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Going on a "vacation"


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I need a break and will be gone for a while. Mentioned this a couple times in the past, I just suck up too many bad news, mainly political issues, and I simply can't deal with it in a controlled manner. Every time I read a thread on some bullshit the Dems are starting again, I read up on everything I can find online, become extremely irritated, and since I can't change any of that, I feel cornered, write hateful posts myself, and the day is ruined. And it all starts over on the next day.

Obviously I can't tell others what to write, even though I kinda tried, so I have to remove myself from the sources of those constant bad news.

I'm also cutting the line to my trading chat, which is also full with political issues, as well as the internet altogether. Sick and tired of being connected to so much negativity. I'll be spending much more time in my yard, working on the camper conversion, going to the beaches, watching 80s movies, doing trips within the state, and other projects. Positive projects where I can create something with my hands, instead of filling my mind with more bullshit.

I'll be back one day, but for now I need a lasting break. Just wanted to let you guys know and not just disappear.

PS: Always be the guard of your mind.

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I know EXACTLY how you feel..

BUT, I enjoy the M/B, I let the POL B/S slide by. :chatter:..no use getting aggravated, nothing "I" can do about it...

ENJOY the "Time Out" but do come back and let me/us know about the Beach Van...that's IMPORTANT S**T

:worthy:          :D        aannnddd we're OUT

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Is this your " Fall Flounce " message? I'm currently in the final week of my " Summer Flounce " from the other place. It does your soul good to get away from it for a while. RESIST the urge to check for updates. Remove the quick links and auto password. These social media sites are drugs.

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Been thinkin bout doin the same thing myself.   As far as postin here.

Truth is...I'm gonna be 74, got some health issues goin on.. which may be comin to a head...and,.. just tryin to take care of ourselves cause we don't believe in the "Jab". 

So it limits where we are comfortable going Out to. 

Most days me and Mrs Swamp, just... "Play" on the computer, take care of my 89 year old Aunts Dog I inherited, when I had to put her into the assisted Living place... and try to keep Healthy so we can go see her a couple times a week.  

Some of you may think that I "Search the Web" to look for all the **** I post here. 

Heh, heh, heh...Far from the Truth.  

Most of the places I post stuff from, are just my DAILY "go to Sites" for My OWN enjoyment. 

I just share my warped sense of humor,  love of Beautiful Pictures, Cars, Guns, "humor" and unfortunately....POLITICS here with Ya'll. 

With or without the Boresite...I will still go to all these places Every day, for MY enjoyment.

If I don't post on this board EVER again.... It's MY Entertainment at my age and the time and circumstances of my life.

Is what it is.  

"Crockett" has left the building....>:(

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Damn crockett is checking out swamp is hinting at it. What the **** is going on around here? Guys get off the political bullshit. No matter how much you think you can change it your not going to. Turn the ******* news off and enjoy the funny memes. Just bullshit with others around here. Talk guns talk women talk beer or bourbon. Crockett you just told swamp the same thing the other day now your letting it put you in hiding. I quit reading the news cause its the same thing we got proof the election was stolen just give us another week and then another week blah blah. Covid is gonna kill us all mandatory vaxs blah blah blah. Hell i just spent 3 days freezing my ass off up in the mountains hunting a damn moose with 3 of my friends drinking beer and bourbon laughing our asses off around the camp fire. No we didnt get a moose but hell who cares we had fun. No phones or puters no news. **** biden **** frauduci **** the vaxs just let it go guys and enjoy yourselves.








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A better long term strategy would be to learn to integrate yourself in the world as it is rather than escaping from it temporarily.

Negativity and political nonsense will always exist.  It's a business at this point.   

It is very stressful exposing yourself to information that actually means nothing in your life and you have no ability to control or change it.

It's hard to learn to let it go, but that is what you need.

Much of our media today does not serve to inform but only to enrage.  Stop being their customer, it helps them, not you.  Be selfish here.

Here'e my advice in a nutshell.  It upsets people to hear this but that's OK.

There are thousands, even millions of people willing to be outraged, protest and spend their mental energy on negative things.  

That person does not need to be you.  Be selfish in this regard.

I only hope their mental state is based on actual and complete information on a given topic, and not a skewed incomplete misleading view.  What a waste that would be.

Good luck man.

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