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    I don't give a pink frosted monkey **** what the "activists" think. They can go pound pig ****. That shot was as clean as they come.
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    Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    This why people like the squad should not be in the positions they are in. Tightening down on immigration is needed until we can assimilate the current immigrants and get rid of those that don't belong here. I might be blunt but we don't need people that want to destroy everything we have built.
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    If you actually do the math, E=Mc^2 is FAR more powerful than compounding interest.
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    Or the Minnesota version: Your the third pregnant woman I've helped out of the ditch this evening. But I'm not pregnant! You're not out of the ditch yet either!
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    Here is a picture of Glacier Girl as she was found in the glacier, after they tunneled down to her and cleared out a chamber around her, using hot water jets. And here she is restored to flying condition. I saw her in Dallas a few years ago. They did an outstanding job on the rebuild.
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    Hear, hear, sir., In the age before the telephone, one wrote letters and that activity was a slow, thoughtful process and I suggest that few ever sent their first drafts along. Second thoughts, consideration and above all courtesy went through the mail. Even in the days of the telephone, one did not make a long distance call on a whim, out of anger or in the heat of emotion. Long distance was expensive and one made the most of the minutes to conduct business, not keen and wail over some perceived slight. If you called long distance, it had better be important. Young'uns would be amazed and how much business was accomplished in weeks and months rather than hours. This is why I like trains. One had plenty of time to relax, ponder, think about things and make if not good decisions, then at least informed decisions.
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    Growing up together.
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    IN today's society, it might be considered brave by many to simply to hold to old values and principles, like this cop does.
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    According to an Ocean City Facebook group, he kept her company, talking to her while he escorted her across the intersection. Was it an act of extreme bravery? No, but it underscores the fact that a lot of people go into law enforcement because they just want to help people. Very NICE! She is somebody's mom and grandma.
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    And we didn't kill enough of them.
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    Reminds me of this one. Hey virgin. I'm not a virgin anymore ask your sister. I don't have a sister you idiot. Wait 9 months.
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    Drawing or reholsering most likely. My money is on reholster. Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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    I did some work in southern CA this summer. We were installing some custom-heated equipment (extra expensive) and wondered about it and asked a native how cold it gets there. He said, "Huh! Wow! I've seen it get down to 55°!"
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    The Big Giant Head sends this message: Stop while you are ahead.
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    "Siri, order me three large extra-bacon pizzas and two liters of mt. dew." "You are overweight and your heartrate has been accelerated lately. Sorry, Kerbie, I can't do that."
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    I really like this color combo.
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    Yes. And it's sad what liberal harassment has done to the whole of our society. This is just a taste of what a democracy would be like when the majority would make you comply.
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    They do get numb to our comments as time goes by. My answer when someone asks how long we have been married is, "It seems like forever". But as your wife does, my wife tells them how well I treat her, and she puts up with my smart ass remarks. Once in a great while, the apparent quip I throw out has some basis in fact, however at this point in our lives, nothing is worth getting very upset about. Death is closer than any other complaint I, or she, might have, so it's a matter of priorities.
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    Fishing lures are not designed to attract fish. They are designed to attract fishermen. Bush has it.
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    Manual transmission. No AC. My daughter once borrowed it and stuffed waay too many kids in it to drive to the hottest concert of the year. When they got 1/2 hour away, they realized that they had forgotten the newest CD, of the hottest band. They instantly decided that they had to turn around and get it. Now they're going to be late. But it'll be worth it, because ...Party!. She ran into the house, grabbed it, and they took off! Then they realized that the car didn't even have a CD player. She was pissed at me for being such a cheap bastage.
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