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  2. Water flow, water flow, water flow. I have performed pressure cleaning services as part of my window cleaning business for 30 years. I have found 2000 psi at 5 - 6 gallons per minute will out perform 4000 psi running 3 gal per minute. Because most pressure cleaners purchased at hardware or box stores will be used at homes, they usually have only 3 to 4 gpm to feed them. They use high pressure at low volume. High volume will "hit" the surface harder with lower pressure. Think like this, a mustang hitting you at 60 mph will hit hard, but a dump truck hitting you at 40 mph...
  3. I noticed the Obummers have run away from the south side of Chicago
  4. Did you verbally abuse the recalcitrant machine? Threaten it with a large tool?
  5. Bad fuel maybe. Compression needs to be above 90 psi.
  6. Fair winds and following seas, sailor. Rest easy. We have the watch.
  7. Sorry about that. I'll stop.
  8. The death of those kids is terrible. I wish people in power actually wanted to fix the problem.
  9. It's also owned by a person who claims to believe in climate change & rising seas...
  10. Try telling a woman that. LOL.................
  11. Today
  12. Aww, they are no big deal unless they happen to fly over you.
  13. The thing that gets me the most is how she frames that statement with racism as white not wanting to live around blacks or other minorities. We're not necessarily moving away from them, we're moving away from the problems they bring. 20 years ago, the neighborhood of those shootings was the place whites had been for about 10-15 years, and it was a nice area. Then all of a sudden, blacks started moving there and the crime went through the roof. It went from 'Hickory Hill' to 'Hickory Hood'. I lived in that area when it started turning. I lived in some upscale apartment condo's. Memphis went forced Section 8 and that nice upscale community had turf wars between the local gangs. They even changed the name of the community, but every week I still hear of shootings in that complex. There is the saying in the white community that "I love my black neighbors, I just don't like the people that come to visit them" which Mrs. Obama would call racist, but illustrates the issue pretty well. Mrs. Obama saying we don't like living around them deflects from the real cause, which is the crime. Like her stately mansion in the Hamptons or wherever, she's ignores truth about her and her family being the evil rich who moved to safe areas. The kids that were shot I guess are collateral damage. Memphis is a democrat utopia and those black lives don't matter, as long as it is the right people who are doing the shooting. Of the people I work with, more are talking about impeachment than young kids being shot.
  14. 4000 psi minimum. A decent pump with a Honda GS390 13hp is what I have. Anything less will just piss you off. Edit to add that you should get one with chemical injection. It will draw bleach and mix it with water at lower pressure. Cleans vinyl like magic. With no pressure.
  15. Not meaning to sound like too much of a jackass here, but why not just advise her not to read texts from numbers she don't recognize.
  16. Having worked about 19 of them....i think it's a better deal that a hurricane.
  17. In the South, we can only dream of snow like that. Or this,
  18. I had fuel, spark and compression. No idea why it wouldn't catch and fire up.
  19. i dont really need one , but i kinda want one , what psi would i be looking at to strip clear coat off a truck ? one of my farm/town trucks the clear coat is peeling aweful , and i wanna strip it all off, truck is 20 years old, so if i fudge it up no biggie . i was gonna get one last summer then i had to spend like 30 grand all in one week so i put it off . plus i got 2 tractors im rebuilding the engines right down to the block . id like to be able to pressure wash them , and my daughters house has vinyl siding and it needs cleaned .
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