to admonish them for not doing double time, I would tell them that "he's mine!", and they would leave him alone. I was surprised that in that heat and humidity, they didn't kill people doing that! You should have see some of the looks I got from the cadets, they would thank me profusely. Two weeks later I was gone!
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    "I wuv you, Max." "I wuv you, too, Winnie. Let's go pee on somebody's tires!"
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    Another time. I mentioned previously, we lived in an old mansion and my father rented the unused rooms to college students. We had another house nearby that was rental properties too. My father went uptown and my sister was in her room on second floor. I was bored and looking to get into some trouble. I had a knack for it. I pondered the moment and got my Model 1886 Winchester lever action in .33 WCF. and a shell. My father let me use a basement room for shooting .22 into a sandbox. The foundation walls were three foot thick Granite blocks so unless I shot the ceiling, the bullets stayed in the room. Anyway, I loaded one round into the rifle and squeezed it off. The concussion brought down a layer of dust and dirt from the joists that came down in a layer so thick you couldn't see through it when it passed eye level. Somehow, I heard the bullet, after it went through my box of sand and took a two inch deep chunk out of the cement wall behind it, and it seemed to ricochet forever. I wasn't worried. I just stood their listening to it and believed that momentarily I would be dead from the bullet. Well, it finally quit. And surprising to me, I still lived. Of course, I was instantly damned near deaf, so I could barely hear my sister coming down two flights of stairs in about three steps. She suddenly appeared before me screaming at the top of her lungs, "What the hell happened? It sounded like all Hell broke loose. This was from the second floor too! Anyway, she looked at me and I must have triggered some maternal instinct because she then said, "We won't talk about this anymore!" Eventually my father got home and had to listen to the tenants asking what the explosion was. He asked my sister and I, but we hadn't heard a thing. MY ears are still ringing as I write this, much, much later.
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    I'm anxious for when in the far future someone digs up my back yard and finds a Ground Bee nest preserved in Urethane foam. they may think its an altar.
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    ...all the crying out loud about the "gun violence" and "demoralization through firearms" takes away something very special from some of us. I've just been a witness to something very touching today...and I'm about to share with You Guys some observations. My Buddy has a young son who's just not exactly one of your regular kids. After 3 or 4 years of struggle he's out of the public schooling system. He needs much more attention and patience than his peers. I won't go into the details, but let me tell you that it's far more challenging than most people would think. Second year in a row we take him out for a shooting. Two of us, since he does require a bit more attention than an average kid. It's incredible to watch him patiently follow all the safety rules. Maintaining the muzzle discipline and engaging the safety at the right moments. He's sincerely engaged and happy. Of course there are some associated struggles, but he made such a great progress since the last year...that there is no comparison really. Measuring success in this case is much more difficult than usual, but it was such a heartwarming experience to watch these two (Father and Son) out there having the best time together. I've learnt a lot each time and it feels like just by being there I've became a bit better person. Now, think about it every time You are told that the firearms are evil....and so are their owners. I beg to differ...You know. Getting here requires 4x4 and some extra effort. It's 14:30 and the Sun is going down...these are some of the shortest days of the year. Father and Son. Steel targets in the background. Me playing with the SKS.
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    El Tovar Hotel, built on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, opened in 1917. Designed as a ‘destination resort’ the El Tovar is 50 feet from the edge and the first of a trend of rustic resorts when railroads built large hotels in scenic locations.
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    Many countries have a policy of not printing the names of mad men like this let alone their photographs. It tends to drive down the number of people who consider such stupid ideas from seeing it as a positive way to go.
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