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  2. I know that they eat nutria in other countries but do they actually eat it in LA and are they that plentiful? Have you ever partaken? Do they taste like chicken?
  3. Forget that. The UBI will be so ingrained by then that no one will even know what "weekend" means. It's a right. CORTEZ 2024
  4. Lots of nutria in Louisiana. That's why they need the tabasco.
  5. Paul53

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    Tag some venison here in Maine, you can keep it but you have to remove it immediately! Wrecker drivers eat well in Maine.
  6. The chimney feels so empty now.
  7. At the airport last night, I saw a lady come out of the baggage claim area. She put her luggage in the trunk of the waiting car and then stood there, arms out, legs spread, while the guy thoroughly spritzed her, top to bottom, with a spray bottle. Maybe he was overly-metro, and it was Febreze.
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