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Wind turbine collapsed in Germany


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"According to Nordex, there are almost two dozen identical turbines in Germany or are still under construction. As a preventive measure, all 23 systems nationwide with the same configuration have been temporarily put out of operation at short notice, according to Nordex."


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29 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

Someone graduated at the bottom of the engineering class.

"The contractor cut corners!"

"The supplier sold us the wrong stuff!"

"The blueprints are wrong!"

"That's the specs they gave us!"

"The spec-bolt's were in a wrong labled box!"  (that actually cost a life ('s ?) in the Pittsburgh convention center construction) 

"It was installed wrong."

"The land-survey is wrong!"

"The base cement was at fault."

I've been in situations where it was going to cost someone a lot of money.  All the fingers immediately start pointing,  and it'll take years to figure out.

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46 minutes ago, MO Fugga said:

We had a blade roll through town on a truck yesterday. I have never seen one up close. Enormous mofos.

I've seen them on the interstates.  They are a tractor,  a semi-truck length,  a set of duallies, a semi-truck length, a set of duallies, a semi-truck length, and another set of duallies.  

Someone on GT used to drive those trucks (and bridges, I think) and posted a lot of pictures.

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That driver even had stories about pulling off the interstate,  and there was NO way the truck was even going to make the first turn.  Not any turns.

That's going to cost big $ in transportation fees,  construction delay fees,  logistics fees. 

"The lead-car company directed us!"

"The road surveys were wrong!"

"The bridge measurements didn't match the blueprints!"

"They had the wrong sized tires on the truck!"

Someone will pay.

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So, the smile isn't "fun", or anything resembling it.

It's, like, the facial expression you make,  right upon your ultimate demise,  upon which,  you paid to do,  plunging into a solid surface (a cowplace, or the chicken farm.  The cowfields are hard, with no way out,  which you were trained to do. BIFF!  Hit the Earth from 3000'.  PLF.

And smile.

So, Let go MFer!,  see what happens.

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I didn't get that picture until, like, six months later.

The pilot took it.  When he developed his roll.

The high-def one ( i don't know if this is one),  you can really zoom into my sunglasses, and seeing him, in glorious def,  taking my picture.


If you are in a 182,  at a college dropzone,  which they are known to be the best pilots in the Universe,  and his hands aren't even touching the wheel, and he's turned 90* in his seat,  taking your picture, 

I duuno  you're in deep already.  Should probably let go.


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