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  2. My catalytic converter test pipe should be in the mail soon. Does that count???
  3. I like pointy Beavers. Can you say that here? 😇
  4. Sorry, any time I see any word with dorf in it, I think of this.
  5. DrB

    Fresh Mushrooms

    If a mushroom you think is a puffballi it will be pure white on the inside, with no sign of gills at all, then it's a puffball. Still, there are a few puffballs that are toxic, so a lack of gills isn't a sure sign that you have an edible puffball mushroom. A lack of gills and a pure white interior are both required to identify edible species. The ones here are edible and good to go. But still heed my advice about wild mushrooms. If you don't know exactly. Walk the hell away and don't look back.
  6. Ah shucks, I thought this was going to be a fuel filter/solvent trap thread. 😁
  7. jmohme

    Fresh Mushrooms

    I have heard that they grow well up there. I was also told that they require a hard freeze in order for the spores to crack and germinate. Probably why I don't see them in central Texas.
  8. I always have hot vinegar(s) for condiments as well. The glass Maruchan rice vinegar bottles make a perfect container, as they have a restrictor at the top. Just pop in chiles and hot, but not boiling white vinegar, let it cool, and put in the restrictor and top/lid. I also always have one with garlic, allspice berries, a couple sprigs of fresh thyme, peppercorns, and of course, chiles.
  9. jmohme

    Fresh Mushrooms

    I did not know that about puff balls.
  10. DrB

    Hot sauce

    Or possible COVID 19 Vaccine.....
  11. DrB

    Fresh Mushrooms

    I grew up on now what is my farm so I know pretty much what is. That being said. There are strict rules you go by. If you say any of thesethings or wonder in your mind walk away: That looks like just like... Humm these are starting to flush this early. Wow I never knew these grew in this type soil before... I wonder, those look just like. These only grew near oak trees.. humm (pick the tree) Perhaps the sun changed the color a little, they must be ok. How come these are..... The only good reason to pick is " Yes those are them and all conditions are met" Just one small thing you question, Walk Away.... I've been eating the ones around here for 68 years and not dead yet. Break just one rule or question yourself, not walk away or you just may suffer the results. Dave...
  12. It was likely vinegar. It may now be rocket fuel. 😀
  13. The crocks look very much like the ones used for the drying of anchovies. I love picked, fermented and preserved things.
  14. Good luck, happy hunting, and be safe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Mrs. C complains about my fermentings, so I use the Korean double lid "stankless" vessels.
  16. Today
  17. I'm a wuss. I'll buy them at the grocery store or farmer's market. Having been on a people ate poisonous mushrooms call, I'm just fine paying for them.
  18. Since I'm staying out of the gun store crazy times these times, I ordered these up. Just to add to my collection of tools and such. My 2015 Silverado will lose the codes and the radio will shut down for anti theft if the battery is disconnected or dies. That's a trip to the dealer to get back up and programmed., I don't have the code I haven't learned that lesson but don't want to either. My truck has the factory ac inverter so it's a pain to replace the battery. More than just 2 terminal blocks as there is a fuse block mounted on the plus terminal. Now i don't have to go down to the auto parts store to get my battery checked.
  19. We'll wait to hear back from you. Hopefully you survive your camping/hunting trip
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