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St. Louis chief prosecutor Kim Gardner accused of dereliction of duty

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"Kim Gardner is the first black woman to be elected St. Louis’s circuit attorney. She campaigned on progressive changes. She did flashy interviews on 60 Minutes and Nightline and grabbed even more headlines when she sued the city, its police union, and five others in 2020 for what she called a racist effort to block her reform agenda.

But the George Soros backed prosecutor who is leading St. Louis through a radical experiment in its criminal justice system currently oversees the highest murder rate in 50 years. Hence, she is accused of dereliction of duty, Washington Examiner reported.

St Louis saw the highest murder rate at the end of 2019 than any year since 1970. According to figures from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, 262 people were murdered in the city. That’s just five homicides shy from the all-time record in 1993.

But the murder rate, at 87 murders per 100,000 residents, is the highest in 50 years due to a smaller population as the city has undergone a steady decline of residents for the last 60 years."


"Today, Gardner stands accused of dereliction of duty by more than just police who’ve had issues with her since day one. The list has grown to include members of the public, her former employees, and a circuit court judge.

Just this week her office was blamed for making egregious errors, which led to the dismissal of three murder cases. They’ve also been accused of turning their backs on the families of victims and have been no-shows to multiple court hearings, according to the Examiner."

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8 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

Y'all stop concentrating on the negative. Let's list the black DAs throughout the country who are doing a good job of keeping their jurisdictions safe...


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She is doing her duty perfectly. Sadly the dopes that put her in office see her duty as being to them and their agenda, and not to her office and the people she is supposed to serve. She is guilty of official misconduct at the very least and I bet you could prove much more serious crimes than that.


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