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    Today I had the distinct honor and privilege of giving a little car ride to my 92 year old stepdad and Purple Heart survivor of the Pusan Perimeter, Jet. He's been cooped up in ChinaVirus quarantine for months now, so he was ready to go for a spin.
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    Maybe sniffing too many hair care products can give you Alzheimer’s.
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    I have killed 20 moose with archery equipment.
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    Picked him up with the name Pocky and Mom came up with name Shaggy. At the Humane Society he tried to escape my car. But I think he is pretty happy now.
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    So, are people who support Chauvin considered Chauvinists?
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    I think they just took offense at my Easter decorations.
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    In the realm of unexpected outcomes hang gliding saved my uncles life. He was young, he wanted a hang glider. My grandma didn't want him to get one. My uncle wasn't really a rebel, but if he got an idea he tried it, had to discover things for himself. I guess that's why he owns patents for aerospace technologies. Anyway, back before the aerospace stuff he got the hang glider. Some friends wanted him to go hiking/backpacking with them but he said no he was headed to the coast to try out his new hang glider. The friends went hiking without him. Mount Saint Helens blew and the friends were never found. My uncle was at the coast and survived not only flying his hang glider but also the mountain erupting. My grandmother said she took it as a sign to let him do his thing, it might even work out in the end.
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    If you can repeatedly say "I can't breathe," YOU CAN BREATHE. Good riddance to that piece of subhuman detritus. He's far outplayed his worth.
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    *begin rant* This is supposed to be a forum where we post random content, and post random comments about what's been posted. Knock off the arguing about who's posting what, and who's ignoring who. It doesn't do ANYTHING to improve the quality of this thread, and just annoys people. If you don't like someone or whatever, feel free to start a new thread. If you want to argue anything political, take it to the "politics" forum. those of us not directly involved are getting really tired of this crap, and It's just a matter of time before our behavior on here forces Erik to start having to intervene. I personally really like this place, and hate making more work for the big guy, so could you please try to show a little respect for all he's done by not having pissing contests about everything? I might be out of line saying all this, but I think some of you are forgetting this place is here for a reason, and it isn't just to try to put others down. Everyone has a right to disagree, but this particular thread is not the place for it. *end rant*
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    Bart of Tad has been named this year's Cadbury Bunny. Eric was in the running, but Cadbury realized that there wasn't enough chocolate in the world to form a Big Giant Head. All hail, Tadbart!
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    Well, the followup to this is that she doubled down on the insanity, and I blocked her. This was the third time she's been nasty in my threads, and while I am sorry for the slew of awful things that have happened to her over the past decade, (none of which I had anything to do with causing, nor could I have prevented), I have come to the realization that 1) just because someone is a blood relative is no reason to tolerate behavior I wouldn't tolerate from a friend, and 2) pity is also not a good reason to tolerate behavior I wouldn't take from someone I wasn't sorry for. I came to the sudden realization that she has added nothing positive to my life in the last 30 years, and in the last two she has contributed only irritation and stress, and I am better off without that. Now, if I apply those standards to everyone else in my life... she is still the only person I have to remove. So I guess I'm not the one with the problem. Or at least, with that particular problem, of being a doormat to rude, crazy people.
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    because happy, emotionally stable people are harder to make money off of, or have power over.
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    Amazon's China **** arriving late in Europe.
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    Putin is an *******, and a political chess player. I kinda like the guy.
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    Recent events have once again shown light on an issue that has caused some friction here before. I’ve discussed this matter with several members privately, but it is a continuing concern. I am talking about posting habits. The posting guidelines I have always followed really boil down to nothing more than asking everyone to be considerate with each other. That means being considerate with your posting habits as well. Posting so much content in another member’s thread, or in one of the forum’s community threads (like Random Posting, Doggos, etc), that everyone else’s content gets buried by pages of your posts is inconsiderate. If you want to post that much content, start a new thread. You can start a new thread that you will use on a continuing basis for your content, or you can start threads that are specific to a given topic. Or you can do both. New threads make the site show better in search engines, it allows members to find content they want to see more quickly and easily and it allows other people’s content to still get some attention, in other threads. Memes have been around a while and they are here to stay. Many people enjoy them. Many do not. Posting them provides very little benefit to the site. They do very little for our search engine placement and they do even less to encourage conversation between members, which is the natural goal of a site like this. The only value they have is that many people here enjoy reading them, so they will always have a place here. That place really shouldn’t be in other people’s threads or in community threads that are not set aside for them however. Not in any numbers, anyway. Having pages and pages of such content in threads like Random Posting chokes out the content that the thread was really intended for. This is an issue I should have addressed decisively sooner. All the memes being posted in threads like that do not belong there. We need to set up a thread(s) specifically for memes and/or members should start new threads to contain the ones they want to post. They people who want to see such content can easily seek it out and the people who do not like such content can easily avoid it. The problem isn’t only with memes though. Recently, there have been dozens of pages of knife and firearm content posted in the Random Posting forum. We have a knives thread running that could use the knife content and if you all want, we can start a similar thread for all the firearms pics and such. I realize that this is a firearms site and we gave plenty of forums for knife/firearms content, but I also realize that we don’t have enough traffic here yet so that it is worth the effort for many to post such content in the regular forums. I have no problem with it being posted in this forum, but I would like to see it organized into dedicated threads, for everyone’s sake. If people want to post memes, I say post memes. Same for gun pics and knife pics and dog pics, etc. let’s just start doing a better job of organizing it. I understand that there are those that don’t like memes, or other types of content and I am willing to try to make changes here to accommodate you all, but if you have a problem with any aspect of the site, including other members’ posting habits, please contact me directly and personally, so we can discuss them. I want this place to run smoothly and I want to make it as good a fit as possible, for as many of you as possible. I need everyone’s help to make this happen though. If any of you have anything constructive to add, please feel free to do so below. If you have any suggestions on how we can structure things to try to make this a better place, I would love to hear them. Truly. For now, those of you that post large amounts of anything, please start posting in fresh threads, or in existing threads that are set apart for that sort of content specifically. I am going to set up a memes and firearms threads right now.
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    From the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches. Dennis Prager explains. https://www.prageru.com/video/why-are-so-many-good-things-being-destroyed/
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    Trump would already have a new canal being built around the stuck ship. Problem solved.
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    This whole stimulus BS is just another piece of the liberal puzzle that is destroying our once fine Nation.
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    Can't win the ghetto lottery playing it safe and acting like a human.
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    The more I’m around people, the more I appreciate animals.
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    Well Done! Thank him for us all!
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    Wrong. They have created and stoked an environment of mistrust, lack of cooperation, disobedience, extreme unlawful behavior, aggression, hostility, assault and attempted murder of police and other authority. It permeates many urban environments, especially in minority areas. They are using the mess they have carefully orchestrated to try and bring down our society, through intimidation and mayhem. It was in that environment that the officers encountered Saint George of the 'Hood. They are responsible for the atmosphere they have made, and continue to foster, and for its effects on race relations, public discourse, and the reactions to their behaviors. They own it.
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    This wasn’t an adult, but my oldest brother. I was in 4th grade and he was in middle school when he came home one day with a new word. The word was lesbian and he said it meant that you like girls. Me and my two brothers walked around for several days saying we were lesbians, until someone told us the rest of the story.
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    Guys, I have had enough of this. I hate being put in the position to have to play the heavy, but once again, this is where I find myself. If you want to participate on this site, the bickering and insults are going to stop. Right now. I have too much on my plate right now to deal with this crap.
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    My rule number one when it comes to self defense, carrying, and related firearms is: simplification. I try to eliminate as many variables as possible. Variables that distract, get in the way, delay my draw, may get caught on the holster or clothing, may cause me not to carry due to being too heavy, too big, too unconformable, may fail and throw me off in the moment, delay me in getting on target, may give away my position - like a light or laser, ...you get the idea. For a long time I wanted all the stopping power, all the expansion, high velocity, many rounds, laser and maybe even a red dot on my G29. Even in stock form it only took me a few month and I started leaving it at home. The best opportunity for improvement in the self-defense department lays in you. Find a highly reliable firearm that works for you and is rather compact, keep it stock for the most part, if you make changes like mag extensions - test it MANY times. Buy or reload quality ammo that feeds and cycles perfectly with zero hiccups, and then regularly train on moving objects. my 2 cents I carry a G42 with my own, long tested reloads, with Xtreme Penetrator projectiles from Lehigh for barrier penetration at 1400 FPS (hot 9mm league). A bad guy hiding behind a car door for example will still face lethal penetration. Its a small package that I like carrying even in our hot summer months. I wear shorts and t-shirt every single day, a full size frame will print, leaves marks on my hip and eventually stays at home. Add a light and consequently larger holster and I won't even start carrying it. Same applies for carrying 2 extra mags. I simply don't. I don't don't do mag dumps, that's a stupid habit resulting from bad or no ongoing training. Make every single round count. This perspective also makes you act responsibly for every round that leaves the barrel.
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    Kane Tanaka (田中カ子, Tanaka Kane, née Ota) (born 2 January 1903) is a Japanese supercentenarian, who is the world's oldest verified living person at age 118 years, 92 days.
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    I was in the movie Gardens of Stone, or rather my company and in one scene, my entire battalion, were the Old Guard soldiers throughout the movie. A handful of my buddies had closeup scenes, or actually had lines, but most of us were the window dressing. It was cool to be a part of it. Gardens of Stone was a novel about The Old Guard, written by a guy named Nicholas Proffitt, who was in Delta Company (my company), The Old Guard in the sixties. He spent a day with us early on in the project and he was a great guy. It was really interesting hearing his stories about what TOG was like in the sixties. He also wrote a Vietnam book called Embassy House, which I enjoyed. We also got to meet Francis Ford Coppola and the actors. The only actor that gave us the time of day though was James Earl Jones. There was a kind of meet-and-greet party and Jones actually hung out with us. He also beat the best beer chugger in my company hands down. That guy could drink the hell out of a beer. Coppola’s son was killed a couple of months into the filming. He was on the Potomac with the guy who was originally the lead actor in the movie. The actor was driving the boat and he went between two boats with a tow line between him. The line caught Coppola’s son in the head and swept him off the boat. They replaced that actor ( I can’t remember who it was) with James Caan and quite a bit of the movie had to be shot again. I was new to the unit and was a complete nobody, but it was very cool being a part of something like that, to the extent that I was. Coppola gave everyone involved in the movie, including everyone in Delta Company, a bottle of wine from his vineyard after everything wrapped up. The bottle had a letter of appreciation printed on the label. My entire platoon had a party a month or so later and every one of us, with only a couple of exceptions, opened their bottle and we all got drunk. I wish I had kept my bottle. Oh well.
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    I once had the forward gears go out in a 1963 dodge and drove the car home 10 miles in reverse through rush hour traffic in Los Angeles because I couldn't let the car sit overnight and I couldn't afford a tow truck.
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    Kelly Tshibaka. Sounds like Chewbaka. I can't imagine her being pinned up against the wall by Feinstien and taking it like a wuss.
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    Had a great start into the day with several blessings lining up, ranging from a 300 dollar refund case decided in my favor, one medical discomfort gone, 3 green trades in the market, got great news in the mail, and the weather is beautiful. Will be heading to the beach soon. I wish you all a happy weekend. Count your blessing my friends! Makes much more fun, and sense. Feel free to share...
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    “Science is the organized skepticism in the reliability of expert opinion.” ― Richard Feynman
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    Been a long time since I visited. My take... Chauvin will not be convicted. Pink Floyd ate his stash, He then was begging to get out of the car and was turning blue and foaming at the mouth. So he was laid on the ground and restrained by departmental approved means while EMS was enroute. He died before they got there. Happens every day. Implying that the knee restraint accelerated his death is baizuo jibberish. Keith Ellison is a political hack whose office is going up against a highly skilled defense team. Politically, it serves no political purpose to get a conviction. Floyds family already hit the ghetto lottery. No conviction means the riots for another summer ensue and the movement continues to bring the nation down further so clowns like Ellison can further their cause.
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    Yes he does. And he is tougher that that potato is by an order of magnitude.
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    Oh. I don’t watch the news anymore.
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