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Accused double-murderer's attorney looks for jurors who won't judge man based on face tattoos

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3 minutes ago, Moshe said:

Good luck with that, most of society will have a bias like that.  I have heard that tune before, putting detainers on potential removals at PNM.  I have heard this song and dance before.  One guy was crying that he was set up for more time by the prosecutor for more time.  I pointed out his neck tattoo might have something to do with it,  On his neck it said, "**** the D.A."

There are so many people that deny that decisions have consequences.

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18 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

He should simply put on makeup. Lots of it. Or maybe they could usher him into the courtroom in a burka. Or put a bag over his head. Or he could tell the jurors, "Don't look at me." There are lots of options. 

Put the man in a Burka and he walks, no matter what the charges.

Some people, too many, believe that if you kill for your religion, it's OK.

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If he gets the death penalty they should cut off his head put it in a jar.

the world can marvel at his artistic expression and maybe the state can recoup some of the room and board by charging admission.

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