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  2. MtnBiker

    Politics Any other early voters?

    Yep. I agree with TeaDub. I voted in GA today as well.
  3. Al Czervik

    Politics Any other early voters?

    I always opt for early voting. It takes five minutes, rather than hours. Why stand in line other than (Grumpy old man voice) "why, in my day, we stood in line all day to vote. Some of us died of thirst, but that's the way it was, and we liked it?" What's different about an absentee ballot? Voting is voting.
  4. TeaDub

    Politics Any other early voters?

    I don't mind early voting. It makes sense to lessen the crush on election day AND to allow some allowance for those travelling, etc. I'm not a big fan of the mail-in stuff. IMO, everyone that isn't deployed overseas or out of the country for months should: 1) show up in person at a polling place and 2) show picture ID before a ballot is handed to them. GA requires state ID to vote. I was actually impressed that the poll worker looked at my picture and immediately looked at my face as if she was actually doing her duty. I voted straight GOP as always. The eGOP sucks but they are head and shoulders above the only other option.
  5. TBO

    Darn allergies...

    Terminally ill California boy, 7, is sworn in as honorary cop, following in dad’s footsteps https://www.foxnews.com/health/terminally-ill-california-boy-7-is-sworn-in-as-honorary-cop-following-in-dads-footsteps Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
  6. Al Czervik

    are you cold natured or hot natured ?

    As I grow older, I hate the cold, which is why I moved to the south. But, this summer was a bit too warm.
  7. Borg warner

    Random Posting

    That's a driveway.
  8. Huaco Kid

    Need some help

    "I don't know. What's his plan for eliminating food-stamps and welfare??"
  9. tadbart

    142kts in the face.

    There's a waypoint in the Florida Panhandle up by Alabama named INBRED, if I recall correctly.
  10. Al Czervik

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Now, now. Don't confuse people with facts.
  11. Batesmotel

    What would a jury think?

    I would be concerned. My two at hand defense guns are a stock Glock 17 and a stock “Mitchell by High Standard” shotgun. Nothing to trigger a jury and I don’t care if they are confiscated after a shooting.
  12. jmohme

    What would a jury think?

    The media would likely villinize you for using a black rifle anyway. The stupid scull theme would just give them more fuel.
  13. tadbart

    are you cold natured or hot natured ?

    I like it cold. Actively working toward being "Ol Hermit Tad up on the Mountain." Much over 74, I get grumpy. Much under 10, I get grumpy too. And then, let's talk humidity. I HATE IT. Which sucks, living in Florida.
  14. tadbart

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    @Peng I cannot agree enough about alcohol lowering the inhibition to eat. It's a double edged sword. 1. it has calories. 2. it decreases the will-power to not eat. Unfortunately, I'm having a harder time staying away from the booze than I am eating right. I thought the answer was to have a bottle on hand and maybe have a drink one or two nights a week, but that quickly turned back into having a drink every night. Perhaps the best thing for me is to not have any everyday whiskey in the house, and leave the special occasion hooch in the safe.
  15. Borg warner

    Glock gained another fan...

    After carrying a DA/SA Sig he must be amazed at how the first shot is the same as the last. I'm glad to hear he likes it. Hopefully he'll be able to get a G19 eventually but he might want to change out the magazine baseplates on it if he finds the magazine cutout on the gen 5 G19 uncomfortable. I used to have a Gen2 g19 and I absolutely hated that cutout but the pearce baseplate solved the problem
  16. paul45

    Joe Biden, saw a video of him today

    No, probably sniffing a 10 year olds hair. That guy is a F'n creep and his family is worse.
  17. paul45

    Buffalo Bore vs Underwood vs Doubletap

    I also like Underwood. He has regular 10% off sales and fair shipping. Always less expensive than the other two.
  18. paul45

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    Yes, none of the people in this picture are hungry. They are walking because they are being paid. I wonder, who cleans the mountain of waste, feces, and urine they leave in their wake?
  19. Borg warner

    are you cold natured or hot natured ?

    I think we all tend to be more "hot-blooded" when we're young. I moved to a colder climate and at first I actually enjoyed the winters but now I'm not liking the cold winters as much.
  20. jmohme

    Politics Any other early voters?

    I think early voting works well for people like me that are always on the road. Today and tomorrow are two of the few days that I am actually near my home. I have been from one venue to another since early in September and through mid December, so early voting just made it simple for me to cast my votes.
  21. I introduce her as "my first wife".
  22. gwalchmai

    Why I don't like Apple stuff

    Yeah, he has a repair shop in NYC and works on Apple stuff. Seems real smart and is very outspoken. It's refreshing to see I'm not the only person who gets frustrated at Apple's way of doing things. I've used every version of Windows that's come out, a good many Linuxes, and IOS. I just can't understand why Apple takes all the easy stuff that we've been doing forever and makes it so cumbersome.
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