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Fiber Sight Advice

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After a pile of years of gun ownership, I recently obtained my *first* Glock . . . well, not really a Glock, but a DIY pistol on a Polymer80 frame . . . got to say I like it *way* better than I thought.

I'm looking to mount the brightest fiber optic sights I can get and am looking for suggestions.  I built it up using a Brownells slide with an RMR cut.  Eventually I will want to try a Holosun 507C.  So I could use recommendations for "suppressor height" fiber optic sights too.


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Truglo TFO or TFX are all I've used.

They are pretty bright.

Can't help with suppressor height.

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     The Brownells slide does not need a mounting plate like the Glock MOS pistols. The info I have is that an RMR would use a 0.270 tall rear sight, the Holosun 507C is a little taller than the RMR, so it would need a 0.280 tall rear sight. For some reason the 0.280 tall rear sight, SKU 018-699, is not available on the website. You would need a 0.260 tall front sight. If you want to just order from the website, you could use either a 0.270 tall rear ( you would not be able to see all of the rear sight notch ) or use a 0.305 tall rear sight ( it would stick up a little more than needed ).




We want to help and don't want to confuse you with anyone else, so please include original message text with all replies.


Tech Support

Dawson Precision



Got a reply from Dawson.


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