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Those are some damn cleaned glass doors

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Back in the 60's our Research lab was tolerated, and had fairly loose standards of dress.  One of our young Physicists was wearing the standard fare of a T shirt, shorts, and shower shoes.

He left work at the end of the day, through the main entrance, which was two clear glass doors of safety glass, flanked by two more glass panels.  


Somehow he stumbled while opening the door, and it completely shattered into little pieces.  There was some noise associated with it of course, and it got the two guards attention quickly.  When they saw him barely dressed, and the glass door shattering, they ran after him thinking that he might bleed to death from the glass cuts.

When the guards yelled at him, he thought he was in trouble for breaking the door, so he ran to his car and got away.  The next morning there were a few guards at all the entrances looking for him.  (we all had ID badges since this was a secure facility).

He was taken into an exec's office and had to tell the whole story about what had happened and how.  Afterwards, the company assured him that he wasn't in trouble for breaking the door, and they only were worried about his physical health and potential injuries.

This concluded with a dress code that required the Research personnel to wear proper and presentable clothes.  

For a long time, he was our hero!

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