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New pistol for me, Steyr M9-A1, with pics UPDATED

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I've been wanting to try something new and different and I can't seem to warm up to anything. Range time consist mostly of shooting my VP9, 1911s, and G42. M&Ps, XDs, Rugers, Sigs, Caniks, FNs, CZs, none seemed to grab me. The Steyr low bore axis and triangle sights intrigued me but no one around me stocks any and there are none to rent. A little quick history -

The Steyr M series was developed by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG of Austria for police services and civilian markets. Design work began in the early 1990s and the final product, the M9 was officially in the spring of 1999. The M40 version chambered in .40 S&W was developed before the M9, followed later by the M357 (chambered in .357 SIG) and two smaller variants of the M9 and M40 designated the S9 and S40 respectively. These pistols were developed primarily for concealed carry and have a shortened barrel, slide, smaller frame and a reduced magazine capacity. In 2013 the Steyr M (Medium) and S (Small) form factors were complemented by the L (Large) sized series and the C (Compact) sized series both available in 9×19mm Parabellum and .40 S&W.

Last week, Gunprime in AL had a sale on Steyr pistols. $440 w/ shipping for the black models and $499 for the OD Green models with an extra mag. I bit the bullet and ordered the OD Green M9-A1. A little color seemed appropiate as my P30, VP9, G17, G42 are all black polymer.

Well, Gunprime never showed the pistol shipping, just in process for a week. Then suddenly, yesterday, low and behold I get an email and text with my tracking number. A simple click on the number and it showed out for delivery. After work I picked up my new family member but did not have time to shoot. Today I rectified that and wanted to share my impressions. Please excuse the running nose on the Steyr, I have not cleaned it since the range trip and it was raining outside so there are some water drops on the pistol.




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Oh as for my impressions, I love this thing.

Pros -
Sights - omg love them
Feel - nice grip, very little extra material to keep it slim as possible, nice shape molds to the hand well
Disassembly - 1 sided lever, depress button, turn the lever, slide pops right off
Accurate - I'm hardly the best shot, and I shot it very well for me

Cons -
Texture - could stand to be more aggressive, got a little slick as I sweated some
A bit Boxy for my hands - backstrap area could be reduced some UPDATE - feels better in my nonarthritic hand, and actually more I hold it, better it feels.
Slide racking - short slide height sometimes can be hard to grip if you have hand issues

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I like the looks of those guns except make mine black. But what I don't like is what looks like a trigger lock. I don't like them on Smith and Wesson revolvers and I don't like them on any gun,


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I like a bike innertube (cut to size) pulled over the grip for tackiness. I wipe the ones on my CW9 with alcohol every few days - absolutely no slippage.

Also, a strip of TalonGrip on the slide serrations might help with racking.

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