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An Ottoman supply train still lies where it was ambushed by L awrence of Arabia on the Hejaz railway during World War I.


There were many feats of bravery carried out during World War I, but one of the most inspiring feats of the era was carried out by T.E. Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia. In 1917 Lawrence was serving in the Middle East when he and a troupe of Arab followers began toppling trains that served the Ottoman supply chain. By the end of the war Lawrence and his troops had destroyed so many trains and railroad that it was impossible to use. Rather than move the vacated trains from their lines the Turkish people
simply left them in the desert.


Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian  wore these armored gloves from 1508 until his death in 1519.  
The Cau Vang, outside the city of Da Nang in Vietnam
is held up by two giant stone hands. 
This amazing 16th Century ring unfolds into an astronomical sphere.
This 500-year-old boxwood miniature from the 16th century was created in the Netherlands.
This small ornate axe was made in Germany during the late 1500s. 
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