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About This Club

This is a club dedicated to the subtle art and exact science of ammunition loading and reloading. We have made this are a club, rather than just a forum, so that the reloading area could have more than one forum, if needed, its own photo gallery, its own Blog area and more. This is an open club and anyone who likes can join.

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  2. So I was finally able to run a few .357 loads rounds over the chronograph using the Speer 135 grain GDHP and Alliant 2400. On the Speer data page, they tested this load from a 2.5" barrel S&W and achieved 1124 fps with 15 grains and 1176 fps with 16 grains. I chose the 15 grain starting charge, loaded in brand new Starline cases. Average velocity of this load from the stubby 1-7/8" barrel Ruger LCR was 1100 fps. Recoil was brisk but by no means punishing, and completely pain free. Prior internet forum research indicated a mix of people that either thought the 17 ounce Ruger LCR in .357 was way too much to handle to those that thought it was no big deal, and no big deal was the way it seemed to me too. At least using this load with the stock LCR grip, it was no problem. There are other considerations shooter's worry about such as blast and followup shot recovery, but those are secondary for me compared to a pistol I can easily carry (and thus always have with me) and is quick and easy to access. Also there was no evidence of bullet creep. These cases were brand new but run through an RCBS sizer then heavily roll crimped. Shooting 4 rounds then removing the 5th revealed the bullet had not moved at all, which is an essential test regardless of whether you are shooting handloads or over the counter factory. My EDC is the LCR .357 in a sticky holster parked in my right front jeans pocket. It disappears there and is with me all day. On the subject of Alliant 2400, I also tested some .45 Colt +P loads from a Super Redhawk. Velocity variation was rather high, and H110 proved much more consistent in the warm .45 loads. But in .357 using 135 grain jacketed bullets, 2400 was amazingly consistent, delivering extremely small deviations and several duplicate velocity numbers. If you load .357 and haven't given 2400 a try, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a spin.
  3. I have had several nickel cases (.38 Special) split like this. I think its due to work hardening.
  4. I bought this S/W model 19 last summer. So far the only .357 mag load I have fired in it is a 170 grain cast powder coated bullet. I don't see my chrono figures on this load. Most of the time I shoot the same bullet in .38 Special with 4.8 grains of Universal. Its a +P load and clocked at about 800 fps.
  5. Recently pulled the trigger on a Ruger LCR .357. It's the shortest .357 I own by far. I know there's a whole raft of loads out there for short barrel .357 that are designed to decrease blast and flash while preserving as much power as practical. I'm leaning toward 135 grain Speer Gold Dots and was planning on loading them over about 15 to 15.5 grains of 2400. According to published data this should get me somewhere between 1000 and 1100 fps out of the Ruger's sub 2" barrel. I also have Bullseye, W231, Unique, CFE, and the usual H110, W296 and Lil Gun, but the last three are not my first choice for such a short, light carry piece. If you've worked up any loads for short barrel .357 please share, and especially if you have chrono data. Next month I'll hopefully be able to get my loads clocked and be able to report back the results. Thanks.
  6. I would be looking in the direction of Lil Gun too. Not sure about using non-magnum primers though. Generally, slow burning powders that take up most of the case volume need a magnum primer for uniform and consistent ignition. In 4 to 6" barrels, H110 and a magnum primer is my go-to.
  7. I had that happen with a new R-P .454 Casull case on the first firing. As mentioned above, sounds like a combination of pressure and material fatigue.
  8. 22 LR because of Ruger 10-22 762x39 Ruger Mini 30 3006 Remington 700 I load for my centerfire calibers.
  9. Li'l gun still calls out for WSM primer
  10. I’ve used WST the past 30 years and have never felt a need to change. Prior to that a lot of Unique and some 231.
  11. .223 .270 7mm Rem mag I’ve owned and used about all calibers under the sun at one time or another. But 85-90% of all my hunting has been with one of these three calibers.
  12. I bought one a number of years ago for a dedicated 9mm reloader. I set it up according to Lee website videos. So far 10s of 1000s of rounds later it’s run with nary a hitch. I don’t use the case feeder nor do I prep cases except for a small run in the tumbler. I’ve been more then pleased for a $200 machine.
  13. How many of you run a L/M? Although I have a Dillon 550 and a rock chucker, I received a L/M a few years ago as a gift for Christmas. Actually I bought it, gave it to my wife and told her to wrap it up. The question is Why? Because I had read of the issues with it, both pro and con, and just wanted to see if I could get it to run. I also liked the fact it auto indexed. And that it included an extra die station over the Dillon. I load .44 mag and .44 special with it. These are low volume rounds for me. Use my own cast and powder coated bullets. I prep my cases for both the Dillon and the L/M with the R/C. Deprime, resize and seat primers. I then turn to the L/M for finish work. My only issue with this is ejection of completed rounds sometimes miss the bin and land on the floor. I don't use the case feed, although I did try to run it for a while. Too fiddly.
  14. Crockett this is the first I have heard of new Dillons. Don't remember seeing any conversation on "the other forum" about them. Is the 1050 to be eliminated? Man I have always lusted after that one. I load on a 550 with case feeder. If I was a competition shooter, or loaded for family members and myself on one cartridge, I would jump on a 1050 and just keep it set up for that round only. It appears one of the new models is a case prep only. Bottle neck cartridges for sure. Another press I have been curious about is the Big 50 re loader. Have never found a video on anyone running one of those. Don't load or own a .50, not likely to get one. Still like its features.
  15. Why not it is your toilet isn't it?
  16. It’s a 223 cut down to be 300 AAC. It dropped into the toilet as I was rinsing it off in the sink.
  17. What is it; .30 Carbine? Maybe with my brass magnet.
  18. I kinda forgot about Lil Gun. Some more detail may make my mission more clear. After a trigger job on my GP100, I want to get away from CCI primers for this gun, due to primer ignition failures. This load is strictly for hunting, not something I shoot routinely. I use Unique for plinking, target loads. I know an option is to change the hammer spring back out to factory and keep my H110 - CCI magnum primer combination. I was really looking for a magnum powder with non mag primer combination ( preferably Federal) to produce a good hunting load.
  19. Hogdon lists Lil' Gun as a powder that will propel a 180 grain .357 Magnum bullet faster than Win 296 or H110 http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol H4227 gets close. Me? I just use AA #7 with 158 grain bullets. Not relevant to what you're doing.
  20. I've used CFE Pistol in the past with non magnum primers. I use CFE Pistol 6.6 grains 158g XTP 1.580 OAL. I don't get anywhere near Buffalo Bore with this load. I don't have a chrono, but it seems like a fairly mid range load. I am thinking you need to go to H110 or W296 with Magnum primers to get the results you want. Others shoud chime in soon.
  21. Federal brass, I have seen quite a bit of it do this. Not the best brass for reloading in my opinion, at least not multiple times.
  22. Brass is stuff I bought originally, loaded as American Eagle 124gr FMJ, IIRC. I crimp all of my 9mm loads to .375; very light. No other issues with the rest of the cases. I have fresh virgin Starline brass on the way from Midway.
  23. Is this brass range pick-up? It cold be old and the material fatigued. Bullet setback could also increase the pressure - by a lot - but this would usually show other pressure signs as well, like a massively flattened primer cup. Did you crimp this batch?
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