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  2. That one is still for sale in Seward. He'll likely call me now and offer it to me cheap now that I bought this one. It's in Anchor Point. Picking it up in a couple hours. Test drove it yesterday then made a deal over the phone last night.
  3. False prophets have stolen more from good citizens than all of organized crime. As in this case above, the greater the criminal and his crime, the more he/she is revered.
  4. There is the corruption and crime that our future holds. Criminals are more in favor than honest men in these trying times.
  5. Isn't it pathetic when the crime you committed was to simply grow old and require help. So many that say the old are a burden, seem incapable of looking to their own future when they too will be old and potentially dependent on others for survival. The problem with wisdom is that many times it comes to us so late in life that it has no benefit to others. The young simply can't comprehend being anything but young, until they grow old and look around but no one's there for them. "The true measure of any Society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.", Ghandi "There, but for the grace of God, go I".
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. tom.
  7. Break out the blue berry popcicles. tom.
  8. My buddy has a truck with the V10. Lower end bearing issues. Seems it was a problem with a lot of them. Hopefully you will have a lot better luck than him with it.
  9. Sometimes you just have to let the idiot out. It's one way to save your sanity!
  10. With the Avionics loadout and vectored thrust, The Zero won't even know it's there. I have seen it "stand still"... Watch This F-22 Raptor Execute A Mind-Blowing Inverted Somersault At Altitude (thedrive.com)
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  12. Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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