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    Fresh Mushrooms

    I grew up on now what is my farm so I know pretty much what is. That being said. There are strict rules you go by. If you say any of thesethings or wonder in your mind walk away: That looks like just like... Humm these are starting to flush this early. Wow I never knew these grew in this type soil before... I wonder, those look just like. These only grew near oak trees.. humm (pick the tree) Perhaps the sun changed the color a little, they must be ok. How come these are..... The only good reason to pick is " Yes those are them and all conditions are met" Just one small thing you question, Walk Away.... I've been eating the ones around here for 68 years and not dead yet. Break just one rule or question yourself, not walk away or you just may suffer the results. Dave...
  3. It was likely vinegar. It may now be rocket fuel. ­čśÇ
  4. The crocks look very much like the ones used for the drying of anchovies. I love picked, fermented and preserved things.
  5. Good luck, happy hunting, and be safe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Mrs. C complains about my fermentings, so I use the Korean double lid "stankless" vessels.
  7. I'm a wuss. I'll buy them at the grocery store or farmer's market. Having been on a people ate poisonous mushrooms call, I'm just fine paying for them.
  8. Since I'm staying out of the gun store crazy times these times, I ordered these up. Just to add to my collection of tools and such. My 2015 Silverado will lose the codes and the radio will shut down for anti theft if the battery is disconnected or dies. That's a trip to the dealer to get back up and programmed., I don't have the code I haven't learned that lesson but don't want to either. My truck has the factory ac inverter so it's a pain to replace the battery. More than just 2 terminal blocks as there is a fuse block mounted on the plus terminal. Now i don't have to go down to the auto parts store to get my battery checked.
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  10. We'll wait to hear back from you. Hopefully you survive your camping/hunting trip
  11. There is an abundance of them here after the Swan Lake Fire.
  12. Old English cheese jars become wine or juice glasses. tom.
  13. janice6


    Have the FN 5.7 and "much ammo", want the PS90, but all gone or outlandish <$1400 price. The 5.7 hollow point goes through BP glass in the Youtube video..............
  14. With curtailing the police, CA will be a virtual paradise, but not for the legal citizens.
  15. Where are the brandishing laws, where are the laws against threatening deadly force, where are the laws for legal citizens and freedom of movement. Who does this group represent when no one stops them. Since when does pointing a gun at another person turn into a "peaceful protest".
  16. Or, like, a dozen. I've several bowlers and one fine cowboy-ish Stetson. I've got the obligatory "Tallahassee": https://realdealbrazil.com/product/The-Original-Real-Deal-Brazil-Tarp-Hat-Gold-Edition/TRDH-G Mine looks great. My son-in-law got one that looks awful - a light and dark patchwork of small pieces (no two are alike).
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