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Thinking of Selling my Molot Veper 12

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I like the shotgun, it is all decked out, with 6 mags.  You would think getting the mags loaded would be intuitive, like any magazine, not quite.  Then the mags are thick.  For my slip over SHTF plate carrier, they eat up the Taco carriers.  I prefer to have Magpul AR's with pistol mags.  The shotgun is extremely accurate, but sometimes precision is more needed.  I was considering selling it for an FN LE semi-auto, for Benneli M2 LE both with 8 shots and a side saddle with Velcro shotgun cards.  Great for BG's in the house, but, if they grab a kid, a scatter gun is not my first choice.  I think of it more of a back up.

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