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Can't Order A Close Out Frame

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I keep trying to order a close out Timberfolf frame... but no joy! I have 3 attempts over 3 weeks...

What I'm ordering:

Compact Timberwolf Frame Built, No returns or exchanges

Put in all the needed info, and I get this:

Your request could not be fulfilled at this time. Website administrators have been notified of this issue and are working to resolve it. Please try your request again in a few minutes. 


Have tried over quite a 'few minutes'...  :)

Might want to have someone check into this... Losing orders is lost $$$

Thanks Caleb!


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So Tech Support let me know the website probably didn't pick up that the part was out of stock... and just gave me a generic failure message.

Bummer... But I'll be back one day!

Just an FYI for others who might receive a vague "try again" message from the website - So leave message or use the Chat to contact some one "Live" for resolution!

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