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  2. This is actually scaled way back from where it once was. But the garage is bad. Not just pans but commercial restaurant gear. Most used just a couple days a year for big parties. Culinary school ruined me.
  3. I got a square lodge searing pan for Christmas. Ain't used it yet. Jeez, Bates! There's a connoisseur for everything apparently lol.
  4. So fraud is ok if it isn’t sufficient to to complete the task? How about rape? Ok if the act isn’t completed? Dismemberment, ok if the sadist leaves the appendage hanging on? Those are mighty loose morals if you ask me. Crimes aren’t crimes if the criminal is incompetent?
  5. I knew an elderly gent about 16-17 year ago who I believe fought in it. I know he was very proud of serving under Patton.
  6. Your opinion is delusional if you think conservatives did that. I know of no conservatives that would tattoo a hammer and sickle on the back of their hand. But, forget facts, who needs those pesky things.
  7. So does this guy. Nice set of pans.
  8. Bates,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you might consider some help. Just saying. Nice collection, but I never was able to use stainless without even water sticking to the pan. Never tried copper. I figure it ain't broke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Some of the cast iron.
  10. Cast iron, copper, clad stainless. Like a painter picks a brush, I pick my pans. Somewhere between right tool and the mood I’m in. The last one is hand forged Wrought Iron. 36,000 hammer blows.
  11. Cast or carbon. Funny my Wagner skillets are the same or less weight than the carbon. The old stuff is really the good stuff. Both the Wagner's are over 100 years old and I'm the 4th gen for them.
  12. Not anymore... heavy copper is my thing... I like how it keeps heat and is still controllable...
  13. I pretty much only cook in cast iron. Anyone else?
  14. Yeah, I spend more time looking at pictures of my favorite foods than eating them, these days.
  15. I wish my gallbladder would agree with this fatty bomb. Cramps incoming in 30 minutes lol
  16. Don't feed it. Was wasted time back on GT, will never change.
  17. Today
  18. It rhymed with "if man is still alive." Gender equality in the old days.
  19. Go ahead, very investigation, every court (including Trump appointed judges), every agency, no actual evidence of sufficient fraud to overturn the results. None lots of stories, lots of outrage, lots of tweets.........global conspiracy of thousands of felons in coordinated criminal actions across every state, every district, every polling place. James Bond level Dr Evil global takeover plot. or Trump was his own worst enemy, everyday, over and over. Alienating his own voters while “firing up” the democrooksto turn out like never before. Republicans doing well down ballot but Spongebob, Jesus Christ, and Kanye did great for President. Trump won seven states that used Dominion software, Dominion was used in 2016 when Trump won. Rubio is voting against impeachment......tear him a new one again hate me, Trump lost .
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