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  2. I saw that. It was poignant, Dogs love unconditionally. The Rat Terrier we have is a small dog, but he is a love machine. Most dogs are, unless they are abused. What I found kind of sad, was the only visit was from his dog. Vietnam vets are quickly beginning to approach the age that WWII Vets were. My father is one, and I worry about him. But, no matter how liberal and bad things get in NM, he doesn't want to move. I worry about some of his decisions too. He will go into his new Tacoma without any air conditioner on and read the manual. I castigated him as it was pretty hot when he did that. I said, turn the vehicle over, and turn on the air conditioner. My mother agreed. He said, it would waste gas. The man has more money than I will probably ever see, so I wonder if it is the aging process. He told me it would waste gas. I told him, imagine the lifespan you have left, versus buying gas, which you will need to do when you drive it around anyway? Knowing him, now that things are cooling off he is probably being stubborn and doing the same damn thing. I wish he would come up so we can decide on a mutual place to live, so I can keep any eye on them as they age. He wants to go hunting, I can take him, so he can bag a deer, which he has wanted to his entire life. He keeps trying to get drawn in NM, (it is a drawing), but got discouraged, that, with his age, and being a disabled vet, that the liberal State wouldn't draw him. I would love him to come to the freedom state, and I will make sure his dream comes true before he goes. Hell, I will charter a fishing boat, and let him go fishing for bass, which he likes to do too. I keep suggesting these things, and he says, well, I wish we could have done that together. I guess he is set in his ways no matter how FUBARed they made the State. The Governor of NM adopted AOC's energy bull****, which will bankrupt the State and the people that live there when it takes effect. The whole families at the range cannot shoot each other's guns. The every 3 year CHL no matter how old you are, or if you are a disabled vet. No disabled vet parking, but a complete sanctuary for illegals regardless how egregious their crimes. I couldn't abide that world. It would be like living inside a toilet.
  3. Let me be the first to give the only acceptable answer: hookers & blow.
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  5. As most of you know, or don't, my wife's stress test was put off until November 5. So, I sleep with my handgun on the couch, as my narrowed esophagus makes me snore. It has nothing to do with weight, as I am not a heavy guy by any stretch. My wife is a light sleeper. I turn on the TV and attempt to crash out. I head to bed when my wife is up. Kind of like a crappy swing shift where you get about five hours of sleep a day if you are lucky. Oh, and yes, I still know where I live despite sleep deprivation. My go to, happy place is firearms. The trouble is, by the time I have enough black coffee to get the mental registers going, it is time to get my teenagers back from school. Then it is chaos from there. Homework, and everyone to bed, except me who stares at whatever IDGO I want to watch. But, often times I find it unchallenging. I figure out who did what before it even ends. There is always a red herring. My wife decided to watch some with me before I went to bed. "Village of the Damned." When the two year old disappeared, I told my wife the mother killed her own daughter. She debated me, and said, "She is crying during the press conference." I told her that the woman was a sociopath, as when they interviewed her she had a very flat affect, considering the tragedy. So, the next scene you see the older investigators saying, "What a good actress." I chuckled at my wife and said, "I told you." It turns out her two year old didn't want to go to bed when told so she smothered her to death. Further to the depths of the depravity they let her attend the funeral of her daughter she murdered and hid in the woods. She said, "She just should have gone to bed when I told her." My wife declared, "WOW,, way to blame the victim. Not only that, the waste of time for all those people going out in the snow looking for her, and resources involved." Upstate NY is strange. She only got 15 years for the crime. She is running free in society today. A sociopath that hates children. There is a chilling thought.
  6. I'd think that animal is uncomfortable as hell with all that weight on it's head.
  7. I like the cover, but I can't tell if the roof is slanted or not for the rain.
  8. Make it in .44 mag and up, and you might have something. Though, those that drag it through the brush are going to have to like the battle scars or refinish it regularly.
  9. Most of them, I believe. Usually, it is welfare check based on a neighbor or family member to see if they have just lost their mind. This has been going on long before red flag legislation. In NM I know of a situation where that was done when the family was worried about a family member who got dementia and didn't know where he was, and had no problem brandishing a firearm. For the anti-opioid crowd, and let's all smoke weed until our brains rot crowd, Hawaii looked up the weed tokers and pointed out that it is listed on the FFL form, and seized their weapons based on their desire for recreational use. If your local doctor decides you are suicidal, or refuse to follow their demands and decide what you want to do with your own body, they can adjudicate you mentally ill, and they can seize your weapons that way. You beat your (these days significant whatever) under the dead hand of Lautenberg they can go bye-bye. We had to sign one every year that we called "the wife beater," form that we didn't engage in that behavior. A FLEO without a firearm is a FLEO not. Now, most states are layering on the red flag laws. They have always essentially existed, now they want to make people think they are conjuring a magic law barrier that somehow stops criminals from being criminals; which is utter bull****. If laws prevented crimes, all of law enforcement would be looking for other jobs. It is like Gun Free zones, someone don't walk through a magic field and find their firearm suddenly evaporated in the ether. Bad people do bad things since Cain and Able, I don't see it getting better anytime soon. With all the civil unrest, I see it only getting worse. Though, to the credit of the legislature of Texas, they passed a law that during a natural disaster the regular citizen, CHL or no, can wear a firearm and not be disarmed. So, everyone wants to put riders, forever on Shall Not Be Infringed, and get angry with rights that don't exist in the Bill of Rights get messed with. The bottom line is society has become so dumb in general it is almost Medieval. Some who ascribe to evolution, claim we are devolving.
  10. I remember this chart for where to hit someone with an ASP. About every six months there was the inert minty spray each other in the eyes, as most of us had had the real thing. Then we practiced ASP strikes, and blocks. They had to fill an 8 hour day at quals, after quals somehow. Though, bulky, I liked the batons. We were proficient with them until halfway through the '98 Academy they switched to the collapsible ASP. That sucked when you had to find a rock out in the middle of nowhere to close it. Though, nopolito golf was kind of fun. Finally, they switched to the spring loaded nee variants, about midway through my career. Though, despite the introduction of the ASP, they still had us in formation with riot sticks thrusting and moving as a group. We were told once out, we would be used for all things, security, riot control. In some cases that was true. Where locals and county were thin, we always filled in the gap.
  11. I shot a Corvette show in the Hill Country a few years back. This was the nicest car there!
  12. VAB building on the Cape being built. At the time, the largest enclosed space in the world.
  13. Yeah...a buger and fries does sound good today. Something about fall weather. Like I'm getting ready to hibernate and need to put 100lbs on fast.
  14. I agree. I have no coplaints about the two year life cycle. $50 a year is probably a lot less that what I would have spent on bags of ice.
  15. One of the guys at my club painted his PC9 to look like it has a wood stock... and he did a Really good job!
  16. It would freak me out, too! https://www.wimp.com/people-react-to-stranger-dropping-their-names-as-they-walk-by/
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