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Aircraft Pic & Vid Thread

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A few things that would be nice to have in your hangar. Planes you can fly yourself, single pilot. 

Diamond DA62



Socata TBM 930



Honda Jet




King Air C90




Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet




Mooney M20v Acclaim Ultra







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The new Pilatus PC-24.   This is getting to the upper limit of single pilot operation, but this new Jet is also upper limit wicked. It is the 4x4 of business Jets.  It is capable of unimproved airstrip operations.  It also has a large cargo door.  You can get things on it like motorcycles. 




pc-24_south-africa-copy.jpg?itok=vgrLProInsert other media






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I have been lucky enough to fly in:

A Gruman Goose to logging camp in S.E. Alaska.

A B17

A Stinson

Many DE Haviland Beavers

De Haviland Otters, including Upgraded Turbo Otters

A pile of Cessna 180's 185's and 206's


I could for sure name more if I think about it.

Not mentioning modern jet aircraft.


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