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  2. Despite the fact that not a single cop was injured, and the fact that Sapp never fired off a round, and the fact that she was the one who was shot, this woman was arrested and charged with the following felonies: Att. First Degree Murder Of Leo W/firearm Att. First Degree Murder Of Leo W/firearm Agg. Assault On A Leo (w/ A Deadly Weapon) Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon Resisting Officer With Violence https://thewashingtonstandard.com/florida-cops-break-into-innocent-sleeping-womans-home-shoot-her-now-shes-facing-life-in-prison/
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  4. That cracked my up. If you have any interest in Design, there's a podcast out there called 99% Invisible. All their 'casts involve Design issues of one sort or another. It comes out of Oakland California, though, so you've been warned about some of the ideas expressed. it's nowhere near as annoying as those two ditzes who do "This Podcast will Kill You." (I had to stop listening to them due to their complete ignorance of economics).
  5. mid-60s now, heading for 70. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE FROM THIS GOD-FORSAKEN STATE. Third in population. 26th in size. W the actual F?
  6. We're having a heat wave, I think it's going to hit 25F by lunchtime.
  7. I've been listening to an audiobook about Fukushima. I didn't realize how dangerous the spent fuel pools can be. While I'm not saying that a safe nuclear power plant can't be built, I'm having second thoughts on whether humans at our present level of responsibility can do it.
  8. These advertisement groups have the best job ever. Get high as F and throw stupid **** at the wall and see what sticks. From the Budweiser frogs to the liberty emu, to dick milk carton, to a myriad of other bits of ridiculous drivel- Best. Job. Ever.
  9. Melania Trump Brings Holiday Smiles to Children’s Hospital in Leopard Stilettos Grace, dignity and a heart full of love! Thank you, First Lady Melania, you make this country proud!
  10. Luckily this turns out okay. https://i.imgur.com/EpedGJP.gifv
  11. Good video. https://www.wimp.com/dog-playing-piano-while-toddler-dances/
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