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Viridian is Dumb

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I never had a problem with them before.  We had my wife's XD .45 subcompact sighted in.  Took quite a bit of .45ACP to get it dialed in right, despite the hype.  Well, it failed internally.  I send it back with instructions, if it is going to be a repair please leave the dial in points where they were, so we don't have to go through 100 rounds of 230gr .45 ACP.  So, I got an e-mail they were shipping it back today.  I called them up and asked them if they kept the dialed in positions in their original position.  "Oh, no, we had to replace the internal springs, so that was impossible."

"So, you don't take pictures of where things are, like any competent gunsmith would?"

"Oh, no, we don't do that."

"So, I am starting over with my wife and about 100 rounds of 230gr .45 ACP?'

"Yeah, sorry about that,"

"No, no, you are not."

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