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  2. Metlife is at it again, asking the same damn information they have asked for before at the end of last year in fact, with the added zinger of trying to allow them to release my genetic condition to anyone they please. So, I made a formal complaint with the ADA, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and an attorney. I plan on raining hell down on them for their constant harassment. Then tomorrow I plan on complaining to the Insurance Board that monitors insurance companies. I have kept every scrap of paper they have sent. They have refused to send a company policy at my request, claiming I have no right to that. So, I plan on going to war, and showing them how it feels when some craps on your world every couple of months.
  3. Strangely enough they will take better care of a pet in that regard than a child.
  4. If anybody is using a "vaping" device to quit smoking, please never carry them on your person! Hob nobing with medical people, I've heard many first hand reports of the devices exploding causing serious injuries and burns. Most recent a young male had one in his hip pocket. When the little sucker exploded he ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his thighs and genitals. Yowsers! All I can add is "Roast peppers, not peckers!"
  5. Just saw this thread. Sorry Tim. My dad has Alzheimer's. It's a bitch.
  6. Well, this will be interesting. Chapel Hill has 12” of “sneaky water” (snow) on the ground. No care takers. I ain’t scared. I think mom’s with it enough to got to the hotel 100 yards away if the power goes out.
  7. I hate Oxy. I was given it once after surgery. It did nothing for the pain, and only created constipation. I tried to give them back to the doctor. She would not take them. I ending up flushing them. With a tore up from the floor up back, and declining muscle, throw in some fibro for fun, and I live in pain every day. They give me hydrocodone for it, but it does not cut it. Now, there are there are things you can get hooked on. I know a fat woman who is on morphine, and has been on morphine. Nothing in the world is wrong with her, except she has a small bulging disk in the middle of her back, probably from being fat. Mine has come from disease and a rough and tumble life. I have complete arthritis in my neck. I get some doozies of migraines with that. I remember when she first showed up, she asked me what I did for back pain. I explained injections, unless I want my entire spine redone. She said, she didn't do that, and wasn't interested. She stated in Maryland they prescribed her morphine. Her husband moved with his corporate job, and she followed, but stayed close to Nacadoches, where the doctor there would give her, her desired morphine fix. So, the moral of the story, is you can live in congenital pain, hell, and get your monthly scrip of hydrocodone, take random piss tests, which I do, to prove I am not using illegal substance, which I never have. Or, you can find a pill pusher that will get you addicted to high level stuff, and be hooked for life. The only side effects I have had from stopping cold turkey, is pain, and hitting the can a lot. I am sure if this woman ever runs into a brick wall with the morphine, she will be in a sweaty, barf ridden hell, with the shakes. Morphine is powerful stuff. I have only been hit with that during a hospitalization. So, I can imagine daily doses of it must be brutal to let go, especially if you are just using to get high, which she was/is doing.
  8. Nothing except death is 100% guaranteed.
  9. Measles, among other diseases, is making a come back. Just ignore all the evidence that vaccinations are safe and effective, make up your own data, and you can be an anti-vaxer! Ironic isn't it that vaccinated parents deny their children vaccinations. This pic is from a nursing web site.
  10. the job of the pharmaceutical companies is to create and sell drugs. they made the drugs,hooked people then raised the prices.just like a dealer does.
  11. I've known three people that were prescribed oxy. One had terminal brain cancer and wasn't long for this world. The other two had serious back/neck injuries. Even though neither misused both of them wound up physically addicted and had long painful withdrawals. Sad that it took so long for a President to care about the opioid crisis. If President Trump weren't elected the issue would have been swept under the rug by yet another administration.
  12. Well a good part of the fault falls on the misusers of the drugs.
  13. I'm not against making a profit, but a company lied to docs about oxycontin being addictive, sells the brand name and the generic, sells a drug to treat opiate caused constipation, and opiate withdrawal. Really? Colbert does a good job on this one. For years I've complained about how profit driven your health care, or lack of it, are. Criticized even by people on GT. Sorry if this offends you.
  14. All I can say is dang. My wife had a good friend that had similar problem. Not much one can do except toughen up and work your way through.
  15. So I came to visit mom at my sister’s behest. My sister said mom was going down hill fast. I got there and mom is fine. I spoke with the caregiver and she confirmed that mom doesn’t need 24/7 caregivers. Mom gave away her car, gave up (voluntarily) her credit cards, and my sister has to counter sign all checks over $250. My assessment is mom would be fine with 4 hours a day of caregiver, mainly for help running errands. She needs a life alert that is cellular based. She also desperately needs new level walk ways in front and back of the house. What she has now is dangerous. Mom has lost around 5-10% function, not horrible at age 82. My sister is hysterical, not funny hysterical, like panicking hysterical.
  16. Well, mom is back in her house with 24/7 aides. My sisters were there for the transition. I guess it will be one fire to the next. Just waiting for the next crisis.
  17. not for nothing but you`r Mom sounds like my Mom`s Mom,i`m certain they named a Hurricane after her. that`s a **** situation man,keep you`r head up and take time for yourself.
  18. Playing her usual reindeer games. Sowing misery and chaos for her enjoyment. The neurologist told her that she shouldn’t go back to her house, so in the blink of an eye, he went from hero to zero mean *******. She is going back home. She’ll hire someone to be at her beckon call. Peel her grapes, fetch her meals, draw her baths, milk baths of course. my sister there is about to wash her hands of her. This is nothing new. My mother was devastated that I would not leave, “that woman” and rescue her. She can not be helped. She is only “happy” when others are miserable. When I had a car repossessed, she laughed. she is in for a real **** show and there is not one damn thing that can be done.
  19. Thanks, I’m barely holding it together. It’s starting to turn ugly with my oldest sister. Oh well, I warmed my mother, she chose not to listen. A hard price to pay as she will soon not remember how she got herself in the pickle she is about to find herself in.
  20. man,i`m sorry to hear that. is`nt there a way to get reviews for Assisted living homes in the area,maybe a better place? i`m not sure in you`r area where the best deals for housing is,in city or suburbs or what. you got broad shoulders,wish i was more help. God Bless.
  21. I thought about your question and found I am not smart enough to offer a suggestion for you. Sorry. God Bless.
  22. ***update*** Mom is in a nice place cam sister. Well, we thought it was nice. They, the staff, forgot about mom completely on Tuesday. This put them on her **** list, understandable. Mom really wants out, NOW. Mom wants to go to her home. Problem is she let the place fall down around her ears. So she can’t go back there. Besides,my sister has said she can not handle Mom’s care by herself, very understandable. Mom wants me to come back to take care of her in her house. I’ve been trying to build my practice and a life here in AZ. If NC allowed me independent practice, that might be on the table, but they don’t, so that’s off the table. Staying where she is out. She could live with my sister in Texas, along with my sister’s children who hate my mother, always have. My mom is not a people person, so there is that. Or she can live with my wife and me. We will have to buy a house for this to happen. Mom’s dementia is progressing faster than I expected. A question, Should I be looking on the outskirts or in town closer to services?
  23. Prayers to you,you`r sis and you`r mom. God Bless.
  24. Well, my sister calls and tells me mom fell and was being transported to the hospital. My sister told me mom’s leg wasn’t shortened or rotated. Turns out it IS broken. My sister is a trooper.
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