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KelTec KSG?

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Just held one for the first time. Very short and compact, and even lightweight compared to my 870. 


I’m hesitant though, mainly because my thought is if they were reliable I’d have heard tons about them.  It felt really good slung with a two point sling  


I am planning to do some research on them tonight, but am curious to hear any personal experience anyone has with one. 

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I've had one for a good while. 

Currently it's beside the night stand.

Because of the short Bullpup design, some people "short stroke" it.  I tell people to "Pump it like you mean it".


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I have 4, 2-KSGs & 2 KSG-NRs 

Gunprime has the KSG for $599 on sale. I use the mini shells which are only 1.5" even though the box says 1.75" & the KSGs hold 25. It's pretty easy to make the mini shells for 18 cents each by cutting off a new shell & wad & using a card roll crimper.If you decide to cast slugs use the Lee 7/8oz, NOT the 1oz as the lighter one is very accurate. Here's a you tube of a KSG shooting mini slugs with a red dot & the cameraman tries it & it's a gong at 200 yards.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlWdV7NHrTo    Here's how to make them cheap.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzStAOvVKJY


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