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Anybody up for chicken?

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Ponder this-

I hate weed. Not on a TBO level, but it just ain't my thing. I think it makes you stupid.

I also hate liberals.

That stated, I cannot wait to escape this godforsaken crazyass state known as America's crank.

I'll take the bad of Colorado, to be rid of the bad of Flahr-duh. I was born here. I pray I don't die here.

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A witness told police her boyfriend called her, alleging he was being chased by a man – who was later identified as Cory Michael Hatzl – while he was riding his bicycle in Palm Coast. When she arrived at the Chick-fil-A, she said Hatzl took off his clothes, ranted about his genitals and challenged her boyfriend to fight.

A Flagler County police officer said he “observed multiple vehicles drive by while [the man] was nude and yelling ‘look at my [expletive],’” according to a report obtained by WJXT.


I'm sure drugs had nothing to do with his nakkedness.    


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