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  2. My condolences. I had to put my sweet baby dog down a few weeks ago. Her ashes are now sitting atop her favorite sleeping mat under my bed. She will stay there until I am gone from this life.
  3. train ok , guy not so good . dunno if suicide or accident . he was alone . investigation was under impression accident .
  4. Sorry for your loss. We had to put down Chase (the dog in my thumbnail). It's never easy. It looks like Luke had a great life. May he rest in peace.
  5. we are so supposed to get rare snow tomorrow , saying bout 5 inches . contrary to beliefs most people in nc dont panic and buy bread and milk . ive been all day patching plastic at one of my greenhouses where it seems a raccoon wanted to play and eat maters. so i got the heaters on ,fuel filled , back up filled . so good to go .
  6. WTF is wrong with people. Happened in Kenai. Kid shoots and kills his mom. Blasted her in the head. Yesterday. She probably took his ****ing phone away. At least he didn't shoot up a school.
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  8. President Trump could do well to talk to the Governor of Tennessee. "Nicolas Sutton was hit with multiple life sentences for killing three people, including his own grandmother. Then he received a death sentence for killing a child rapist while serving time in jail. Sutton is scheduled to be killed via the electric chair on Thursday, and his clemency petition was rejected by the governor of Tennessee. Correctional officers are asking for Sutton to be spared due to his transformational and apparently life-saving behavior in prison, pleading that the criminal serve out his life sentences and eventually die without being killed by the state. According to CBS News, Sutton’s victims’ families don’t want him on death row, either. A petition for Sutton’s clemency, dated January 14, starts: “Nick Sutton has gone from a life-taker to a life-saver. Five Tennesseans, including three prison staff members, owe their lives to him. The support of his victims’ families, correction staff, jurors and those whose lives he’s saved attest that a life sentence meets the imperatives of justice and mercy.” Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee denied Sutton’s clemency petition on Wednesday..." https://www.dailywire.com/news/man-who-killed-child-rapist-in-jail-scheduled-to-be-executed-thursday
  9. People see through all the talk, the lip service. Independents do not usually fail to disbelieve what their eyes, ears and brains tell them. Taste is also involved. And Independents, more often than not, decide election results. During tonight's Clown Show, at the very least I would expect Bloomberg to refer to Saint Pete as "it". The entertainment value of tonight's spectacle should be epic. Little-known fact. Bloomberg, in ancient Celtic, is actually composed of three words. Blo Omb Erg.
  10. the couch in heaven has a little extra German Shedder hair on it tonight. He's up there waiting for his family. Sorry for your loss.
  11. that`s Great News! sad that something like that is even necessary, but having people stand up for Rights usually puts things they way they need to be.
  12. Apparently you just run for the Democratic Nomination for President. having to Pander to the MoonBats seems to make them Irrelevant to everyone else.
  13. The beastest is reserved for the 800 number. :)
  14. i think you had that last one. i dunno how much of 505 is a failure at any rate at all. that's a Good Vid, Good Job! one question though, does that Squat Rack bolt to the floor?
  15. Prayers and Condolences on your Loss to your whole Family. Love is Love whether its two or four legged. God Bless! Good Dog!
  16. Prayers for healing, our 4 legged friends are simply the very best. Years ago I had to put down my own GSD Luke due to cancer. Damn tough thing to do, but ending suffering is the right thing to do. Sincerely Sent from my Jack boot using Copatalk
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  18. "Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is hiring an “army” of low-level digital strategists, according to The Wall Street Journal, to help spread the good word about him on social media ahead of Super Tuesday. The 500 “deputy digital organizers” will earn an estimated $2,500 per month — more than some campaigns pay senior staff — to “to promote Mr. Bloomberg to everyone in their phones’ contacts by text each week and make social-media posts supporting him daily,” the Journal reports. Organizers are expected to spend between 20 and 30 hours per week actively promoting Bloomberg on all of their social media platforms and making personal contacts where appropriate." He's the bestest! D)
  19. Rick Beato https://m.youtube.com/user/pegzch Steven Crowder https://m.youtube.com/user/StevenCrowder Ben Shapiro https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCnQC_G5Xsjhp9fEJKuIcrSw My Mechanics https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMrMVIBtqFW6O0-MWq26gqw eevblog https://m.youtube.com/user/EEVblog The Signal Path https://m.youtube.com/user/TheSignalPathBlog Sina Drums https://m.youtube.com/user/sinadrumming Sargon of Akkad https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCitU2-w3XE8ujvUZjcAnhIg/featured Mentour Pilot https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow
  20. That is great news. The idea is spreading very quickly. My county is useless in this capacity, sadly.
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