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  2. And a variant of that is that they NEED the money all at once but want to pay back in dribbles. No more. Piss on all such cretins.
  3. Damn right they are. Back in May of 2007 I loaned a nephew $200. When I brought it up a year later he acted affronted that I would even doubt his willingness to pay it back. I haven't seen him since. In June of 2014 I loaned my cousin $120. Haven't seen much of her either. On the one hand I am pissed off at both. OTOH I can count it as money well spent so I don't have to see either POS. Both can FOAD. No more Mr nice guy. If anyone else ever needs a loan they will have to give me collateral worth at least twice the loan amount with the agreement that it is mine after two weeks.
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  5. Some years back I heard they introduced the first "homeless" muppet, a pink girl named Lily. I'm not sure how it turned out but I think her attention caused some resentment with another muppet.
  6. Yes, we should all be doing that to Reinforce that Our Constitutional Rights are not Negotiable. when Wisconsin`s Absent Governor was deciding whether he would Mandate that People be Forcibly Quarantined in Their Homes if they test Positive for The China Plague, People Marched on Madison Our Local Police Chief made a Statement that Law Enforcement would not Enforce that Ordinance. that showing made our Governor`s Decision for him. because as the Dems, made Clear in Wisconsin, a Recall Election is now Frighteningly Easy...
  7. I think your really need a rear-brake pedal. Unless yours clang.
  8. Petty wannabes are always trying to gain and expand their control. Power = money the only reason politicians do anything.
  9. M-80's got the attention a lot of people needed. Seal Bombs were the next step up. After that I just used the dynamite the timber companies supplied us with. It's no wonder those things are regulated these days. Used to be able to buy 'stumping powder' at the hardware store.
  10. hell now its bad the only thing i look at is the obituaries to see who died the wife reads it , im like you to much moon bat bs
  11. he definately got jacked up , the dude who got to him first took him right into the gumball machines then i piled on i was late as im old bastard lol , this walmart has a little police sub station in it, we had to go to court and all that mfer got 3 months and 3 years probation . come to find out it wasnt the first time he had done it to women . scared the hell out of me . she still has the scar . that walmart was in different town and she has not been back and said she was never going back . it really emotionally distressed her , it did me too but i didnt show it , could have have been an eye or both , or scar the face etc .
  12. I wonder what someone with dyslexia makes of palindromes?
  13. I had the "NO FEAR!" stickers on it. But I cut the "NO" off of them.
  14. When it was new. It's waaaay more crashy now.
  15. Yeah, those Canadians got something going on.
  16. When I was younger, CFS ruled the day. That's right, chicken fried steak, of course it comes with eggs, hash, and gravy. Add some tabasco, and you were good to go. These days, I want spicy noodles or tacos.
  17. I delivered the paper. Got up at 4am for 75¢ / day. (the jagoff with the afternoon paper made, like, $20 / day.) Some of them housewives were never going to pay you. It came out of my pocket. I got them back with m-80's in the mailbox, and halloweens, and stuff. I cancelled my last newspaper subscription when Calvin & Hobbes retired.
  18. I knew a kid, where the cops called his dad and asked if he wanted to bail him out. His dad told them to take him to the nearest Army recruitment place. We never saw him again. (he robbed the gas station we worked at)
  19. nothing i mean nothing beats the smoke in Atlanta airport with the plastic flap doors . lets see last time thru there was 2003 i think , my traveling companion needed a smoke , we walked in that room and i swear it was like a gut punch you are not ready for . i was in there for all of 5 seconds .
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