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Aren’t masks wonderful!

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2 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

They pretty much got their opinion across.  I thought it was funny.

I'm agreeing with you.

In our part of the South there are city ordinances that require masks outside., or you get fined.  I'd say 75-80 % ignore them.  One, next door, cities council failed to extend mask ordinances and the mayor's head exploded.  "WE WILL GET THIS PASSED".  Good Luck with that and getting compliance!00%

Saying this if I go into an establishment that states "Masks are required" I will honor them and wear one.  Its their private property that they open to the public.  But, it is strange that when we dine out you put one on at the door, walk to your table and remove it.  doesn't make any sense too me.

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On my weekly shopping excursions, I’m seeing 100% compliance, except the incident I mentioned. Now I see a **** load of noses, a few old ladies with neck masks. I never say anything because, in my opinion it’s just theater of infection control. 
I’ve gotten the hairy eyeball from a couple of people, but except for that one karen that complained about me to the TJ’s manager, no one has said boo to me personally.

There needs to be an endpoint established, an not a, “when there is no virus” or “when there is one death a year from kung flu.” Or “When no one dies anymore.” It needs to be 2 months and done, or 4 months and done.

Will flu season be canceled this year? Will cdc even be tracking it? Everything is kung flu now. Have flu symptoms, wrong, you got the kung flu.

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