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  2. 13 felonies? Still walking around?
  3. Paul53

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    I tried a hammock once but I just couldn't get into it.
  4. 27 years old and 13 time convicted felon... Makes me really wish there was a law similar to the "3 strikes" that is used to put away violent felons for life after 3 felonies that applied to non-violent felonies. Seriously, how many times does one have to break the law these days before there are actual consequences? On the plus side, he did a very good darwin attempt on himself, so maybe nature is trying to correct something.
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  6. Not one “Ancient Aliens” or “Oak Island, Mayan Secret, Finding Hitler” foolishness .
  7. The first child of wife number two a sixth grade education and hand tools you can’t stop genius from expressing itself. I tell Mercy that “lowborn is a circumstance, not a condition” .
  8. Is he going to be extradited for impersonating Florida Man?
  9. A bungling felon from Washington state made a series of blunders when he shot himself in the testicles and tried to hide the weapon — all while storing drugs in his anus, a report said Wednesday. Cameron Jeffrey Wilson, 27, was carrying a pistol in his front pocket while in his Cashmere, Wash., apartment on April 5 when the firearm accidentally discharged and pierced his groin and thigh, according to the Wenatchee World News. Wilson, who is a 13-time convicted felon, told his girlfriend to dispose of the weapon before heading to the hospital, the paper said. When the ex-con finally went to the hospital, a balloon of marijuana slipped out of his anus while a doctor was operating on the gunshot wound, court records show. Cops also arrived at the hospital when alerted of the gunshot wound and searched Wilson’s car where they discovered a bag of meth in the blood-stained jeans he was wearing when he shot himself. https://www.foxnews.com/us/man-allegedly-hiding-drugs-in-butt-accidentally-shoots-himself-in-testicles .
  10. That 3:00 am bladder relief trip is really going to suck for somebody. Or many somebodys.
  11. No rain for a couple of days here. I've been picky about not mowing the grass when it is wet this year, so now it is a little too long and I've got fox tails sticking up all over the place. Time to mow today. Intermittently, we're still getting rainy wintery weather. Last week the weather guy said the clouds were diverted from Indonesia. This week, they are supposedly from up North. It's strange weather, that's for sure.
  12. Somebody post the picture of the wood chipper. He deserves it.
  13. Paul53

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    You forgot wearing pants. Don't ask.
  14. BMyers

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    Maybe if they did this in football it would help the ratings.
  15. Photo by TEDD LiGGETT Carriss’s Feed Store is one of the countriest country stores in America selling pump gas, cracker snacks, seared burgers, local edibles, sausage & rolling papers. The screen door opens into a conversation zone and in the winter the coffee circle is heated by a pot-belly stove. location: Southville, KY
  16. Northeastern Indiana. Rain, rain, more rain. Cold too. I have been able to mow. In addition to my yard, we own a small city lot and I also mow the large church lot. Yesterday I was running the riding tractor through some puddles in the church lot but got it done. Mrs. N and I did see a couple of farm fields near home that have planted field tomatoes. Otherwise its a bad year to be a farmer. We had lots of rain last year too, especially in late summer where it is normally dry here. Mrs N has managed to plant a few tomatoes, and worked around her small plot of black berries and asparagus.
  17. Pretty talented. https://biggeekdad.com/2019/03/how-to-impress-a-woman/
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