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Law students walk out of class to protest against Kavanaugh

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On ‎10‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 6:23 PM, Historian said:

Honestly, I am an education junky.  I love it.

Whatever you do:  Understand the limitations. 

I would tell my young daughter consider a medical career.   It's a growth industry. A four year degree in nursing or a PA...and you are set!

If you choose a fine art:  Understand that being a painter:  There are very few who become masters.  You might find yourself working hard in other industries.

I wanted to write the great novel.  Perhaps some science fiction when i was 18.

I published two short stories.  I am no Issac Asimov.

One of my daughters love art and got a degree.  She loves drawing, painting in all the various media, and simply the act of creating something.


She worked most of her career at an  American importer.  They created designs of various "collectables" in every media from sculpture to water paint.  She created the art and they sent it to Asia to be made into whatever form the company was selling.  She loved it because it allowed her to do what she loved.  It paid well, not exceptionally well, but enough. 

When asked what she did for a living, she used to tell people she created "land fill".  It did allow her considerable travel to the "Orient" to visit with the industry and Continental trips to visit with company's that licensed their art to her company.  she still does "job work" for the fun of it.



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There is a young women that works for a local architectural engineering firm and spend her whole time creating artistic sketches for the company of projects they are working on.  She has combined her love for art and engineering into a career.  Many of the older brick buildings here are be repurposed and she put together wonderful art of what could become of these building without ruining there original charm.  

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