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  2. I am listening to the song list on google home at the moment.
  3. They will also, ironically, play on Google Play as well;
  4. So, you're a leg man, down to a point.
  5. She also had no passion, interest, or consideration for me, at least .
  6. Today
  7. Well I found that Fulton Armory has their T26 Garand Tanker. Original USGI Springfield Receiver. Parts are GI.. Price is 2.5K. Wish I had not gone there. Now I want... Dave..
  8. Was looking at my Garand and will always remember that. It took less than a week after I got it. It felt like a Pit Bull latched onto my thumb and wouldn't let go. Lost the thumbnail in the next week. Damn that hurt. Anyone else? Dave.
  9. https://www.flixxy.com/magical-animal-encounters.htm
  10. the bell was recovered and is on display at the GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECK MUSEUM, WHITEFISH POINT MICHIGAN. https://www.shipwreckmuseum.com/
  11. When we got married, I'm Catholic, Bob is Baptist. We had to get special permission to get married, and he had to promise the kids would be Catholic.
  12. So....definitely a “hands/fingers” person .
  13. Arrested? I don't think so. Funny as hell though, and I'd buy him a beer. 👍
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