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    My grandson joined the Marines right after high school. He started as an aircraft (choppers) mechanic. They soon put him into Expediting where he excelled. Then he was asked to join the MCESG program. His first assignment was Bratislava Slovakia. Cool place. Only a few Marines at that detachment. He enjoyed the Austrian Alps and lots of time in the city. Next he was sent to Islamabad Pakistan. Lots of other Marines there and other Embassies and Consulates. No going out on the town there, but played lots of sports with people from the other countries. He took a trip to Africa and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. Toured around Europe. His last assignment was Georgetown Guyana in South America. 3rd world country. Only a few Marines there. No one to run around with as they were always working, sleeping, or training. Home now after 5 plus years. Applying to the State Troopers and taking college courses. All while building a cabin just up the road from me, his Grandpa. So glad he is home. He is a fine young man.
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    What it is, is a pointless discussion. What is going to happen on GT is going to happen. We can spend our time here bashing GT or we can enjoy ourselves on this new site and maybe make this a place we are proud to call home. That’s my thoughts on that. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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    NASA's InSight Mars probe successfully landed just where it was supposed after a six-month journey to Mars this afternoon. Can you fire a bullet at a moving target 40 million miles (64.4 million kilometers) away, have it decelerate from some 10,000 miles per hour (15,000 kilometers per hour) to less than 5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour) and not only hit the X-ring, but plop it gently down? And then take a selfie and phone home? For those not absorbed in meaningless, clever memes, this is gee whizz science at its best. This is who humans are, what we can do. Good job, lads and lasses. I made an error. I assumed that they would launch InSight such that it rendezvoused with Mars at Mars' closest approach, thus the 64 million mile figure. It appears that InSight traveled 300 million miles (482 million kilometers.)
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    Her Dad has been bringing her out since she was too young to hunt but she wanted to watch. A couple of years ago she got a doe with her dad watching/helping. This year they wen down the hill and she got the 8 point. Beautiful sight to see a young girl dressed in camo with a smile on her face... Not the best of weather here, full of mud on the hill. Good Job.... Not all the young folks spend their time in front of phones... Dave..
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    Believe what you like. I believe that having created both sites and spending the time and money to try to grow this one, I have a right to some input on issues like this. That aside, I have more than twenty years’ experience running communities like this and I know where conversations like this go. Negativity begets negativity and left unchecked, that negativity can poison a site. I haven’t closed this thread, although I have asked many times that people not use this site to bash that one. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, man. I’m trying to steer this site in a positive direction.
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    First I saw a reprint of a full page newspaper article from around the 1920's, with the revelation that Oil was running out, and there would be no more after Pennsylvania emptied out! I believe it was a Quaker State oil company claim. Then in the first gas crisis, I was told that the oil was running out and the ME had all there was left, meanwhile the civilized world was at their mercy. Then I was told that since conservation had prolonged our petroleum demise, we again must cow tow to the Arabs, if we wanted oil. Then Shale Oil recovery was marketable, and the USA nd Canada had the ability to dominate the market while turning into energy exporters. Recently, I have been told that Global Warming will cause the demise of civilization. I was told that businesses must buy "Carbon Credits" and give money to "someone" in order to curb Global Warming. I was warned that some years ago, the seas would rise enough to inundate Florida and many coastal regions due to the Global Warming melting sea ice. I was told that this was an impending catastrophe of biblical proportions, unless we all (civilization) lowered our standard of living and gave up our life style. I was told that the Global Warming was unprecedented and even Canada was losing their Permafrost for the first time in recorded history. This dire prediction of unprecedented Global Warming was put forth in spite of the remains of Tropical plants in frigid areas like Canada and even Alaska. In school I was taught that an Ice Sheet covered the Northern part of the Americas and in NYC it was 1000 feet thick. Science told me that the rebound of the Earth's crust in NYC was rising faster than the predicted rise in sea level due to "Global Warming". After the Ice Age(s) the cycle of the Earth warming is continuing as it is claimed to have done some times before. That the Earth is still warming and a normal state of the environment between each of the Ice ages, therefore the increasing warmth is the consequence of natural Global adjustments. I was also told in grade school that the Earth could not produce enough food to feed The Billions of people that would live around the year 2000. That by the year 2000, we would all be starving to death and the end of life as we know it was coming. Now it's 2018 and the production of food for the peoples of the Earth is still increasing. Efficiency in food production has resulted in a few countries exporting quantities of excess food raised in a fraction of the available land for cultivation. Experts told me this, each and every time. They assured me that since they were experts, they knew the future, and it was grim. As soon as one catastrophe was predicted and people were accustomed to it's threats, another catastrophe came along, and now we would all perish from a different reason than the previous one. I found out one thing for certain during my lifetime. Experts are always wrong! Nobody can predict the future. Man is the most egotistical being in all creation, believing "it's all about me"!
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    1. We need a new voting system 2. We need voter ID 3. We need to overturn FL legislature that now allows 1.2 million felons to vote 4. Brenda Snipes needs to be investigated for voter fraud and hate speech (pulling the race card) 5. Everybody sentenced for voter fraud needs to go to jail for 20 years minimum And guess what will happen...
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    Remember to stay active this winter. Less you succumb to hypothermia! 😁
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    Western Auto. When I was a boy used to get all my 22 ammo there. My mom gave them permission to sell to me without an adult there, think I was was about 10. Revelation brand if I remember correct. My bicycles my parents bought me came from there as well. Dave..
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    I'll cook it up in a cast iron pan. Home made tarter sauce. Plenty of cold adult refreshments also.
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