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    I am out just driving around Texas. I visited Eric yesterday. Today, I am wondering around backroads. I found myself in Lindale Texas and that is when I saw this place. I had to go in. Yep, a guitar and gun shop. Really bad ass vibe in an old building.
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    Folks, I don't know what prompted all the scat joke posts and threads recently, but I would really appreciate it if you would all give it a rest. I am continuing to try to find a line here that gives everyone more freedom than I allowed on GT, while maintaining a healthy site, that appeals to as many people as possible. There has to be a line somewhere though and this topic is really pushing it. I created the Man Cave club to give everyone a place to let their hair down a bit. If you want to post about stuff like this, please do it there. Not everyone wants to see that sort of thing in the public forums. ok?
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    Society has changed a lot since I started GT twenty-one years ago. The technology at my disposal has changed substantially as well. I'd like to make this place as receptive to everyone's sensibilities as possible, but the line is getting pushed into areas I am not comfortable with. It is difficult to set and maintain standards of conduct that I don't agree with. In all my years running these sites, I've found that no matter what I do, I will anger/alienate someone and no matter where I put the line, someone will try to push it further. It can be damned frustrating. I'll keep plugging away though and I'll ask everyone here to help me make this a place that we can all be comfortable with.
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    Prime rib of pork Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    A windshield is about 25 times bigger than a rear view mirror for a reason. I try not to look back.
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    There is a terrible old joke about that. The young lady gets stuck in the ditch. Along come a 4x4 and it stops to help. She thanks the guy for stopping. He says you're the second pregnant woman I have pulled out of the ditch today. She exclaims, oh but I'm not pregnant! He says, your not out of the ditch yet either.
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    His speech to the United Nations was brilliant. He is so blunt, so straightforward, so politically incorrect. Those corrupt douchebags should have someone dress them down, and Trump just did.
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    I left this open earlier in case Boogieman chose to respond. I probably should have closed it. I am going to do so now. If I ever do anything that upsets any of you, please drop me a private message and we can discuss it. Threads like this accomplish nothing. Thanks. Eric
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    From pit bulls to anal sex on the second post. Who needs 10 pages.. who needs GT..
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    No way, man, They can bite you from the back door too. And they don't let go til it thunders. You think rabies is bad, try assbies.
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    Update: We have exceeded our goal thanks to tremendous support and an amazing article written by Chadwick Moore for dangerous.com. We have now retained an excellent attorney, better than we had originally hoped for. I cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the support. I'm leaving the fundraiser up for the duration to cover costs if we decide to pursue civil litigation after we win the criminal case. If we decide not to pursue civil litigation, whatever is left over will be split up between someone else's defense and Keith's 529 college fund https://fundly.com/defense-fund-for-keith-bailey-1 They damn well better file civil charges against the school, the little snot nosed lying POS girls, their parents and the Police department.
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    Remember where and who initiated the process in this mess. it was the school personnel. These educators are indoctrinating our children to their personal beliefs, and not to the standards that our civil and judicial process are based upon. Our children are not being educated they are being indoctrinated! This boy has been vilified by a thought that was taught to children in school, that if you believe you are offended, then nothing is too outrageous to further your feelings of satisfaction over others. Educators are teaching our children that what you feel is more important than the reality surrounding you. The reality is that everybody has feelings, and at some point, everybody will feel offended by the conscious or inadvertent actions of others. This is something that must be understood. It is a fact of life, that it is not all about you! The process of maturing is learning to accept the deficiencies of others, and to ensure that your actions are based on proper behavior. That some people will do things and it is not your responsibility to rehabilitate them. That you should first take care of your own house, before you worry about correcting others. Our children are being taught that their feelings are more important than other peoples feelings. They are being told that if they are offended by perception, no matter how slight, others must be punished. To justify the punishment, it is acceptable to embellish the offense because it is more important to punish others, than to give them the curtesy of defending themselves. They are being taught that nobody else counts, that the offended rights trump the rights of those being accused. When this is projected into society, society will fracture to the extent that everyone is against everyone else. Each perceived offense will necessitate forming like minded groups to punish the offenders. Then for each new perceived offense, new groups will be formed, ad infininatum. The obvious result is that each and every individual will be trying to punish every one else. It is the end of a society and the loss of everyone's freedoms.
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    If you are going to leave because you got called on repeatedly trolling another member, then I’m sorry to see you go. You were the one in the wrong though. On the other hand, you could stay and we could simply move on. This wasn’t a big deal.
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    Blue Knob sounds like the name for a gay bar.
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    Stack right under Obama's college records, immigrations status, and real birth certificate.
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    I'm 64 and seen a lot of president. Trump is the second best post WWII president. Eisenhower is first. He is focused on what is important and undoing decades of bad policies. And what is even more amazing is how he is not bothered by all the bad attacks by the media. He is simply amazing. We need him elected for a second term.
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    Found this tiny girl in the 7-11 parking lot yesterday. She's at mom's now, who just got a new pet she wasn't expecting. Extremely friendly and loving, out-going.
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    Because he wasn't raped by Brett Kavanaugh in 1981,