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08-01-1941: The Mighty Jeep Begins Production


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On 8/1/2021 at 12:28 PM, DWARREN123 said:

The military Jeep was one heck of a vehicle. It was basic/simple and would do many jobs other vehicles could not do.

I have been on them with M-60 machine guns (Recon Jeeps) and 106 Recoiless Rifles (ie tank killers).

I loved the older Jeeps.

Shoot and you better scoot, like real fast.

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21 hours ago, crockett said:

I just realized that I was never into off-roading. All my trucks had and have 4WD, but I didn't even try to go anywhere. Around my neck every piece of land is owned by somebody and park rangers will kick you out if you get off track. Florida is becoming very crowded.

We have some events for mudding etc, but I hate getting dirty or scratching up my vehicles, so that ain't gonna happen.

If my HOA wouldn't excluded them, I'd get a deuce and a half, just to piss off some liberals down the road.

Friend in FL had an older FWD truck which his son took mudding. One day the kid roared up a slope, into the air, splash! Into a pond. Vehicle totaled by insurance. About every six months for couple/three years the guy got a call “What’s wrong with this truck?” The salvage dealer(s) dried it out and prettied it up, but the old electricals remained. The connections would resume corroding and phone calls would be made. 

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On 8/1/2021 at 12:01 AM, Eric said:

Here are a couple of armored Jeep prototypes. The second one was called a prototype on the site where I found the pic,  but that looks more like some smart troops took some initiative and covered their asses a bit. Good for them.


armoured jeeps dutch knil.jpg


Note that the equipment in the top picture is running on flanged wheels on rails. 

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On 8/1/2021 at 2:26 AM, Eric said:

OK, this is officially the weirdest Jeep I have ever seen. It was built as an auxiliary power unit, for starting the engines on jet aircraft. Apparently these were used exclusively on aircraft carriers. Bizarre.






Almost looks like a Moke.  It's not one, but looks kinda like one.



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My Uncle Max served with Patton during WW2. His first order of business when he returned home was to purchase a 1946 Willys. He was a dedicated hunter and fisherman all his life and he put that Jeep to good use.  About 1960 he let my brother have it and we had a lot of fun in that Jeep for many years. It was still original and never let us down.

Some time in the early 70s my brother had it parked under a shed at his home and someone stole the front axles. He finally sold it. I still miss that little machine.


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